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Woman's Surname Alphabetical Listing
Classement par les femmes
© Heulwen Hélène POOL and Daniella JOHNSTONE

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20.12.1884           BABEE Olivette and PARABOUT Benoit

08.11.1860           BABET Aimée Virginie and DIGNE Frédéric

11.02.1902           BACARI Euphrasia Eglantine and DESIR Evenor

26.05.1888           BACARI Marie Virginie and SAVIN Emile

09.02.1884           BACHE Marie and LESTE Aristhène

06.08.1838           BACHELIER Marie Louise (sgd Lucie) and DENIS Joseph Pousset

22.01.1881           BACOA Jeanne Laurence and ZENNY Victor Jean

25.03.1847           BADONNA Clemence and LUSKALE Aza

31.05.1810           BAGATELLE Rozette and RAFONDE Louis

28.04.1894           BAHAT Belle and MADELEINE Jean Charles

16.11.1876           BAHATEE Salamanda No 432 and FACKARY No 430 Renton

28.01.1882           BAHATTEE Nanette No 47 and BARRACK No 884 Kent

01.10.1881           BAHATTEE Rachel No 260 and CHUMAUNGAH No 133 Josiah

09.02.1884           BAHATY Molly No 464 and AMISS No 390 Justin

16.01.1904           BAILEY Alice Evelina and BAON François Louarne Minier

11.07.1896           BAILEY Arabella and PETROUSSE Auguste Pierre

30.08.1890           BAILEY Mary Cordeann Betsy and PETROUSSE Pierre Auguste

30.04.1889           BAILLON Alexandrine Adele Helene and LEMARCHAND Camille Sauzier  Bernard Julien

01.06.1868           BAILLON Alphonsine and MICHAUD Charles

22.05.1890           BAILLON Lucie Mathurine Sarrah and WALKER William Roddis

31.07.1880           BAILLON Marie Ananie Gabrielle and HODOUL Pierre Jules

19.11.1898           BAILLON Marie Clodia Felicia and MOULINIE Andre Emmanuel Eudoxe

24.02.1900           BAILLON Marie Elise Alexandrine and SAVY George Olivier Gustave

27.05.1902           BAILLON Marie Henriette Alphonsine and DINGWALL Julien Germain

03.06.1893           BAILLON Marie Henriette Alphonsine and HERMITTE Louis Desire

01.05.1899           BAILLON Marie Henriette Alphonsine and LARUE Pierre Henri Desire

20.07.1887           BAILLON Marie Joséphine Louise and FERRARI Charles

31.07.1893           BAILLON Marie Marguerite Olympe and HERMITTE Constant Alexandre

23.06.1890           BAILLON Marie Rosélie Ida and CHOPPY Joseph Auguste

07.04.1853           BALAN Eliza and ALBERT Louis Adam

05.05.1807           BALAN Marie Françoise Eléonore and DUPONT Constant

21.04.1891           BALETTE Victoire Javotte and MARIE George

07.05.1891           BALIKE Eveline and UZICE Amedee (fils)

26.07.1882           BALING Amélia and FANCHETTE Félix

13.12.1884           BALING Célestine and DUBOIS Désiré

10.10.1897           BALING Marie Josephine and FRANCOISE Joseph Louis Oscar

08.11.1895           BALLET Antoinette and MOUSTACHE Ernest

15.09.1894           BALLET Armeline and SIMEON Jules

21.01.1896           BALLETTE Marie Louise and ALFRED Phelicien

22.07.1886           BALOU Clémentine and XAVIER Edouard

23.04.1898           BALTIDE Elodie and BONNELAME Joseph

22.02.1902           BALTIDE Eugénie and ANACOURA William Japhet

16.06.1888           BALTIDE Roseline and NANON Paul

03.03.1902           BALTIE Virginie and JASMIN Relove

12.11.1898           BALTILDE Theophile and ROUCOU Florent

17.12.1863           BAMBOCHE Cécile Joséphine and COCATE Alcindor

26.10.1898           BAMBOCHE Josephine Rachel and FLORENTA Charles Ismael

26.05.1870           BAMBOCHE Marie Emilie and MARIA Jean Joseph

