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Woman's Surname Alphabetical Listing
Classement par les femmes
© Heulwen Hélène POOL and Daniella JOHNSTONE

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22.02.1905           ABDALLA Rosette and WILLIAM Laurent Jolly

15.07.1902           ABEL Augusta and ANACOURA Arthur

07.08.1902           ABEL Augustine and LABICHE Jules

24.08.1901           ABEL Zélia and MIRABEAU Félix

21.10.1875           ABELLARD Césarine and JOHN alias MAURICAUT John

26.11.1892           ABIBIADE Marie Jeanne Orphelie and LOENNE Virgile Furcy

17.09.1887           ABOODALONE Marie Fulgentia Venus and BARA Wilson

28.04.1888           ABOUDALON Leonora and ADELLA Edouard

23.05.1895           ABOUX Octavie Rosa and REMY No.341

13.06.1840           ABRETIE Héloïse and MIMI Casimir

17.09.1863           ACACIS Rosalie and BONIFACE Emile

06.08.1840           ACADA Catherine and POISSON Lindor

18.06.1853           ACASILES Louise and ETOIT Louis

04.08.1860           ACASSIS Tercile and VICTOR

23.02.1882           ACCOUCHE Augusta and ATHANASE Edouard Samuel

12.12.1872           ACCOUCHE Lolotte and BŒUF Charlot

26.04.1883           ACCOUCHE Marie Jeanne and XAVIER

13.08.1897           ACCOUCHE Marie Louise and SINAPIN Paul

27.07.1904           ACCOUCHE Noémie Nery and VICTOR George

23.02.1884           ACCOUCHE Rose and JEAN BAPTISTE Casimir

13.10.1860           ACCOUCHE Toinette and LOUNACK

27.12.1888           ACCOUCHE Toinette and MARIE Révale

23.07.1885           ACCOUCHE Uranie and ESTICO Romelin

04.02.1860           ACCOUCHE Zelmire and AIMEE Hégrésippe

10.12.1888           ACCOUCHE alias ATHALIE Dalie and BASILE George

11.10.1890           ACHENDAMOUR Hariette No.131 and DENIS No.961

13.08.1853           ACHILLE Estelle and TRICE reg INCE William Evans

13.11.1876           ACKAWAH Herminie No 222 and HALL No 211

10.12.1846           ACLILA Jeannette and JASMIN Salmine

14.05.1892           ACOOLIZEE Clarice No.719 and ANNA Alexandre Dumas

29.07.1880           ACOOYEERA Octavia No 161 and SONGWAR No 150 Edmond

15.10.1887           ADA Clémence and JONATHAN Jean Baptiste

06.12.1884           ADACORY Garcia No 524 and MALBROOKEE No 50 Darney

14.01.1899           ADAM Eugenie Elodie and POUSSOU Andre Gustave

24.11.1904           ADAM Françoise Athénaïs and HODOUL Edouard Lucien

06.02.1883           ADAM Joséphine Emilie and VARIGAULT Louis Eugène Napoléon

02.07.1898           ADAM Marie Adèle and LANGLOIS Joseph Henri Clément

09.09.1879           ADAM Marie Euphémie and GUEHO Antony Jules

10.04.1869           ADAM Marie Louise Grâce Elodie and BUTLER Theodore

07.06.1892           ADAM Marie Nancy and CHENARD de la GIRAUDAIS Arthur Henry

09.06.1883           ADAM Rosalie Louise and BESSIN Jean Jules

11.07.1888           ADAM DE VILLIERS Marie Antoinette and CAUVIN Jules Adolphe

18.05.1872           ADAM No 617 Louisa and RAMSNOHA No 618 William

13.01.1877           ADELA Jeanne Marie Charlotte and MAYOTTE Virgile Alcidonis Selmour

13.09.1879           ADELA Marceline Charlotte Augustine and MANON Charles

26.01.1903           ADELA Rosine Antoinette Aricie and RATE Joseph Lautray

18.06.1883           ADELAIDE Jeanne and CESAR Adolphe

05.09.1900           ADELAIDE Marie and BONNE Laurestaine

17.02.1890           ADELAIDE Marie Francoise and JOUBERT Henri

27.05.1903           ADELE Adélia and LAPORTE Jules

08.11.1860           ADELE Cécile and BELMONT Delmont

11.07.1891           ADELE Ellie Rose and AGLAE Jean

30.07.1891           ADELE Eugenie and GALLA No.383 David

03.11.1894           ADELE Jeannette Agatine and TYEZANAH No.290 Lowe

17.02.1903           ADELE Marie and SAMEDI François

29.10.1889           ADELE Sophie and CELINE Louis

28.09.1895           ADELINE Adelaide and BARRACK Isidor

05.12.1903           ADELINE Emma and REINE Pierre Selmour

02.10.1879           ADELINE Françoise and JUMEAU Jean Baptiste

10.10.1885           ADELINE Julia and HAVELOCK No 115 Billy Pugh Charles

14.02.1845           ADELINE Julie and FRANCOIS Jonaqui

24.09.1863           ADELINE Maguitte and MIRABEAU Charlot

09.11.189             ADELINE Margueritte and BATEAU Parfait

