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Woman's Surname Alphabetical Listing
Classement par les femmes
© Heulwen Hélène POOL and Daniella JOHNSTONE

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29.08.1885           CABOLOO Rose No 442 and DAVIDSON No 54

28.05.1881           CABOOTOO Clotilde No 443 and BONIFACE No 305

19.08.1884           CABOOTOO Félicité No 446 and VICTOR No 694

11.09.1890           CABOOTOO Mimi No.440 and TOMMY no.92

31.01.1901           CABOOTOO Miminie No 440 and LUKE No 932

10.09.1840           CABRIE Laure and ROSE Silvestre

09.05.1888           CADANCE Natalie and DAUDIN Valmont Andre

16.06.1855           CADEAU Laure and LAVIOLETTE Gustave

29.07.1882           CADEAU Valentine and ALCENDOR Charles Amédée

20.05.1899           CADENCE Jeannie and LEON Virgil

24.04.1886           CADENCE Louise and PLEUREUSE Jean François

15.02.1879           CADENCE Marie Jeanne and CLARA Victorien

05.06.1882           CADENCE Marie Palmire and ELISABETH Pierre

25.10.1890           CADENCE Suzanne Longan and ROBIN Arnold

15.03.1841           CADERE Fara and ZELIA Pirame

07.08.1890           CADERE Laurencine and ZEPHYR David

07.06.1890           CAETANE Sophie Natalie and JEAN Baptiste Leopold alias Paul

28.02.1891           CAETANE alias TYRAN Elise/Elizabeth and CHETTY V.C.Damodara

16.01.1873           CAFRINE Azelie and MOUSMOU Adonis

28.08.1890           CAFRINE Jeanny Ursule and CADENCE Jean

23.05.1901           CAFRINE Mésidor and PLEUREUSE Jean

20.09.1873           CAFRINE Prudence and NOELIE Charles Martial

03.08.1904           CAFRINE Rosine Lucie and LOZE Joseph

13.09.1902           CAHETANNE Bande and JEAN BAPTISTE François

18.12.1880           CAHETANNE Bande and SIMEON Charles

02.06.1884           CAITANE Virginie and TIRAN  ** François Victor

23.11.1905           CAÏTANE Marie Judith Pauvreté and BENSTRONG Antonin

23.11.1905           CAÏTANE Marie Judith Pauvreté and BENSTRONG Antonin

29.07.1841           CAITOURE Nancy and ROBINE Jean Baptiste

17.08.1872           CALAIS Célérine and CONTORET Edouard

21.02.1874           CALAIS Constance and NARCISSE William James Bernard

03.12.1856           CALAIS Emmée Constance Sidonie and COLLIE Jean Constant

06.03.1886           CALAIS Virginie and BAILLON Alphonse

18.02.1871           CALAIS Virginie and NARCISSE James William Jean

10.12.1877           CALIKALA Henrietta No 259 and ENKKELE No 253 Haly

11.03.1905           CALISTE Alexandrine and HIDIRISS Louis Léon

11.03.1905           CALISTE Alexandrine and HIDIRISS Louis Léon

22.08.1891           CAMBRIDGE Denise and ROBERT No.1089

14.10.1897           CAMBRIDGE Sophie and MARY-ANN Edwin

25.09.1884           CAMELIA Clara Mahé No 718 and CŒSAR No 358

14.12.1889           CAMILLE Aglaé and CLOTHILDE Noël Edouard

20.07.1899           CAMILLE Aglaé Marie and LAPORTE Jean Eugène

29.04.1886           CAMILLE Alfrédine and CONSTANCE Fortuné

27.02.1892           CAMILLE Amélia Amélie and VEL Jean Baptiste Ismaël

17.05.1899           CAMILLE Elfrida and MELANIE Andosse Jean Marie

26.04.1888           CAMILLE Elirose and BONNELAME Charles

29.04.1899           CAMILLE Euphemie and VENDA Leon Edouard