01.05.1867           BANANE Antoinette and GONTIER Jean Rosemond

26.10.1837           BANANE Célestine and SIMEON Louis Agapy

21.10.1899           BANANE Joséphine Elizabeth and VERLAQUE Laurenzo Frédéric Ernest

12.06.1880           BANANE Marie Elfrida and NIBOURETTE Emile

20.11.1834           BANANE Marie Victorine and JUPITER Quinon

03.05.1862           BANANE Victorine Aglaée and UNDERWOOD David

07.11.1885           BANDANA Victorine No 15 and CARTEMPION No 63

24.10.1885           BANDOO Edesse and NIEPATHIE No 642 Pius

13.12.1884           BANNA Molly No 1075 and HASSEN No 262 Pilate

19.03.1892           BAPTISTE Marie and VAUSER Israël

11.06.1840           BARA Rosette and ALGER Léonard

05.08.1897           BARAC Charlette and SALAMA Charles Calice

12.05.1894           BARACKA Veronika No.694 and JOSEPH No.1330.

13.12.1860           BARALLON Marie Amélia and PHILOGENE John Thomy Sket

30.09.1851           BARALLON Marie Aurélie and LEFOURNOUR Pierre Marie

29.09.1894           BARALLON Marie Delzine Zelina and VERLAQUE Jules Dartagnan

29.01.1887           BARALLON Marie Eudoxie and PAYET Charles Victorin

21.06.1882           BARALLON Marie Florine Célestia and ROBERT Alexis Augereau Gontier

12.04.1894           BARALLON Marie Joséphine and VERLAQUE François

06.07.1891           BARALLON Marie Julia Louisa and ETHEVE Vilthère

27.11.1856           BARALLON Mathurine Aricie and SANDERS John Alexander

03.09.1840           BARBE Adèle and LEBON Rémi

07.06.1905           BARBE Augustine Augustine and FRED Milius

07.06.1905           BARBE Augustine Augustine and FRED Milius

21.08.1856           BARBE Delphine and PAYET Jean Toussaint Gabriel

17.11.1855           BARBE Delphine and RENAUD Napoléon

14.10.1903           BARBE Elisia and LACSIMON Sitaram

03.10.1896           BARBE Elodie and ALCINDOR Clement Charles

12.02.1898           BARBE Erylia and BARBE Félix

14.12.1899           BARBE Fanchette Anaïs and CADEAUX Paulin Toussaint

29.07.1897           BARBE Francoise and MARENGO Joseph

10.11.1898           BARBE Fulgencia and JULES Eugene

03.04.1880           BARBE Isaure and CLOTILDE Louis Bruno

18.01.1849           BARBE Jeanne and KEAST Allen James

16.01.1893           BARBE Josephine and HAMON Felicien

10.12.1900           BARBE Louise and CORALIE Victorin

05.06.1873           BARBE Marie Dorine and POUPONNEAU Theodore

14.04.1880           BARBE Marie Frinida and MICHEL Jouanot

06.05.1875           BARBE Marie Jeanne and FREIDE Joseph

14.04.1887           BARBE Marie Jeannette Nanette and RUSTEAU Auguste

05.02.1902           BARBE Rachel and FREDERIC Sylvain

22.06.1904           BARBE Viltérine and ESTHER Joseph

12.01.1884           BARBE Vitaline and CIDE Faralla

28.06.1899           BARBE  ** Marceline and AGRICOL Octanvil

26.12.1874           BARBE(widowJean Toussaint Gabriel PAYET Delphine and POULTON William Thomas

06.05.1899           BARBEIN Anais and JOLICOEUR Frederic

15.11.1893           BARBEIN Zulmee Louicelle and CISEAU Michel

19.12.1861           BARBET Judith and CEDRA Remy

26.08.1899           BARBIN (sign.BARBE) Alcida and CASIMIR Joseph

03.09.1840           BARBUE Babet and SANSSOUCIS Pharaoh

03.08.1891           BARDEAUX Marie Sara Isaïre and MOUNA William Joseph

06.08.1903           BARISA Lalie Idalie and RUBENS Toussaint

18.06.1903           BARKER Perrine and JOHN Billy

19.04.1866           BAROME Amélie and VEL Charles Isidor

19.09.1885           BAROME Armantine and ARMAND Exanaï