18.12.1869           ADELINE Marie Henriette and BENOITON Jean Baptiste

27.04.1895           ADELINE Victorine and SIMEL Jean

12.07.1893           ADELLA Marceline Charlotte Augustine and LESPERANCE Louis Joseph

29.02.1892           ADELLA Marie Aurelie and LISE Gustave

04.11.1879           ADELLA Marie Jeannette and COMPOSTEL Polydor

09.10.1899           ADELLA Marie Joséphine and ESPARON Jules

09.08.1890           ADELLA Marie Julie and DELMONT Stanislas

21.02.1898           ADELLA Theodorine and LAVAL Jean George

27.10.1898           ADOLPHE Leontine and MOUSSA Ally

26.07.1902           ADOLPHUS Amélie and MAMET No 303

12.08.1893           ADONIS Alphonsine and JUDY Guillaume

04.12.1884           ADONIS Estelle Louise and BONIFACE No 305

27.10.1888           ADONIS Gabrielle and PALMER No.379

08.02.1879           ADONIS Marceline and CHETTY Sabapathy

20.09.1860           ADONIS Marie Louise and AIMEE Dermas

29.08.1885           ADONIS Marie Louise and CASQUETTE Joseph

08.11.1879           ADRIEN Rosalie and CLEMENTINE Furcy

31.05.1884           ADRIEN Rose and CADEAU Jacob

17.02.1883           ADRIEN Zéline and CLIO Louis

28.04.1894           ADRIEN Ernestine and ELOI Charlot

17.06.1886           ADRIENNE Augustine and CECILE Olive

24.01.1887           ADRIENNE Dulcie and CHANTEAU Pierre

07.09.1905           ADRIENNE Elisabeth and BENOIT Joseph

07.09.1905           ADRIENNE Elisabeth and BENOIT Joseph

07.05.1904           ADRIENNE Emmeline and ROSE Mahé

06.11.1902           ADRIENNE Esthérie and MOUNAC Philogène

15.07.1875           ADRIENNE Fanny and JULIEN Julien

14.12.1870           ADRIENNE Flore and SALADIN No 229

05.12.1885           ADRIENNE Georgette and URANIE Ragotin

19.11.1885           ADRIENNE Léonide and ROSALIE Virgile

15.11.1886           ADRIENNE Maria and CAROLINE Jules

26.07.1900           ADRIENNE Marie Estelle and LADOUCEUR Louis Albert

26.10.1893           ADRIENNE Olivia Laure and NIOL Philogène

08.10.1887           ADRIENNE Roseline and RADEGONDE Ferdinand

05.07.1879           AGAPY Henriette and MOREL Louis Edouard Bélizé

16.03.1850           AGAPY Rose and LALANDE Alphonse

10.04.1888           AGATHE Anne Marie and ELISABETH Casimir

11.04.1891           AGATHE Berthe and BARBEIN Adrien

15.10.1900           AGATHE Charlésia Adeline and ARISSOL Augustave

27.04.1841           AGATHE Genie and CLAUDE Champagne

29.01.1903           AGATHE Georgine Ernestine and SICOBO Louis

04.07.1840           AGATHE Julie and EDOUARD Dasylve

17.04.1900           AGATHE Louisa and AH SING

27.04.1841           AGATHE Marceline and LEBELE Escapin

10.08.1895           AGATHE Marie Eleonore and CONFIANCE Victor Adeline

02.07.1877           AGATHE Marie Euphrasia and BALETTE Albert St Jacques

16.11.1889           AGATHE Marie Jeanne and DANISSE Sam

20.04.1880           AGATHE Marie Louise and ELISABETH Charles

01.08.1905           AGATHE Marie Rose and CHETTY Naraynen Soopraya

01.08.1905           AGATHE Marie Rose and CHETTY Naraynen Soopraya

26.03.1902           AGATHE Philogia Aglaé and AGLAE Jean François

17.05.1884           AGATHE Rosalia and TURPIN Albert

22.06.1901           AGATHE Rosélie and BONIFACE Robert

05.05.1883           AGATHE Rosette and LESPOIR Dominique

21.12.1887           AGATHE  ** Angeline and JUMEAU Emile Ange

18.06.1896           AGATHINE Agathe and MIRABEAU Charles

20.08.1887           AGATHINE Armeline and TONDALE Guido

27.07.1898           AGATHINE Eleonore and RADEGONDE Medard

26.04.1884           AGATHINE Euphrasie and ALCINDOR  ** Jules Joseph

01.08.1893           AGATHINE Euphrasie and VIRGINIE Theodile

12.09.1899           AGATHINE Fanchette and HOUAREAU Henry Amaury

26.11.1887           AGATHINE Laure and LISE Moïse Marie

04.09.1890           AGATHINE Laurentia and BIBI Joseph Cyrille

09.09.1890           AGATHINE Marie Francoise and FARDO Jules

12.06.1886           AGATHINE Phrasie and LEON Célestin

24.02.1900           AGATHINE Phrasie and MEME Antony

27.11.1905           AGATHINE Roseline and PHRASIE Victor Firno

27.11.1905           AGATHINE Roseline and PHRASIE Victor Firno

23.04.1887           AGATHINE Rosine and LOUISE Henri

08.03.1884           AGATINE Adeline and MARCEL Jean