20.02.1894           CAMILLE Eva Clarisse and AMESBURY Benjamin

10.12.1866           CAMILLE Françoise and LARIVE Fanchin

04.05.1867           CAMILLE Joséphine and JUPITER Louis Durosel Quinon

04.03.1905           CAMILLE Joséphine Edmée and SMITH Joseph

04.03.1905           CAMILLE Joséphine Edmée and SMITH Joseph

17.08.1905           CAMILLE Louise Caroline and PASCAL Joseph Edgard

17.08.1905           CAMILLE Louise Caroline and PASCAL Joseph Edgard

25.06.1840           CAMILLE Maria and PETAYO Isidor

24.08.1895           CAMILLE Marie Josephine and QUILINDOS Elyse

29.08.1901           CAMILLE Marie Lucie and MOREL Jean Victorin

04.07.1901           CAMILLE Marie Marguerite and HOFFMAN Jacob

18.01.1894           CAMILLE Marie Victorine Reine and BOUCHEREAU Victor

01.08.1872           CAMILLE Olivia and LAPORTE Venant Eugène

12.06.1883           CAMILLE Rosalie and GARDNER Daniel

05.02.1894           CAMILLE Rose Elina Aurore and THIBAULT Marie Eugène Jules Gustave

15.07.1871           CAMILLE Thérésine and MAIN??? David

28.05.1903           CAMILLE  ** Elisabeth and RAMDI François

26.06.1875           CAMPBELL Marie Cécilia and EULALIE alias DUPUY Charles

18.08.1853           CAMPBELL Marie Georgine and SMITHERS James

09.06.1860           CAMPBELL Marie Georgine and ZOE Charles Frédéric

23.12.1875           CAMPBELL Marie Louise and DUPUY Aristide

12.10.1889           CANAMARAH No.674 Nanny and OMATH No402 Paris

24.07.1902           CANAYA Marie Joséphine and JEAN Gilbert William

04.12.1875           CANGILAH Maryann No 146 and ACRIOLA No 45 Clément

23.12.1901           CANTAL Marie Mélise and BASILE George Virgile

17.12.1889           CAPRICE Pauline and SIMEON Florian Dalmazie

03.07.1897           CAPRICIEUSE Elizabeth and SEPHALA Andre

27.02.1878           CAPRICIEUSE Emilie and PAULIN Jerulain

23.12.1869           CAPRICIEUSE Estelle and COCATE Jules

04.05.1893           CAPRICIEUSE Leonore and MIRABEAU Louis

22.11.1898           CAPRICIEUSE Marie Celeste and ROSALIE Charles

21.09.1874           CAPRICIEUSE Victoire and JULIENNE Marcelin

06.02.1894           CAPRICIEUSE Marie Pauline and TAISE Ernest

12.06.1820           CARET Gertrude Nancie and LANDEROUSSE Thomas

12.10.1823           CARET Mélanie and NAU Julien

09.01.1858           CAROLA Juliette and ROSTIGO Luc

29.05.1880           CAROLA Zéférine and ZOE Eloie

28.06.1884           CAROLEA Perrine No 330 and NAMPOFRANA No 581 Hally

04.08.1904           CAROLINE Charlette and THESEE Gaspard

17.11.1883           CAROLINE Laurencine and PLUTON Jérémie

17.02.1890           CAROLINE Marie Marceline and JEAN No 395

16.05.1894           CAROLINE Patty No.58 and RONALD No.852

11.03.1876           CAROLINE Rosalie and ALBERT Théodore

09.04.1896           CAROLINE Sara No.19 and JEROME Amajur

14.04.1887           CAROLINE Victorine and ESTER Louis

15.06.1899           CAROLIUS Caroline and JAMES Victorien

11.12.1883           CAROTA Thélési Farine and ANTOINE Augustin

17.07.1851           CAROTTE Julie and PANCRACE Pamphile

22.10.1887           CARRASSYROAH CARRYTERAH Mimy and LAURENT No 588

14.01.1813           CARRET Gertrude Nancy and BERNARD Jean