15.02.1904           BAROME Elisabeth and FLORANTAT Charles Ismaël

14.04.1859           BAROME Emilie and BAROME Augustin

30.06.1859           BAROME Léonore and LEGENTIL Jacquemin Jean Louis

06.12.1897           BAROME Lucie and MANON Jean Baptiste

29.06.1905           BAROME Sarah and LEON Hervey

29.06.1905           BAROME Sarah and LEON Hervey

10.05.1871           BAROME Zelmie and MONCHERY Joseph

29.04.1857           BAROMEE Zélie and JEAN Paulin

06.10.1894           BARON Louise and MABOUROOKEE No.130 Etienne

29.09.1905           BARON Marie Adèle and MARINNE François

29.09.1905           BARON Marie Adèle and MARINNE François

16.04.1887           BARONNE Marie Héloïse and DINDON Victorin

31.05.1884           BARONNE Marie Juliette and LAURE Baptiste

02.03.1889           BAROOTHER Victorine and ADELAIDE Jerome

07.07.1884           BARRA Félicia and SERVINA Rémy

13.06.1885           BARRA Henriette and SIMWORDT Alexandre

05.07.1889           BARRA Louise and VALENTIN Albert

31.05.1890           BARRA Marie Fulgentia and MARIE Polidor

04.06.1887           BARRA Petronie and BENOIT Eugène

13.04.1889           BARRA Rose and HENRY QUATRE Louis

28.08.1886           BARRA Théophile and MARENGO Casimir

30.11.1889           BARRA Victoire and PHILOE Jean Theodore

21.09.1891           BARRACK Aglae and ASSAMANY George

23.11.1899           BARRACK Angèle and ANTONY Antony

19.10.1899           BARRACK Angéline and BILL Bill Joseph

20.12.1847           BARRAQUE Zelime and PHILOGENE Jean Baptiste

05.07.1890           BARREAU Caroline and LUCAS Ange alias Nuca

17.07.1900           BARREAU Genielia and JAVOTTE Vildoric

03.02.1870           BARREAU Héloïse and LAPORTE Joseph Célestin

25.02.1884           BARREGE Marie Félicie and JOUBERT Antoine

01.09.1842           BARRIQUE Anna and BARBER Constant

10.08.1893           BARROSA Nelly No.496 and MALBROOK No.412 Laramee

11.04.1839           BASO Lise and CLOTILDE Francour

15.11.1884           BASS Brigette and PLUTON No 451

13.08.1888           BASSET Antoinette and CADEAU Cadeau

13.05.1893           BASSET Elise and LARAMEE Jean Pierre

01.06.1887           BASSET Eliza and SIMEON Jean Louis

25.06.1896           BASSET Françoise and ADRIENNE Julien

03.09.1904           BASSET Marceline Marie Joséphine and TELERMONT Théodore

22.08.1891           BASSET Marie Leontine and ASBA Etienne

17.08.1884           BASSET Thérèse and LABICHE Gentil

03.06.1890           BASSET Theresia and THESEE Constant

23.04.1898           BASTIEN Marie Nelcie and CHIFFONE Polixene

11.06.1904           BASTIENNE Aimée Thérésine and POINTE George

05.04.1884           BASTIENNE Augustine and BERLOUIS Jean Pierre

25.10.1879           BASTIENNE Lucie Augustine and SICOBO Mazarin Brown

04.02.1901           BASTIENNE Marie Jemmia and GABRIEL Pierre Gédéon

26.08.1899           BASTIENNE Marie Victorine and LAFORTUNE Adolphe Alexandre

24.07.1875           BASTIENNE Nancy and JULIENNE Célestin

02.07.1840           BASTIENNE Souvenir and DESPOT Sultant

08.08.1840           BASTIENNE Victorine and ZOBAIDE Apollon

02.05.1889           BASTILLE Angeline and AGATHE Jeremie

12.11.1888           BASTILLE Constance and RAT Jean Francois

20.09.1902           BASTROP Julida and POUPONNEAU Oscar Lodoïska

19.02.1876           BATEAU Adèle and HENRIETTE Charles Denis

27.04.1899           BATEAU Antoinette and MARIE David

09.04.1863           BATEAU Dorine and DARZAC Sylvain