01.09.1894           AGGAPINE Euphrasie Melisia and PRESENT Joseph Desire

26.10.1892           AGLAE Aglae and CAPRIEUSE Emile

15.08.1872           AGLAE Célérine and LAURETTE Jean

01.12.1888           AGLAE Célina and THERESE Jolicoeur

09.07.1892           AGLAE Cesarine and SALLY Edouard

27.12.1875           AGLAE Clara and BENOIT François

28.11.1883           AGLAE Esthérie and FRANCOURT Joseph

15.09.1891           AGLAE Felicie Fanchette and DOROTHEE Tambala

17.08.1889           AGLAE Josephine and CLARISSE Marius

20.08.1887           AGLAE Marie and LABICHE Cupidon

26.08.1899           AGLAE Sidonie and ADELAIDE Toussaint

31.03.1860           AGLAE Themise and ELIZABETH Charles

30.04.1887           AGLAE Thérèse and NUCA Jules

13.08.1892           AGLAE Virginie and NANCY Felix

01.11.1851           AGLAE Virginie and ROSALIE Rémy

02.05.1891           AGNES Brigitte and JOE No.136

15.09.1883           AGNES Mina and SOOMARY No 449 Henry

17.05.1865           AGRICOL Marie Zoé and NOEL Aristide

10.09.1904           AGRICOL Rosalie Noelie Edma and TIRAN Tyran

14.04.1898           AGRICOLE Alexandrine and MATHIOT Felicien

29.01.1876           AGRIPPINE Thalie and MONGAL Josselin

12.05.1888           AIMEE Francoise and ANNE No1210 Aaron

30.06.1840           ALAMANIE Théophile and LAROSE Février

15.04.1895           ALBERT Aricie and MORGAN Michel

18.10.1879           ALBERT Cécilia and LISE Jean Marie Ernest

29.11.1905           ALBERT Cecily and ALBERT Antoine Adolphe

29.11.1905           ALBERT Cecily and ALBERT Antoine Adolphe

10.11.1883           ALBERT Elise and BEAUFOND Jules Joseph Gustave

12.08.1826           ALBERT Françoise Catherine Agathe and PAYET Jean Toussaint Gabriel

02.12.1899           ALBERT Louise Blanche and ANGLESY Charles Léopold Armand

15.01.1894           ALBERT Louise Leonie and HOARAU Jean Baptiste Augustin

22.04.1879           ALBERT Madily and GHISELAIN Pierre Aristide

08.09.1895           ALBERT Maria Anne Felia and ALBERT Henri

19.09.1855           ALBERT Marie Alexandrine and FOURNIER Louis Jacques

15.09.1899           ALBERT Marie Alexandrine Noémie and YOUNG Charles Henry Robert

21.08.1893           ALBERT Marie Alice and COLLIE James William Denny

23.06.1888           ALBERT Marie Antoinette Theodora and MELANIE Virgile

17.09.1891           ALBERT Marie Augustine and ANNAMOWLL Jean

12.05.1898           ALBERT Marie Cecilia and L'EFEVRE Marie Auguste Henri

15.12.1873           ALBERT Marie Elilia and BERLOUIS Pierre Joseph

31.01.1888           ALBERT Marie Elilia and MOREL Jean Baptiste

14.05.1899           ALBERT Marie Esther and ISNARD Jules Louis Michel

04.03.1852           ALBERT Marie Eve and HUGON Paul

22.12.1877           ALBERT Marie Fleurette and CESAR Jacques

12.08.1893           ALBERT Marie Josephine Julia and MAGNANT Antoine Auguste

18.08.1887           ALBERT Marie Julia and DELPECHE Jean Alfred

28.01.1900           ALBERT Marie Lucie Fulgencia and MOREL Charles Auguste Lorménille

04.03.1905           ALBERT Marie Mauricia and ADDISON Joseph Bartlett

04.03.1905           ALBERT Marie Mauricia and ADDISON Joseph Bartlett

22.11.1821           ALBERT Marie Virginie and MOREL Marie Bélizé

07.04.1883           ALBERT Méala and LARUE Pierre Marie Virgile

03.11.1898           ALBERT Sarah and REVERA Ernest George

12.12.1872           ALBERT Véronique and RAMANETTE Emile Didier

22.04.1879           ALBERT (sgd Marie Alexandrine) Marie Alexandrine and VIDOT Gervais Théodore

31.01.1893           ALBEST Marie Julienne Josephine and LESPOIR Olive

02.10.1893           ALCENDOR Flore Estelle and BAMBOCHE Henry Leon

24.01.1885           ALCENDOR Henriette Emilie and TIRAN Charles Viltaire

13.07.1905           ALCIDE Marie Valerie and CONSTANCE Edouard

13.07.1905           ALCIDE Marie Valerie and CONSTANCE Edouard

06.02.1886           ALCINDOR Alexandrine and ROSINE Joseph

26.04.1902           ALCINDOR Elisa and LAVOINE François

17.07.1880           ALCINDOR Joséphine Henriette and AZEMIA James Frédéric Gédéon

19.07.1889           ALCINDOR Laurencine and MELANIE Napoleon Jacques

13.01.1887           ALCINDOR Marie Joséphine and MARIE Adonis