12.02.1881           CASIMIR Alexandrine and LUCINE Bazile

02.02.1884           CASIMIR Jeanne and PIERRE LOUIS Louis

09.12.1844           CASIMIR Maarie Aricie and HENDERSON William

20.10.1866           CASIMIR Marie and MELANIE Thomy

29.03.1884           CASIMIR Orphise and REDON Germain

28.05.1881           CASSOCKA Ursile No 186 and YOOMBOO No 305 Brutus

18.05.1889           CASTOR Virginie Celinie Marie Louise and ENDYMINE Felicien

26.04.1851           CASTRO Jeanne Zoé and CROUSSE Manuel

07.03.1874           CASTRO Julie and AGATHE Victorien

27.11.1873           CASTRO Renne and JULIENNE Thony

22.06.1874           CASTRO Sidonie and NICOLAS Castor

05.06.1844           CATEAU Hermilente and DINDON Gedeon

13.02.1886           CATHAN Marie Philomène Alfrédine and EUGENIE Fanfan Auguste

15.02.1890           CATHERINE Augustine and SAM No.440

29.03.1884           CATHERINE Ursule and NANTOUTOU Victor

11.10.1852           CATIE Justine and JASMIN Pollux

17.11.1885           CATIE Maguitte and POUPONNEAU Louis

03.09.1892           CATRAN Helene Mahan alias Josephine and LUKE No.1337

10.04.1834           CATTO??? Agathe Mélanie and FRESSANGES Guillaume Antoine Anne

11.09.1805           CAUDAL Perrine Louise and LABLACHE Joseph

18.12.1860           CAUVIN Catherine Anaïs and BAILLON Alexandre

02.10.1851           CAUVIN Corantine Ananie and GENDRON Charles Bruno

04.09.1895           CAUVIN Elise Josephine and L'EFEVRE Joseph Georges Aristide

10.08.1893           CAUVIN Marie Anna and PAYET Jean Baptiste Dufay

20.09.1871           CAUVIN Marie Corantine Nérésia and SAVY François Elysée

02.10.1878           CAUVIN Marie Julia and CHERMONT DE Louis Alexandre Jules

04.06.1888           CAUVIN Marie Louise and ADAM DE VILLIERS Marie Leon

04.10.1879           CAUVIN Renette Cauvinia and NAGEON André

19.02.1887           CAUVIN Thérèse Néhémie and BORNAND George Aimé Albert

04.06.1857           CAVINDIA Dauphine and VILARD Paul

18.04.1885           CAVIRA Adèle and LARISSOLE Bluchère

15.04.1852           CAYOL Elisée Irma and POTHIN Olive

15.11.1845           CAYOL Marie Elisee and NAGEON Etienne Clement

21.12.1898           CECILE Cecilia Melise and ESPASIE Alcide

25.05.1889           CECILE Cecilie and MAGNANT Antoine Auguste

21.06.1900           CECILE Clémencia and CHANG KON

27.06.1872           CECILE Elisa Louise and CAMILLE Jean François Ebrard

04.07.1894           CECILE Elize and BERLOUIS Jean Pierre

12.06.1886           CECILE Emilie and BIBI Mahé

01.03.1897           CECILE Enéïse and JEAN Bélizé

03.05.1884           CECILE Estérie and FANCHETTE Victorin

06.10.1879           CECILE Georgina and SOPHOLA Germain

06.07.1903           CECILE Idalia and MOUNA Edouard

11.11.1897           CECILE Joséphine and PAYET Raymond Bertrand

14.04.1888           CECILE Letitia and LAURENCINE William

10.07.1886           CECILE Lolotte and CONSTANCE Azor

26.04.1884           CECILE Maria and GALANTE Julien

25.04.1882           CECILE Virginie and LAURE Dalmanzie

07.10.1890           CECILE Eliza and BELMONT or DELMONT Joachim

20.07.1899           CECILE euphemie and DARZAC Joseph Felix Madere

01.10.1892           CECILIA Margueritte and MARIE Emile Sellimen