19.01.1860           BATEAU Euphrasie and RAMJAN

20.09.1873           BATEAU Helene and BALING Rosemont

14.04.1842           BATEAU Marie Pauline and MIMI Remy

12.06.1841           BATEAU Mélanie and BONIFACE Laventure

09.03.1850           BATHILDE Zéline and CADEAU Evenor

17.12.1840           BATOIRE Adèle and CHINO Alexis

08.07.1897           BAYROO Elise Marie and DUGASSE Joseph

22.03.1879           BAZILE Aurélie and LABROCHE Silvain

23.05.1872           BAZILE Betcie and PETROUSSE Josselin

10.11.1894           BEAHIM Euphrasie Lewis and MURAT No.604

04.10.1902           BEAUCHAMP Marie Françoise and DALLOO Dalloo

16.12.1882           BEAUCHAMP Philie and HENRIETTE Hypolitte

19.08.1854           BEAUDOUIN Ernestine Flore and CLARISSE Marcelin

21.05.1857           BEAUDOUIN Fanny and FAVORY Jeannot

10.11.1853           BEAUDOUIN Hersilie Flore and LATOUR Charles

30.05.1803           BEAUDOUIN Marie Louise and GEORGET/FORGET??

02.03.1808           BEAUDOUIN Marie Louise Perrine and DUMAS Pierre

05.11.1853           BEAUFOND Marie Françoise Alexandrine and BEAUFOND Louis René Champvert Tessier

06.05.1839           BEAUFOND Marie Françoise Célérine and CATHCART Charles Stuart

01.09.1842           BEAUFOND Marie Francoise Grace and DUMONT Louis Henry

10.05.1905           BEAUFOND Marie Suzanne and MICHAUD Louis François Léon

10.05.1905           BEAUFOND Marie Suzanne and MICHAUD Louis François Léon

21.08.1854           BEAUFOND Vve DUMONT Marie Françoise Grace and HOARAU Jean Marie Félix

27.08.1846           BEAUFOND vve. CATHCART Marie Francoise Celerine and ESPARON Pierre Benoit Armel Armand

29.08.1857           BEAUREGARD Aglaé and France Henry

03.01.1803           BEAUREGARD Jeanne Marie and FAURRE Jean

17.05.1856           BEDELLE Euphrasie Marie Fanchette and COURTOIS Jean Adolphe

15.10.1846           BELISAIRE Anais Hortense and FREET Joseph

25.10.1873           BELISAIRE (widow Joseph FREEB Anais Hortense and AMELIE Pierre

17.06.1882           BELL Marie Aturadine? and TOUTCOURT Olézime

25.02.1843           BELLA Maria and DEPART Samedi

23.06.1852           BELLA Rosélie and COURTE Sylvestre

21.07.1897           BELLARD Clarissia and JOUBERT José

15.10.1887           BELLARD Roseline and ANTA Eugène

31.01.1889           BELLARD Virginie and BRIOCHE Charles

09.06.1890           BELLE Francoise and MICHEL Belzan

24.09.1888           BELLE Victorine and LAURENCINE Clement

11.08.1860           BELMONT Julie and LOSAIC Jean Marie

19.06.1880           BELMONT Marie Mathilde and GEDEON Cyril Louis Raymond

05.11.1896           BEN STRONG Antoinette and VITALINE Vitalien

23.12.1896           BENOIT Emilie and SIDONIE Denis

10.07.1899           BENOIT Fanelia and MARIE Arthur

23.02.1903           BENOIT Flore and DINDON Charles

20.11.1899           BENOIT Héloïse and LOUIS Pierre

03.11.1883           BENOIT Hermine and FRANCOURT Francourt

28.11.1903           BENOIT Marie and AGATINE Ange Olivère

20.03.1902           BENOIT Marie and LAURENCE Joseph

05.07.1887           BENOIT Marie and PHILO Charles

21.09.1871           BENOIT Marie Françoise and SERANG No 96 Samuel

01.09.1870           BENOIT Orelia and DENIS Edouard

24.01.1905           BENOITON Julina and BAILLON Louis Joseph Mathurin

24.01.1905           BENOITON Julina and BAILLON Louis Joseph Mathurin

10.12.1888           BENOITON Marie and TIRANT Charles Hubert

07.08.1848           BERLOUIS Anne Amelie and LAPORTE Jean Florentin Venan