30.07.1890           ALCINDOR Eleonie and BERLOUIS Auguste

21.07.1887           ALEXANDER Medeste and CECILIA Emilien

21.07.1900           ALEXANDRE Adeline and ADONIS Léonce

05.11.1878           ALEXANDRINE Aglaé and JOLICOEUR Simanouf

05.03.1892           ALEXANDRINE Augustine and EDOUARD Selmour

20.11.1886           ALEXANDRINE Marie Sylvanie and AUREL Charles

29.04.1869           ALEXIS Aurélie and HENRY Henry

15.05.1886           ALEXIS Céline and NIBOURETTE Dolphin

31.05.1884           ALEXIS Céline and SIFLORE Jules

19.07.1884           ALEXIS Esther and MOUCHEMY Lindor

23.05.1893           ALEXIS Julia and JEANNE Pierre Louis Polydore

23.02.1895           ALEXIS Julie and SICOBO Despilly

01.08.1891           ALEXIS Justine and VILAINE Augustin

12.04.1893           ALFRED Bibi Rose Zelda and DENOUSSE Ernest

19.08.1884           ALFRED Félicia and ANTOINE Augustin

09.05.1891           ALFRED Marie Lilia Charlesia and EDMOND Octave Jean Baptiste Jacques

23.01.1888           ALFRED Victoire and MARS Andre

19.11.1892           ALI Fanelie and MATHIOT Georges

31.10.1896           ALICE Cesarine and DAUBAN No.1046 Jimmy

15.10.1873           ALIDA Augustine and LOUIS Pierre

08.05.1872           ALIDA No 81  and LAFORTUNE No 166

07.07.1877           ALLEEVENEE Alphonsine No 97 and LAURENT No 1095

13.12.1884           ALLEMAH Emilie No 511 and BLONDIN No 946

27.01.1894           ALLEN Aline and FULVIA Sulliman

15.10.1890           ALLENDIA Marie Jose and CHANIANA Philippe

31.05.1870           ALLIE (signed ALI) Palmyre and ADELAIDE Saturne Legrand

18.06.1891           ALLIINEXAKA Palmyre No.166 and ARMAND No12 alias AMISS

23.08.1889           ALLIMAH Dolly No 498 and TONY No 1280  **

26.08.1882           ALLIMAH Emma No 504 and DANDY No 1291

31.12.1877           ALLIMAH Hydalia No 263 and BAGASSAH No 249 Hertel

28.07.1877           ALLINDEA Alice No 76 and FAYELA No 360

27.07.1895           ALLINDIA Marie Eugenie Clotilde and PORT-LOUIS Marie Cyrile Bibi

09.11.1900           ALLISON Agnes Mason and SERVICE Andrew Gray

11.12.1884           ALLY Aline Anaïs and ERNEST Scipion Marie Jeanne

26.11.1903           ALLY Alphonsine and ATHALIE Noé Lubin

31.05.1890           ALLY Laurette and ANACOURA Pelletier

17.06.1897           ALLY Léa and POUPONNEAU George Willy

23.05.1893           ALLY Marie Jerselle and GRIMACE Virgil

04.07.1893           ALLY Rachel and ACCOUCHE Emile

24.03.1894           ALLY Rosaline and MARIE JEANNE Jules Emilien

05.06.1862           ALMERIA Belle and LIME Brumeau?

07.03.1891           ALPHONSE Amelina and MARIE Francois Clement

11.05.1900           ALPHONSE Gracia and BATEAU Olivier

26.02.1884           ALPHONSINE Félicie and TOUSSAINT Olivier

12.11.1887           ALPHONSINE Geneviève Didon and MINERVE Prosper

10.05.1890           ALPHONSINE Julia and FREDERICK No.1375

01.05.1890           ALSOP Azette and ROLANDA No.410 Robert

30.08.1888           ALSOP Johana and NEWTON No.309

18.06.1853           ALY Alphonsine and CESAR Polidor

23.04.1870           ALZIRE Juliette and LIBANOTIS Robert

19.08.1884           ALZIRE Marie Alfrai and CLARICE Germain Dubois

18.08.1883           ALZIRE Marie Françoise Geneviève and AUGUSTIN Félix

30.11.1843           AMADEE Marie Themis and NARCISSE Alexandre Germain

19.08.1885           AMADSOUFF Constantia and MONTIE? Louis

13.11.1885           AMALIA Ursula No 693 and MALBROOK No 477 Gerald

27.07.1895           AMAMALOUCOU Barbara Sousseria No 712 and LEONIEL No 1325

22.08.1867           AMANAH No 16 Anna and SEEBOTH No 281 César

08.11.1890           AMANAMADOO Ida Felicie and EMMANUEL No.59

13.09.1877           AMANIA Anna No 995 and CAMOONA No 117 David

14.08.1897           AMBROSE Celerine Salamah and DICK Henri

28.11.1885           AMEDEE Angélique and LABICHE Louis

29.11.1890           AMEDEE Esbie Valerie and LEPERRE Payet Joseph

21.06.1884           AMEDEE Jeannette Jane and DAVID No 1370

16.05.1889           AMEDEE Marie Aglae and ADELINE Felix

19.02.1898           AMELIE Celina and AGATHINE Arthur

28.05.1892           AMELIE Eline and JANAU Casimir

18.10.1890           AMELIE Elisa and FAIRLY Eugene

24.06.1869           AMELIE Eugénie and JEANNE Charles