06.07.1878           CEDAYEE? Idalie No 56 and YACCOOTEE No 285 Jules

08.04.1841           CEDRA Victorine and JULES Ferdinand

30.09.1841           CEDRAS Catherine and JOINNOIS Jean Baptiste

25.01.1902           CEDRAS Emilie and PARCOU Augustin Fontenay

26.12.1878           CEDRAS Georgina and BISCHONY

28.11.1899           CEDRAS Héloïse Angelina and ROSE Joseph

22.10.1901           CEDRAS Louise and ROSETTE Joseph

27.11.1899           CEDRAS Zéïde and JULIENNE Séphal

02.12.1886           CEDRINE Laurencia and LESPOIR Joseph

30.04.1887           CELERINE Joséphine and NATAL Mars

27.09.1860           CELERINE Pauline and SAVOY Bacot

31.01.1884           CELESTE Céleste Amédée and CUPIDON Emilien

16.03.1878           CELESTE Célestine and FIRMINO Amédée Polida

21.05.1903           CELESTE Clarisse and ROUCOU Edouard

01.06.1841           CELESTE Lise and MAHE Caltar

10.05.1880           CELESTE Marie Angélique and VANGAYACHETTY Narsoo

14.07.1877           CELESTE Marie Onésia and LALOVE Laurent

08.05.1876           CELESTE Marie Victoria Améda and MARIE Henry

16.06.1888           CELESTIN Marie Francoise and PADAYACHY Samy Naden

29.09.1866           CELESTIN Sophie and LEGAI Février

13.02.1851           CELESTINE Aimée and JULIENNE Jean Baptiste

03.04.1875           CELESTINE Catherine and AZOR Jean Baptiste

17.10.1895           CELESTINE Heloise and LABONNE Neptune

25.07.1885           CELESTINE Héloïse and ATHANASE Charles

18.06.1895           CELESTINE Junon and JUPITER Julius

03.12.1898           CELESTINE Roselie Heloise and MARENGO Rosemond

12.07.1897           CELINA Adelia and COUSIN La Rose

03.05.1884           CELINA Aglaé and DESPOT Hurbin Bastienne

22.09.1894           CELINA Amada and ROSE Polidor

16.06.1877           CELINA Anna and ERNESTA Denis

05.09.1891           CELINA Ismi and JACQUELINE Jean Francois Rosine

14.01.1904           CELINA Zoé and CLARISSE Jean Baptiste Arthur

18.12.1876           CEPHALA Estelle and BENOIT

16.11.1901           CESAR Alfrédine Eulalie and PIERRE William

05.02.1883           CESAR Alfrédine Eulalie and SOURIE Dominique

09.05.1846           CESAR Cesarine and LOUANGE Etheope

24.07.1897           CESAR Eloïse and ESTICO Aurélius

11.02.1869           CESAR Emilie and RAT Charlemagne

31.05.1890           CESAR Julina and AHVORE George

10.01.1903           CESAR Laure and DOROTHEE Beauger Wenceslas

12.10.1872           CESAR Marie and ERNESTINE Henry

24.09.1896           CESAR Mary and HELEN Henri

28.03.1842           CESAR Perrine and BONBON Bazile

08.01.1887           CESAR Virginia and DELMONT Antoine

02.05.1868           CESAR Virginie and CAMILLE Jean Pierre Alphonse

11.05.1878           CESAR (HAMI) Alfrédine and VITAL Joseph

02.02.1884           CESARINE Dauphine and AZA Paul

14.04.1814           CESARINE Marie Nanette and ELIE

25.06.1886           CESARINE Rosette and DOCTEUR Alexandre

06.06.1885           CESARINE Ursule and JEREMIE No 945

03.08.1889           CESARINE Augusta and LOUIS No.287

24.09.1903           CHAMGHUGA Helena and ELISA Elisée

13.11.1897           CHAMLOWGKE Olivette No.332 and MATHIAS No.1302

20.12.1879           CHAMPAGNE Julia and MOUTOUSAMY Naderesen