17.01.1871           BERLOUIS Anne Marie Célérine and LAMY Louis Edouard

16.03.1886           BERLOUIS Célérine and MOUTACHE Henri

19.12.1896           BERLOUIS Elouise and SALEM Amade Baba

15.05.1862           BERLOUIS Emilie Aglaée Marianne and CAMILLE Jean Emile

21.11.1885           BERLOUIS Emma and HOUAREAU Etienne

02.08.1890           BERLOUIS Josephine Marie Louise and TIRANT Alexandre

14.12.1869           BERLOUIS Joséphine Marie Louise and JUMEAU Jean Baptiste Félix

14.05.1883           BERLOUIS Lucia and CESAR Eudovic Arnold

10.02.1838           BERLOUIS Marie Célérine Ernestine and MELLON François

24.07.1875           BERLOUIS Marie Eugénie and PONDARD Emilien

16.05.1901           BERLOUIS Marie Isabelle Clarisse and PAYET Adam Henri Gaëtan

31.01.1894           BERLOUIS Marie Louise and TIRANT Faurien Murcy Napoleon

02.11.1889           BERLOUIS  ** Marie Thérafine and MONNAIE Durosel Louis

25.01.1896           BERNARD Cecile and LABICHE Francois

03.02.1894           BERNARD Rosa and MIMI Emilien

05.07.1887           BERTAUT Olympe Antoinette Marie and THIBAULT Marie Léon Frédéric Gaston

13.06.1840           BERTIN Annette and ROBERT L'Espérance

25.08.1884           BERTIN Zulmée and ADABOO Jaffa

08.06.1841           BERTIN Zulmée and ADRIEN Henri

21.11.1867           BERTRAND Aurélia and CEDRA François

18.03.1841           BERTRAND Cécile and OLIVIER Félix

10.11.1886           BERTRAND Cécile Orphise and MALIN William

15.12.1877           BERTRAND Celina and HENDERSON  ** William

18.08.1900           BERTRAND Charlésia and SUZETTE Victorin

12.06.1886           BERTRAND Dauphine and BONIFACE Ephraïme

19.05.1892           BERTRAND Elodiska and VIRGINIE Abraham

24.08.1848           BERTRAND Fostine and MARGUERITTE Eloi

31.08.1903           BERTRAND Marguerite and WYLOO  ** Henry

20.04.1850           BERTRAND Marie and CONSTANTIN Auguste

10.02.1889           BERTRAND Marie and DUFRESNE  ** Adrien

30.11.1901           BERTRAND Marie Eugénie and CLARISSE Rosemond

13.07.1878           BERTRAND Marie Eugénie and SIMEON St. Gilles

03.04.1841           BERTRAND Orphise and L'HERMITTE Adrien

15.07.1841           BERTRAND Zaïre and THERESE Charlot

27.12.1849           BERTRAND Zélia and GRIMACE Sylvain

16.01.1864           BERTRAND (sgd Amélia Hermitte Bétrand) Amélia and JEAN BAPTISTE Emile

21.02.1903           BESSIN Marguerite Rosa and NAGEON DE LESTANG Joseph Charles Alphonse Emmanuel

30.11.1858           BETANNE Laurencine and OLIVIER Cyrile Charlot

30.10.1890           BETSY Betsy and FIDELE No.277

22.06.1889           BETSY Josephine and GARFON No.176 Olivier

05.10.1893           BETSY Marie Félicité and LAVEILLEUSE Biscornu

30.06.1892           BETSY Marie and MARIE alias BELL Antoine

05.04.1902           BIBI Charline and NENFE Willie

21.08.1840           BIBI Constance and PAUL Xavier Henry

26.03.1889           BIBI Constancia and FLORINE Theodore

05.07.1890           BIBI Delphine and LIME Ally alias Joseph

09.07.1898           BIBI Elisabeth Rosette and ADRIENNE Joseph Olivier

04.07.1872           BIBI Elouisa and CELESTINE Virgil

06.06.1833           BIBI Lodoïska and LAGRENADE Philogène

22.11.1884           BIBI Marie Anaïs and LOUIS Joseph

03.03.1887           BIBI Marie Augusta and LARISOL Adrien

01.12.1862           BIBI Marie Claire and NEWMAN Edward ?

01.06.1880           BIBI Marie Françoise and RACOMBO Némorin

03.09.1887           BIBI Marie Léona and LEON George Marcel