12.08.1899           AMESBURY Treandephélia and CAMILLE Jean François

22.05.1886           AMICE Elise and THOMAS No 1051

29.12.1883           AMICE Euphémie and MARCELIN Marcelin

06.07.1878           AMICE Sultana No 449 and AAREDDA? No 228 Conradin

12.08.1876           AMINA Louise and HENTEL

27.01.1883           AMIRA Marie Magna and JAMES No 1040

29.10.1863           AMIRANTE Lodoïska Nina Argentine and JEAN Alcidonis

26.12.1877           AMIS Héloïse and MAGDELAINE Jules

01.03.1892           AMIS Suzanne and MAMOSEE Mar Neptune

16.12.1895           AMISE Eleya and MACASSA Stephen

16.11.1876           AMISSA Sandrine No 431 and YAMTOLAH No 206 Hamond

23.02.1888           AMOEDINE (Entered MEDINE) Amina and SAVY Jules Selisma

31.05.1890           AMOUR Clemence and TAMBOO Lafleur

29.05.1901           AMOUR Clémence and MOUCHEMY Pierre Marie

26.10.1895           AMOUR Marie Anne Charlesia and LEON Virgile

25.01.1886           ANACOURA Alexandrine and LEON Joseph Ernest

26.12.1896           ANACOURA Ameda and BARBEIN (sign.BARBE) Vilner Villeneuve

16.08.1884           ANACOURA Caroline and MAZEMORE Abella

13.05.1886           ANACOURA Clarice and AUGUSTE No 983

27.02.1896           ANACOURA Eliscandine and BARBE Louis

28.07.1877           ANACOURA Elizabeth and EMILE Désiré

26.11.1899           ANACOURA Emilie Dolphin and AGATHE  ** Jules

15.02.1898           ANACOURA Félixine and ATOYE Jean

08.05.1880           ANACOURA Joséphine and ASBAT Jean

20.12.1870           ANACOURA Phrasia and HOUAREAU Charles Auguste

12.07.1899           ANACOURA Rasselle and FURNEAU Jean Baptiste

14.12.1872           ANACOURA Sophie Anne Marie and AGRIPPINE Lamour

10.09.1887           ANACOURA Thérésine and LAURENCIA sgd CLARA Jeannot

30.08.1899           ANACOURA Williamine and MARIA Jouaquis

11.06.1904           ANACOURA Williamine and ZATTE James Oliver

23.08.1873           ANACOURA Dophine and AMOEDINE Moedine

08.05.1874           ANACOURA Louise and D'ARC Jean

08.11.1873           ANACOURA Orphise and LATITUDE alias LEGRAND Martin

21.02.1902           ANACOURA  ** Louise and HOUAREAU Henri Joseph Léonard

11.11.1890           ANACOURA alias LACROIX Elizabeth and THEODORE Victorin

19.11.1887           ANAHOO No 728 Elise and ADAM No 1352

25.04.1885           ANAIS Héloïse and PIERRE Jacques

24.09.1840           ANAIS Nancie and GAUTAGE Jouaqui

26.10.1897           ANDEMION Felicia and MICOCK Emilien

28.07.1870           ANDIMION Euridice and CESAR Honoré

03.03.1887           ANDOISE Marie Fanchon and DINDON Alain

05.10.1895           ANDRE Camille and RAMSING No.342 Jacob

13.09.1878           ANDRE Félicia Agathine and SIMEON Louis

20.10.1883           ANDRE Florine and ANDRE Hector

14.01.1882           ANDRE Georgina and LAGRENADE Alphonse

14.06.1890           ANDRE Marie Louise and BIBI Isidore

27.08.1887           ANDRE Mary and FREU?? No 481 Bartle

10.06.1901           ANDRE Olympe and CAMILLE Féréol

10.09.1857           ANDRE Victorine and LOUIS Pierre

20.04.1857           ANDRE Virginie and SERRE Auguste

25.07.1874           ANDRE Amelia and JOUAN Antoine

17.10.1896           ANDRE Constance and FORT Lami

08.10.1892           ANDRE Roselia and DENIS Edouard

05.07.1893           ANDRE Virginie and LAURENCE alias SAMSON Baptiste Alexandre

23.11.1878           ANEEMAH Laure No 684 and JACOB No 1088

29.09.1898           ANGELIQUE Gertrude and BISTOQUET Jean

04.10.1879           ANGELIQUE Gertrude and MOUNA Hivanof Quecy

26.09.1891           ANGELIQUE Julie and LABALEINE Marcel

13.07.1878           ANGELIQUE Mainga Jeanne and SIMEON Emilien

25.06.1881           ANGELIQUE Marie Angélique Zelmire and MATHURIN Jupiter

19.09.1896           ANGELIQUE Marie Elilia Laure and LAURE Auguste

27.01.1879           ANGELIQUE Marie Rose Julie and ALPHONSE Alphonse

19.08.1884           ANGOMMA Emilie and REGINALD No 911

19.08.1884           ANGOMMA Maria No 209 and SIMEON No 234

17.09.1848           ANGOUAPA Zoé and AMALA Latulippe

03.03.1877           ANKAVIREPA Hannah No 645 and RUFUS No 3

05.06.1897           ANMAMOOVOLL Romelia and PIERRE Pierre

17.01.1880           ANN Elisa and CORMALINE Celima

09.12.1899           ANNA Dolphine and HERTEL Ally

