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  Discussion Groupe



Amateur genealogists born in Mauritius have created this discussion group. Its objectives are:
1. To establish a genuine benevolent mutual service of genealogy and history.
2. To stimulate the exchange of genealogical data between members.
3. To promote Mauritian families genealogy.

This group is opened to all amateur genealogist having family links, present or past, with Mauritius, as well as to those who are in a position to help in tracing back the genealogy and history of our native island families.

This group obviously welcome Mauritian genealogists, residing in Mauritius or being part of the "lost sheep" scattered all over the world. It is also opened to our cousins from Reunion Island, the Seychelles and Malagasy Republic who, for most of them, are the offshoots of the first inhabitants of the Indian Ocean islands.


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