15.10.1885           BIBI Rose and FAUDBAY? Maxime

16.12.1902           BIBI Sarah Angèle and COLLET Alcide

05.05.1842           BIBI Sophie and LAVIRON Constantin

31.07.1840           BIBI Thémise and ROBIN Désiré

03.06.1841           BIBI Théophile and VICTORINE Ferdinand

27.03.1858           BIBI Zoé and MERITON??? John

04.10.1875           BIBI Zoé and ROSE Célestin

05.11.1892           BIBI Zoé and ROSE Julien

07.03.1905           BIBI Arthemise and BAROOTEE Pierre

07.03.1905           BIBI Arthemise and BAROOTEE Pierre

03.12.1884           BIBI  ** Adeline and CHARLES Joseph Jean

22.11.1904           BIBI  ** Amélina and COUSIN Paul

16.12.1858           BIDAL  and SAVY Victor François

12.04.1841           BIJEAU Jeanne and ABRAHAM Ferdinand Turlinette?

16.09.1879           BIK Marie Alfrédine and LAROCHE Dauphin

05.05.1898           BILL Caroline Josephine and PENSEE Canrobert

28.10.1903           BILL Marie Joséphine Zéphérine and COME Thomas

07.07.1898           BILL Pauline Marguerite and FRANCOISE Abraham

09.10.1884           BIROLET Eulalie Marie Augustine and DURUP Jules Edgar

13.07.1889           BIROLET Marie Eliza and L'ESPERANCE Louis

17.09.1840           BIRON Julie and DELMONT Arabe

08.04.1840           BIRON Marceline and BRIOL Jean

27.03.1851           BISOT? Françoise and NATHAL Saïde

23.08.1898           BISTOE Euridice and CHANIANA Philippe Auguste

05.09.1891           BISTOE Marie and AGLAE Isidor

14.06.1888           BISTOE Marie Louise and BARREAU Paulin

10.03.1890           BISTOE Angeline and RENAUD Renold

17.05.1890           BISTOE Augustine and MOULIN Emilien

23.07.1884           BISTOEE Anna and CYRILLE No 1368  **

26.05.1841           BISTOQUET Alphonsine and COCK Walter

30.07.1900           BISTOQUET Emilia and DENIS Henry

13.08.1885           BISTOQUET Eugénie and CADIS Sylvain

04.10.1874           BISTOQUET Eulalie Marie Melanie and URANIE Maxime

02.05.1885           BISTOQUET Fanny and ALCINDOR Charly

07.05.1898           BISTOQUET Marie Felicia and ROSE Henri

10.04.1885           BISTOQUET Marie Françoise and SYLVAIN Joseph

11.02.1899           BISTOQUET Marie Josephine and MARIE Edouard

09.08.1892           BISTOQUET Marie Louise and MARGUERITE Francois Olivier

07.06.1879           BISTOQUET Mélanie Marie Pauline and MARIE Clips

22.08.1867           BISTOQUET Rosalie and GALANTE Laurent

14.02.1852           BISTOQUET Sauphie and MARIETTE Guillet

11.02.1847           BISTOQUET Virginie and BAZAN Charles

12.10.1882           BIZOT Françoise and MACOUSANE Charlot

29.12.1840           BLANCHE Reine and NIBOURETTE Elie

25.04.1881           BLUNT Mary Ann and LEPPER Robert John

24.11.1853           BOISBRUN Augustine and ALI Jean Baptiste

13.08.1840           BOISNOIR Mérante and LESPERANCE Henry

19.04.1856           BOISTROP Marie Joseph and FRANCOIS Jean Baptiste

23.05.1885           BOISTROP Marie Joseph and NAUSAÏQUE Mélicourt

01.10.1840           BOISTROP Marie Joseph and OUBLIE Jouan

10.06.1847           BOMBEE Salam and VERGI Gabriel

01.11.1847           BONIFACE Cecile Laventure and BISTOQUET Coradin

28.07.1888           BONIFACE Charlezia and CROISEE Auguste

12.10.1903           BONIFACE Elisa and ANDRE Edmond

15.06.1889           BONIFACE Josephine and JOSEPH Emilien

07.12.1904           BONIFACE Marie Aricie and MOUMOU Rémy

05.09.1895           BONIFACE Pierreline and BONNE Francois

28.04.1892           BONIFACE Francoise and ACKAN Jean