24.09.1840           ANNA Maria and AMPHION Silvain

12.12.1901           ANNA Molly No 1075 and CESAR No 965

18.12.1880           ANNA Molly No 1075 and CHEKAPETAH No 675 Edmond

26.10.1878           ANNACOMONY Fulvia Wathira No 520 and SELAMANIR? No 29 Briggo

07.04.1877           ANNACOURA Juliette and JASMIN Evenor

19.04.1882           ANNE Augusta and LIME Aden

01.05.1852           ANNE Laurencine and LOUIS Pierre

04.06.1842           ANNE Marie and FIERE?? Prosper

12.12.1885           ANNE Sonnette and LABROCHE Jean Pierre

21.10.1897           ANNE Sopharana No 547 and THOMAS No 1107

12.04.1866           ANNE Virginie and SINSILVEY Joseph

02.10.1884           ANNETTE Albertine Saraï and BELLARD Esaïe

05.08.1882           ANNETTE Annette and PETRONILLE Louis James

15.01.1845           ANNETTE Cecilia and SAMSON Charlot

10.07.1858           ANNETTE Clémence and SAMSON Clément

15.02.1884           ANNETTE Dorcas and ALLY Pierre

06.04.1850           ANNETTE Julie and BETANE Adonis

28.05.1863           ANNETTE Laure and JEAN BAPTISTE Alphonse

21.02.1885           ANNIE Adèle and THETIS Achille

17.11.1887           ANNMARIA Esthère and ADRIEN No 1354

16.11.1895           ANTA Alphonsine and CEDRAS Elysé

28.04.1849           ANTA Anastasie and LAURENCE Jean Marie

05.04.1902           ANTA Antonia and AMOEDINE Moëdine

18.07.1891           ANTA Caroline and URSULE Leonce

20.05.1896           ANTA Clarisse and AH-SANG

07.11.1891           ANTA Elisa and BRADBURN Joseph

17.12.1892           ANTA Eloise and MOTET Louis Jean Baptiste

10.09.1890           ANTA Emma and YOUNG Jean Louis Rodolphe

24.12.1868           ANTA Esther Ernestine and AZOR Edouard

13.11.1897           ANTA Felicie Florecia and FURNEAU Nemours

02.10.1905           ANTA Florine and BRONZE (sgd BROWN) Elisée

02.10.1905           ANTA Florine and BRONZE (sgd BROWN) Elisée

19.08.1893           ANTA Henriette and GAPY (sign.GAPPY) Jean Collet

09.09.1899           ANTA Lasage and BERTRAND Julien

11.07.1868           ANTA Lasaye and FLORE Olivier

14.02.1898           ANTA Louise Henriette and SOFFOLA Alfred

14.02.1885           ANTA Marie Amélie and ROUSSEAU Dalmazie

12.11.1900           ANTA Marie Flore and SINON Henry

20.02.1892           ANTA Olivette and BISTOQUET Moise

08.11.1899           ANTA Roseline and MARIA Jean Joseph Dominique

19.04.1879           ANTA Veronie and BASTIEN Henry Pollux

22.11.1879           ANTANAKELA Therese No 672 and ARRAMAMA No 577 Hall

14.10.1882           ANTAT Anne Marie and LEON Octave

30.11.1871           ANTAT Augustine and MABILE Pierre Louis

20.02.1892           ANTAT Clarisse and RAT Ferdinand

14.12.1871           ANTAT Jama??? and NUCA Amédée

28.04.1883           ANTAT Joséphine and FIRMINEAU Victorien

19.05.1902           ANTAT Marie Florencia and LATULIPPE Jean Léon

11.02.1897           ANTAT Marie Gabrielle and LAFLUTE Augustin

05.05.1870           ANTAT Orélina and BISTOQUET Désiré

13.11.1860           ANTAT Sophie and CHOISY Désiré

20.06.1840           ANTAXIME Nancy and LABIGORNE César

03.05.1890           ANTETEEMA Rosette alias Juliette and FARJAH No 33 Ned

23.04.1894           ANTHANASE Louise Anais and HENRI QUATRE Alfred Parisian

22.10.1898           ANTHANASE Zoélie and AGLAE Antoine

06.09.1898           ANTHONY Adeline and SAGNIO Joseph

20.10.1894           ANTHONY Marie Aricie and JERRY

18.11.1876           ANTOCATA Gracia No 128 and KIMKOINDEE No 46 Dondee

26.07.1902           ANTOINE Anne Horia Ephénésie and ISMAEL Mamode Idee

25.11.1882           ANTOINE Astrélie and ADELA Charles

29.10.1887           ANTOINE Eline Bidalle and JOUBERT Charles

18.12.1862           ANTOINE Henriette and CASIMIR Ferdinand

05.02.1870           ANTOINE Henriette and JOSEPH Emilien

28.06.1884           ANTOINE Henriette and LADOUCEUR Jean

26.09.1903           ANTOINE Henriette and SINON Alfred

27.10.1892           ANTOINE Jenny Jeminah and NANCY Thom

24.09.1870           ANTOINE Marie Aglaé and LOIZEAU Arthur Julius

23.01.1886           ANTOINE Marie Fanchon and JASSIEBOO sgd NACBIOO John

22.12.1885           ANTOINE Marie Julia and ANACOURA Delmont

15.10.1881           ANTOINE Marie Louise Eulalie and MARIA Joseph