29.04.1806           CHAMPION Ursule and ROYSARD François Gaspard Jean

21.10.1895           CHANTIER Agnes and LEON Leonce

21.12.1894           CHANTIER Agnes and SOPHIE Jean Pierre

16.05.1885           CHANUM Angèle Uranie and VEL Joseph

27.04.1889           CHARBON Francoise and ANTA Floice

15.09.1888           CHARBON Marie Juliette and BOURDALONE Ernest

19.08.1897           CHARLES Aglaé and BARBE Jean Charles

09.09.1903           CHARLES Caroline No 208 and BEN No 13

04.02.1897           CHARLES Charlesia and JONATHAN Adam

26.11.1883           CHARLES Elisabeth and BELL  ** Faustin

18.02.1901           CHARLES Florine Reine and AGLAE David

16.08.1900           CHARLES Marie Cécile and EDINE François

28.07.1877           CHARLES Marie Elisabeth and HELOISE Laurent

02.07.1887           CHARLES Marie Elisabeth and NOLIN No 310

06.12.1883           CHARLES Wilhelmina and VICTOR Philogène

22.08.1867           CHARLES alias DINDON Laurencine and VERLAQUE Léo Charles

03.05.1897           CHARLES ELISABETH Marceline and LAURENCE Jean Francois

13.12.1883           CHARLETTE Amélia and BANANE Roseley

12.06.1886           CHARLETTE Célina and BIBI Rosenay

08.09.1888           CHARLETTE Charlésia and MACCASSAR Alphonse

22.04.1884           CHARLETTE Isélida and GOMME Jean Langousier

17.11.1883           CHARLETTE Laurestine and CECILE Tony

12.09.1841           CHARLETTE Olivette and LANGE Gabriel

10.11.1885           CHARLETTE alias ROSALIE Laure Irisse and ADRIENNE Jean Marie

13.08.1885           CHARLOT Aurélie and JOUDE? Eustache

17.07.1840           CHARLOT Catherine and BONAVENTURE Jolicoeur

18.12.1883           CHARLOT Delphine and BIBI Tony

25.07.1885           CHARLOT Félicité and LALOIRE Philogène

01.08.1903           CHARLOT Joséphine and ADRIENNE Noël

23.09.1899           CHARLOT Zorélia and ALLY François Elias

12.02.1895           CHARLOT Charlotte and PARABOUT Louis Jean Baptiste

13.11.1886           CHARLOTTE Constance and TETE NOIRE Achille

18.08.1888           CHARLY Elisabeth and MUSSARD Clement

30.05.1903           CHARLY Marie Anne Dianah and FANNY Louis

28.11.1896           CHARLY (sign.CHARLOT) Victorine Victor and POINTE Roselin

30.12.1882           CHAROSEE Julia No 3 and LUKE No 49

11.06.1881           CHÂTEAU Constance and ZELMIRE Raimond

22.12.1883           CHÂTEAU Joséphine and JEANNE Rémy

29.08.1840           CHAUDOT Alzire and FRANCOISE Adolphe

28.10.1876           CHEEREEKOO Célina No 450 or 650 and SONGWAR No 378 César

02.02.1878           CHELONPETTON Amélie No 90 and MACOOTOOPE No 2 Adolphus

18.07.1891           CHEMANUGAH Alias RACHEL Marie Anne Fosiah and LAURENCE No.1349

04.11.1905           CHERI Victorine and FANCHON François

04.11.1905           CHERI Victorine and FANCHON François

19.08.1858           CHERIE Zélime and ANTONY John

09.06.1891           CHETTATHUTTA Christine No.811 and TAHAU No375 Mahau

01.10.1887           CHETTY Viramal Soopraya and FAIRLEY Joseph François

30.09.1896           CHEYRON Louise Juliette and FOLEY Patrick Thomas

23.10.1893           CHICOREE Florentine and FINETTE Jean

02.03.1878           CHICOREE Florentine and PLEUREUSE Félix