09.06.1893           BONIFACE Marie Pauline Fleurette and OTHON Cyrille Eugene Etienne

07.02.1901           BONNE Henriette Vitaline and SINON Léon

08.05.1891           BONNE Ismène and PAYET Florent

19.07.1902           BONNE Marie Aglaé and BASTILLE Olivernais

07.05.1887           BONNE Marie Rose and SOLIN Valentin

08.07.1873           BONNE Zoelia and HOUAREAU Louis Ortis

22.06.1886           BONNE LAME Marie Margueritte and TAMBOU Félicien

24.12.1855           BONNEAU Laure and CALPIJIE

11.05.1854           BONNEAU Zélie and CUSHION Robert

29.02.1892           BONNELAME Eudoxie and MOUSME David

18.05.1904           BONNELAME Henriette and SINON Marius

19.09.1891           BONNELAME Honore and MOUSBE Michel Visiteur

06.11.1897           BONNELAME Josephine and LIBANOTIS Jean

22.02.1887           BONNETARD Jeanne Adrienne Eugénie Regina Emilie and SAUVAGE Jean Daniel

02.06.1900           BONNETCARRE Madeleine and BARRA Henri

15.12.1877           BONTE Ernestine and NANETTE Polvin

28.08.1894           BONTE Eugenie and RONDEAU Evariste

09.11.1848           BONTE Eugenie and VILPRE Charlot

08.11.1860           BONTE Eugénie and WILTON George

27.11.1899           BONTE Félicité and NOËL François Edgar

16.02.1874           BONTE Lodoisca Felicite and JOUANOT Montasie

09.08.1893           BOOGONOO Azelia and CAROLUS Carolus

26.05.1894           BORGARD Marie Marceline Felicite Victor and BARBIER Jean Baptiste

19.11.1890           BOTSANE Julia Ernestine and MEDOR Janvier

06.12.1883           BOTTE Clotilde and GERMAINE Emile Angélique

24.07.1858           BOUBEC? Alphonsine and DRACONIER Praslin

12.09.1891           BOUCHEREAU Catherine Bedsy and HOUAREAU Charles Raoul

09.08.1893           BOUCHEREAU Louise Odile and HOAREAU Jean Rouillard

15.10.1901           BOUCHEREAU Marie and MICHAUD Pierre Honoré

24.06.1903           BOUCHEREAU Marie Adélia Gabrielle and UZICE Laurent Joseph

18.11.1897           BOUCHEREAU Marie Angele and CAUVIN Jean Francois

30.01.1869           BOUCHEREAU Marie Noémie and HOUAREAU Raymond Gilles

22.04.1902           BOUCHEREAU Marie Octavie and POUSSOU Octave Joseph

12.08.1902           BOUCHEREAU Marie Résida Betcy and HOUAREAU Auguste Albert

17.12.1881           BOUDALON Sophie and BARBET Louis

17.08.1876           BOUDOT Mélinte and PRIARA William

20.06.1844           BOUQUIE Ameline and LOIZEAU Joseph Alphonse Napoleon

00.00.1861           BOUQUIE Eugénie and RAHIMAN Edmond

09.10.1869           BOUQUIE Louise Chouchoutte and CALAIS Adrien

16.02.1860           BOUQUIE Magdelaine Pamela and L'EFEVRE Clément Napoléon

10.01.1867           BOUQUIE Marguerite Joséphine and DUVAL Pierre Alphonse

26.07.1873           BOUQUIE(widow Pierre Alphonse DUVAL Margueritte Josephine and CALTEAUX Hippolyte

18.06.1881           BOURBON Lozette Marie and EMILIE Allain Victorin

24.12.1846           BOURDALON Constance and MELLON Michel Ange

06.12.1883           BOURDALONE Clémentine and JEAN Vilmain

06.12.1877           BOURSAULT Marie Louise and MEIN Fanchin Virgile

08.10.1902           BOUSIN Eugénie Phrasie and GOMME Aveline

24.12.1874           BOUSIN Honorine and DINDON Charles

22.09.1897           BOUSIN Marie Ernestine and LAPORTE Louis Armand

10.12.1894           BOUSIN Marie Heloise and LOUANGE Felix

22.02.1905           BOUZIN Charlésia and CŒUR DE LION Charles

22.02.1905           BOUZIN Charlésia and CŒUR DE LION Charles

11.08.1894           BRASS Celestine Marie Estelle Dusfrene and MATHIOT Ezile