28.06.1884           ANTOINE Mélise and NANETTE Antoine

29.10.1890           ANTOINE Philia and SOPHIE Raymond

17.07.1894           ANTOINE Rosette and BRIOCHE Nicolas

11.06.1892           ANTOINETTE Josephine and VICTORINE Philidor

13.08.1892           ANTOINETTE Marie Esther and SERAPHINE Jean Baptiste

16.11.1876           ANTOMENA Omera No 273 and JOWALHAL No 203 Harmon

14.04.1898           ANTONY Marie Antoinette and PHILIS Justin

06.05.1897           ANTONY Marie Fulgentia Antonia and FANCHON Leonard

04.02.1841           APIODITE Rosalie and HERMINE Charles

23.06.1890           APOLLON Augustine and LABROSSE Louis

11.06.1898           APRODITE Coralie and GUISELAIN Pierre Aristide

04.02.1841           APRODITE Coralie and TAMATAVE L'Espoir

12.02.1877           APRODITE Coralie (sgd Coralie Lespoir) and ELIZA Louis Marie Emile

17.12.1868           APS Adrienne Louise and HOUAREAU Pierre Gillius

06.04.1872           APS Marie Constance and BRION Jean Baptiste Philibert

17.11.1885           APS Marie Constance and LUCAS Emmanuel

17.02.1890           ARGENTINE Ernestine and SIFLORE Pierre Claremont

06.06.1891           ARGUS Marguerite Marianne and BRISK Louis Victor

29.04.1903           ARICOROW Lucie and PRISCA Gaston Roy

18.04.1896           ARIELLE Jeannette Marine and ADONIS Jean

23.02.1878           ARISTIDE Charlette and PELLICIER Didier

20.11.1886           ARISTOL Rosalie Angélique and SULTAN Pierre Victor

26.04.1902           ARISTOLE Marie Françoise and BOURBON Sylvain

23.12.1841           ARMAND Modeste and CAPUCIN Favori

11.09.1894           ARMELINE dit BIROLAY Marie Louise and LESPERANCE Zulmée

28.05.1881           ARMMOO Lydia Hallimah No 657 and HAMSAM No 551 Isaiah

05.06.1886           ARNESTAN Ernestine and JOHNNY No 984

12.08.1869           AROONDEE? No 536 Aricie and ANDONLAHA? No 432 Adonis

13.08.1898           ARRAMANI Fanchette and MARCEL Charles Averice Louise

09.07.1840           ARSANNE? Aglaé and MANCIENNE Jean Furcy

09.07.1840           ARSANNE? Louise Eléonore and GONTIER Jean Pierre Colette

22.06.1867           ARSENE Rosène Perrine and HUGON Pierre François

05.03.1859           ARTAUD Françoise and SOPHOLA Pierre

23.10.1897           ARTHUR Marie Louise and ADONIS Adonis

08.02.1900           ARTHUR Pauline Arabella and PHARAMOND Pharamond

13.02.1905           ARTHUR Sarah Amélie and TOUPA François

13.02.1905           ARTHUR Sarah Amélie and TOUPA François

25.02.1841           ARTUR? Augustine and ADRIEN Latulipe

28.05.1881           ASAMANY Emilia and SOOKOOLOO No 409 Soulouque

20.10.1887           ASBA Augustine and NORD EST Philogène

17.07.1873           ASBA Caroline and CAVERA Francis

22.11.1877           ASBA Clélie and RENE Présent

16.08.1905           ASBA Marie and POINTE Alfred

16.08.1905           ASBA Marie and POINTE Alfred

23.06.1883           ASBA Marie Clémence and EUGENIE Scipion

26.06.1886           ASBA Marie Fanélie and LEON Aristole

11.10.1893           ASBA Marie Fulgencia and BASSET Leonard

01.08.1894           ASBA Marie Josephine and VICTOR Victor

19.11.1873           ASBA Marie Roseline and LOUISE Frederic

11.06.1900           ASBA Stéphanie and LEGUET Février

15.05.1862           ASBA Valère and ARUMINTHE Jean

12.01.1867           ASBA Valère and GUNGAS alias GUIGAS Télémaque

19.05.1897           ASBAT Emilia and THESEE Adrien

17.07.1840           ASNNE? Asténie and BRISSON George

07.08.1894           ASPASIE Clemence and MERITON Jean Baptiste

08.08.1891           ASSAMANY Brigitte and TOMMY Robert

29.11.1884           ASSAMANY Emilie and CANROBERT No 273

22.06.1899           ASSAMANY Jeannette Cecilia and LUKE No.264.

07.07.1877           ASSEENA Bella No 101 and ISIDOR No 1101

28.04.1877           ASSEENA Modeste No 320 and MALZOOK No 500 Solomon

25.04.1898           ASSENA Louise and MARIMBA Josselin

26.02.1891           ASSENAGA Elisa No.12 and LIMERICK No.259

24.10.1901           ASSICOOJOOWAR Nonon No 159 and MALBROOK No 134

06.10.1888           ASTHIE Asthenie and JONES No.270

23.03.1842           ATALA Cressance and LEON Venant

03.08.1901           ATALA Marie Adrienne and CECILE Eugène Joseph