07.08.1902           CHIFFONNE Célestine Marie and LUSTA Augustin Zoé

17.01.1880           CHIFFONNE Ernestine and POINTE Marcelin

11.07.1850           CHIFFONNE Julie and LOUANGE Mélidor

08.02.1890           CHIFFONNE Marie Ernestine and ROSE Similien

14.03.1889           CHIFFONNE Marie Georgina and LARISSOL Victor

30.10.1873           CHIFFONNE Marie Georgine and MAGNE Gustave

11.05.1899           CHIFFONNE Marie Josephine and SABADET Alphonse

12.02.1887           CHIFFONNE Marie Pauline and JOSEPH Désiré

08.05.1862           CHIFFONNE Suzanne and ANTAT Nicholas

02.06.1870           CHIFFONNE Suzanne and NUCA Jules

25.10.1890           CHIFFONNE alia LUCAS Louisa and JOSEPH Charles

13.06.1874           CHIMGAMBain No.659 Evelina and ANDREW No.144

15.11.1890           CHIMITUCHUMBO Katherine No 672 and SOINGWARO No 434 Antoni

30.08.1866           CHINCHAKOO Emily and AKEEDA Frédéric

30.04.1859           CHINO Clémentine and TARABOUT Remy

28.12.1843           CHINO Honorine and MANIFERA

18.06.1898           CHINO Marie Charline and MOREL Floris

21.09.1893           CHINO Marie Filia and ELISE David

09.09.1865           CHINO Marie Françoise and PIERRE Auguste

11.07.1887           CHINON Hermine and CHARLES Télémaque

16.01.1897           CHOCOLATE Elizia and PIERRE LOUIS Louis

08.11.1880           CHOISI Célérine and SUZETTE Porphyre

28.06.1892           CHOISY Clémence Bally and ESTICO Arthénor

23.11.1892           CHOISY Clémence Bally and EUPHEMIE Joseph

15.05.1888           CHOISY Dorine and JACQUELINE Antoné

24.02.1852           CHOISY Henriette and CICOBOT Mazarin

19.04.1879           CHOOPORE Nancy No 155 and KAMTANDU No 18 Allen

26.02.1817           CHOPPY LA RAVINE Françoise Antoinette Euphrasie and INARD Pierre Michel

01.11.1838           CHOPPY LA RAVINE Françoise Antoinette Euphrasie and KEAST Allen

23.04.1812           CHOPPY LARAVINE Radegonde Catherine Eline and PATON Ulter Paulin

22.03.1851           CHRISTAL Jupcienne and VALENTIN St.Ange

24.09.1853           CHRISTIN Marie Ange Athénaïs and DELORIE Charles Emile

05.06.1847           CHRISTIN Marie Eulalie and MONDON Louis

07.02.1888           CHRISTINE Marie Alexandrine and FIDELE Leonce

14.12.1878           CHRISTOM Estelle and MONTAIR? John

28.03.1842           CHRISTOPHE Modeste and APOLLON Jeannot

13.11.1841           CHRISTOPHE Pauline and BARBET Louis

07.02.1848           CHRISTOPHE Vitaline and LION Venant

28.08.1902           CHUNMADOO Caniamah and VEERARAGAVEN Chengam

12.01.1891           CHURCH Eugenie Louise and MAYES Walter

30.01.1899           CHURCH Gabrielle Augusta and MICHEL Pierre Adrien

20.05.1886           CHURNUM? Médy and LEWIS Aaron

24.11.1870           CHUSOOKA No 636 Churngamboo and SONGOR No 476 Jack

08.05.1856           CIBELE Françoise and NUCA Arthur

08.07.1895           CICERO Adeline and RAMA Rama

26.11.1900           CICOBO Armandine Elisia and ATTAVE Joseph

19.05.1864           CICOBO Efilia and JUPITER Antoine Quinon

11.05.1901           CICOBO Emilie and NORVIGN (sgd in Indian) Francis Kistod

14.11.1900           CICOBO Emmeline Ludovica and MATHIOT Belmont

10.10.1848           CICOBOT Caroline and CAMILLE Jean