08.09.1894           BRASS Felicie Marie Adelina and AMEDEE Leonard

17.10.1891           BRASSE Elisabeth Marie Noemie and NUCA Laurence

14.10.1899           BRASSE Joséphine and ANACOURA Japhet

16.09.1875           BRASSEL Francisque and VIDOT François

22.01.1877           BRASSELL Antoinette and JUMEAU Louis Aimé

30.07.1840           BRINGEL Catiche and PITOIS Bataillon

14.09.1861           BRIOCHE Anah? and MARIE Célestin

14.07.1870           BRIOCHE Constance and SINON Jacquiné

17.07.1840           BRIOCHE Jeannette and MARIA Scapin

22.07.1867           BRIOCHE Marie and DULLOO No 241489

23.07.1885           BRIOCHE Médérisse and PERRINE Victor

06.12.1898           BRIOCHE Virginie and JEAN Médor Philogène

31.05.1884           BRIOLET Marie Louise Augustine and LAFLUTE Jean Marie

28.06.1879           BRISTOL Anna and JOUBERT Alfred

29.05.1862           BRISTOL Clairon and LEBEL Hyppolite

18.08.1860           BRISTOL Eléonore and JUPITER Victorin

14.06.1884           BRISTOL Elisia and DUMONT William

21.01.1884           BRISTOL Héloïse and ANDOISE Mathieu

08.08.1861           BRISTOL Julie and YOUNG Louis Marie Henry

04.02.1864           BRISTOL Louise and MICHEL Alexandre

24.10.1899           BRISTOL Malcy and LIBANOTIS Francisque Désiré

06.07.1867           BRISTOL Malcy and MOUSMOU Visiteur

16.11.1861           BRISTOL Marie and DENIS Joseph

16.02.1901           BRISTOL Marie Singery and ROSALIE Emmanuel

30.04.1899           BRISTOL Paulina and FIRMINO Pierre Abraham

03.04.1848           BRISTOQUET Rose and LOUISE Orphe

13.03.1895           BRONZE Alexandrine and BATIN Pierre Rene

24.12.1840           BRONZE Célestine and BALING Zéphir

09.06.1900           BRONZE Elisa and MAURE Jules Gilbert

26.10.1901           BRONZE Euphémie Augusta and MOUSTACHE Carosin

10.06.1869           BRONZE Henriette and MALCOUSANE René

21.11.1903           BROOKS Dora Louisa and DYER John Williams

23.04.1904           BROOKS Elisa Aglaé and SAVY Louis Victor

15.04.1899           BROOKS Margarette Antoinette and MEIN William Antony

27.01.1898           BROOKS Marie Ulanie and ALBERT George James

03.12.1835           BROUHET Louise Rose Athénaïs and ADAM Louis

23.12.1890           BROWN Adele Marie and MAURE Francois

12.09.1868           BROWN Emma and JUMEAU Jean Baptiste Ignace

12.07.1879           BROWN Georgina and ZATTE Emmanuel Oliver Jules

16.05.1900           BROWN Lafille Sarah and CŒSAR Nemour

11.11.1889           BROWN Louise and LOUANGE Joseph

08.02.1879           BROWN Reine Wilhelmine and COLLARD Marc Charles Edouard

23.02.1867           BRUNAUD Marie Anna and LUBIN Champagne

20.11.1886           BRUTUS Hélène and NORTON No 308

19.06.1890           BRUTUS BAROOKEE Marie Ellen and POLLUX Police

30.06.1840           BUFFON Victoire and GILBERT Lindor

30.09.1871           BUTLER Henriette Idalie and JUMEAU Thomas Robert

02.06.1900           BUTLER Malcie Ida and DELTEL Joseph Louis Camille

12.05.1894           BUTLER Marie Louise Elodie Grace and MONFORT Francois Marie

24.08.1904           BUTLER Marie Noëmie Angéla and MONDON Francis Amédée

14.06.1901           BUTTON Charlotte Emilie Clémence and MICHEL Clément Louis Eugène

20.01.1896           BUTTON Helene and WHITING Francis Arthur

12.01.1822           BUTTON Laure Elisabeth and MEIN Antoine Marius

31.01.1822           BUTTON Marie Louise and DUMONT Henry Bonaventure

09.08.1899           BUTTON Victorine Marie Elisa and WHITING Francis Arthur