08.02.1842           ATALA Marise?? and NEPTUNE Denis

21.03.1891           ATALLA Sidonie and ESTROP Charles

27.10.1883           ATCHNAMBANA Othélie No 374 and NAMREGNAUD No 360 Octave

20.09.1864           ATHALA Adrienne and SIROCO??? François

09.02.1884           ATHALA Marie Roseline and RICHMAN Hervais

15.07.1850           ATHANASE Héloïse and CESAR Paul

26.11.1905           ATHANASE Lucie and ADONIS Adonis

26.11.1905           ATHANASE Lucie and ADONIS Adonis

06.12.1899           ATHANASE Marie and JOUBERT Jean Louis

03.09.1890           ATHANASE Sophie and LESPERANCE Joseph Toussaint

17.04.1893           ATHANASE Thisbee and FAUSTEL Paul

08.03.1884           ATHANASE Thisbie? and SIFLORE Théodore

17.06.1880           ATHANASE Virginia and LACOURTE Pierre

08.05.1877           ATHIONLWAH Helena No 246 and SOSSONALLAH No 332 Pierre

08.09.1894           ATTALA Sidonie and BEAUCHAMP Virgile

19.10.1893           AUBIN Cecilia and LEON Henri

17.09.1810           AUDIBERT Hélène Dorothée Joséphine and LANGLOIS Pierre Hypolite

05.06.1823           AUDIBERT Juliette Joséphine Aimée Pélagie and SAVY Charles Louis Blaise Dorothée

23.12.1813           AUDIBERT Marguerite Euphrasie and HODOUL Antoine

29.09.1817           AUDIBERT Marie Antoinette Clarisse and LANGLOIS Clément Pierre

08.09.1894           AUDOUIN Elizabeth Louise Alice and SCHULTHESS Charles Jean

21.05.1859           AUFRA Lolote and ANTAT Léonide

11.02.1896           AUGUSTE Maguitte and CASIMIR Casimir

14.05.1892           AUGUSTE Estellie and PLEUREUSE Elpheze

04.07.1899           AUGUSTIN Augustine and JASMIN Leonce

18.07.1885           AUGUSTINE Emilie and FELIX Napoléon

07.03.1878           AUGUSTINE Eve and JOUBERT Henry

17.09.1898           AUGUSTINE Louisine and NOURRICE Laventure

16.03.1901           AUGUSTINE Marie and ADELLA Pierre Louis

00.00.1892           AUGUSTINE Marie and LARAME  ** Magdeleine

07.11.1898           AUGUSTINE Marie Fanchette and BARBIER Charles James

01.12.1888           AURELIA Ernestine and JULIENNE Amiss

14.04.1887           AURELIA Eugénie and LARUE Bertrand

22.02.1879           AURELIA Marie Elisa and YOUNG Jean Marie Alphonse Rolph

30.07.1887           AURELIE Joséphine and NICK No 891

15.11.1879           AURELIE Marie Joséphine and ADELA Félix

21.02.1895           AUSSETTE Marie Joséphine and BLAHIM Evelinor

20.07.1889           AVINE Marie Rosalia and AGRICOLE Aristilien Raphael

27.12.1858           AVRIL Victorine Marie Adélaïde and ADAM Marie Jean Baptiste

01.10.1881           AYETIAH Agathe No 697 and MALBROOKEE No 421 Rodolphe

12.09.1891           AYETIAH Agathe Yetena? and MOHERY No 592 Lawson

23.02.1889           AZA Marie Olymphe and PETER No.503

15.09.1842           AZARMINTHE Adrienne and HERMINE Edouard

18.06.1892           AZEMIA Adeline and LARUE Elysee

30.06.1904           AZEMIA Aimée Eléonore Périllia and GRAS Paulin

10.09.1902           AZEMIA Augusta and LEGRAND Aristhène

01.06.1892           AZEMIA Cecil Henriette and LEGRAS Henri Martin

27.09.1898           AZEMIA Cecile and RENAUD Pierre Bernard

10.02.1902           AZEMIA Emilia Virginia and COCATE Bottler

23.07.1898           AZEMIA Florine Clementine and BANANE William Henry

10.02.1902           AZEMIA Joséphina Amélina and JULIENNE Blaise Célestin

18.05.1905           AZEMIA Louise Emilie Joséphine and RIGODON Norbert

18.05.1905           AZEMIA Louise Emilie Joséphine and RIGODON Norbert

05.09.1892           AZEMIA Manon Clemence or Clementine and TIRANT Arthur Victor

11.07.1842           AZEMIA Marie and MALOUCYONDE

05.09.1872           AZEMIA Marie Charlette and MARIA Remy Dominique

20.10.1903           AZEMIA Marie Gabrielle and LOW HON

10.04.1845           AZOLAN Fanny and MARIE Joseph

02.06.1836           AZOLAN Joséphine and SALEZ Pierre

08.09.1877           AZOLAN Marie Jeanne and LARCIN Evenor

27.08.1874           AZOLAN Victorine and DESFOSSES Joseph Moncherry

00.00.1861           AZOR Alice and ADELAIDE Edmond

02.08.1888           AZOR Elisabeth and BARA Alfred

17.05.1884           AZOR Eonie and ACCOUCHE Sévère

31.07.1901           AZOR Marie Françoise and CARPEN Gabriel

31.05.1884           AZORE Marie and LIME Théophile