25.06.1840           CIPRES Caroline and LINE Adème

11.10.1870           CISEAU Laure and LONGAILLE Henry

28.12.1901           CISEAU Laure and NOEL Charles Aston

10.12.1904           CISEAU Lauria and ROUILLON Ellieu Olivert Stéphane

10.01.1874           CISEAU Lauria Marie and SIMEON Charles Leclerc

19.05.1904           CISEAU Marie Joseph and COSGROW Charles

15.02.1890           CIVINE Dauphine and LUCAS Rosambert

21.12.1870           CIVINE Emilie and DAVIOLLE Jean Kléber

03.05.1880           CLAISE Aglaé and NAUSSAÏQUE Victorien

27.11.1897           CLARA Aurelina Marie and BONIFACE Pierre

02.05.1872           CLARA Justine and FARABOUT Eugène Nozaïc

27.07.1899           CLARICE Alzire and SIMEON Emile

23.08.1884           CLARICE Elisabeth and LEON Antoine

02.06.1900           CLARICE Magdeleine and GABLE Olive

15.07.1884           CLARIS Marie Hortence and PIERRE Jean

27.11.1895           CLARISSE Aimee and BISSANE No.1105 James

16.01.1897           CLARISSE Alfrédine and DERZAC  ** Casimir

03.04.1866           CLARISSE Amélie and RACOUT Joseph

26.04.1851           CLARISSE Angélique and CŒUR DE LION Richard

21.04.1891           CLARISSE Aurelie and BUXTON Augustus Gustave

22.04.1869           CLARISSE Elfrida and ANTA George

26.07.1893           CLARISSE Emilie and LOUISE Emmanuel Adonis

16.10.1897           CLARISSE Eugenie and NARCISSE Joseph

28.04.1894           CLARISSE Marie and PAUL Joseph Jeanne

01.06.1867           CLARISSE Marie Alfrédine and VOLMANIRE Louis

11.11.1896           CLARISSE Marie Ameline and BIBI Gustave Brunet Nemorin

29.11.1879           CLARISSE Marie Anne and PAYET Jean Baptiste Lafayette

21.11.1899           CLARISSE Marie Ernestine and ELODIE Jupiter

21.09.1889           CLARISSE Clementine and LARIVE Robert

13.11.1845           CLAUDE Jeanne Diligente and MARIA Remy

14.08.1886           CLAUDINE Marie and IGNACE No 898

11.01.1893           CLAUDINE Marie Medicis and AMACANDAH No.83 Geffroy

20.11.1884           CLEMENCE Françoise and CHARLES Michel

01.05.1886           CLEMENT Charlette Joséphine and LARUE Remy

27.05.1902           CLEMENTINE Esthérilia and SUZETTE Léon

04.10.1851           CLEMENTINE Eulalie and RIDEAU Joseph

06.12.1849           CLEMENTINE Euphrasie and ANACOURA Remy

10.04.1860           CLEMENTINE Evelina and FILE Léonard

26.05.1878           CLEMENTINE Evelina and SUZANNE Théodore

22.06.1893           CLEMENTINE Olivette and ADONIS Charles

11.05.1841           CLEMENTINE Olivette and JOLIVETTE Cupidon

02.02.1852           CLEMENTINE Roseline and FIRMINO Amédée

01.06.1848           CLEMENTINE Ursule and TITES Lundi

12.05.1877           CLIA Fanchette and DORALICE Robert

30.11.1878           CLIA Maguitte and LESPERANCE Clément

08.08.1896           CLIA Marie and ESTICO Francois

20.05.1899           CLIA Zulma and CHOISY Desire Moise

23.09.1873           CLIA Irma and COCATE Gabriel

17.01.1891           CLIO Julie Louise and JOSEPH Emile

08.07.1840           CLIO Sophie and ROBERT Malbrouck

14.09.1871           CLOE Félicie and GUINGANCE Mentor

25.05.1895           CLOTHILDE Alexandrine and LAVIGNE Antoine Joseph

00.00.1861           CLOTHILDE Ernestine and RENE Joseph

10.05.1883           CLOTHILDE Ernestine and SURMUNS Meerally

18.02.1884           CLOTHILDE Virginie Rose and BARBE Isidor

17.08.1876           CLOTIDE Elisabeth and PARCO (sgd Parco) Raymond

07.05.1883           CLOTILDE Adèle and EVENOR Alexis

26.06.1858           CLOTILDE Angélique Joséphine and CLOTILDE Edouard Jules

22.11.1904           CLOTILDE Clarisse and RAT Victor

03.05.1884           CLOTILDE Elisabeth and GEDEON Jean Baptiste Ragotin

17.06.1905           CLOTILDE Félicia and CARPIN William

17.06.1905           CLOTILDE Félicia and CARPIN William

19.05.1891           CLOTILDE Felicia Francourt and BENOIT Adrien Aurelina

25.10.1884           CLOTILDE Marie and AGNES Olivier

28.12.1891           CLOTILDE Marie Bibi Filia and GAPPY Pierre Louis

10.08.1903           CLOTILDE Marie Françoise and DINDON Gentil

06.10.1897           CLOTILDE Marie Francoise Amelina and ELISABETH Amedee Francois

30.07.1858           CLOTILDE Marie Thélésie and RENE Francourt Lormond

27.03.1890           CLOTILDE Elisa and STIWENSON Daniel

31.05.1897           COCASSE Clemence Charlette and AZEMIA Virgile Adolphe

08.05.1873           COCATE Ange Aimee Clementine and LATITUDE alias LEGRAND Lazarre

07.09.1861           COCATE Belotte and MARGUERITTE Sauveur

22.05.1894           COCATE Ernestine Florentine and AZEMIA Charles Alphonse

07.09.1878           COCATE Estelle Véronique and ALEXIS Charles

25.11.1899           COCATE Henriette Flore and BARBEIN Joseph

22.06.1889           COCATE Josephine Alexandra and PIRAM (sign.PURAM) Willy

08.08.1894           COCATE Louise Fulgencia and MARIE Emilien

25.06.1863           COCATTE Virginie and BAMBOCHE Emile

13.11.1854           COCOTE Eulalie and LARCIN Lucas

03.10.1891           COESARINE Fatoma and BABATY alias BRICE Joseph

19.06.1884           CŒUR DE LION Jeannette and DENIS Victor

01.10.1887           COLAS Fulgentia and MARIE Allain

21.05.1870           COLINETTE Laurentia Lucie Marie and EDOUARD Evence

04.10.1879           COLLAH Antoinette No 78 and CORNELIUS No 39

25.01.1896           COLLARD Jeanne Emerancienne Amelie and LUHNENOCHLOSS Johan David

29.03.1890           COLLARD Felia No.519 and ALLAPAN No.217 Thankell

17.11.1845           COLLET/GONTIER Eugenie and PAYET Henry

25.09.1901           COLLIE Jeanne Eugénie and DURAND Louis Albert

18.12.1879           COLLIE Mary Constance Ann and DELAFONTAINE Georges Charles Emile

25.10.1890           COLLIN Marie Laure and BONIFACE Arthur Henri Ferfoir

20.05.1869           COLOMBE Joséphine and BARREAU James

05.05.1836           COMARMOND Marie Claudine Egérie and AUDIBERT Joseph Antoine

02.12.1871           COMARMOND Marie Elfrida and MICHAUD Charles

24.06.1903           COMARMOND Marie Joséphine Augusta and NAYA Joseph Francis

31.10.1904           COMARMOND Marie Lucie Aline and DENOUSSE Charles Latour

15.10.1881           COMARMOND DE Marie Elfrida and ERNESTINE Henry

10.10.1885           COMARMOND DE Marie Lucie and HENRI QUATRE François

10.08.1904           COMET Emilie and BARBE Adrien

07.06.1899           COMMETANT Marie Zelia and CELINA Michel

29.10.1842           COMMETON Ernestine and SIMEON Celestin

15.04.1847           COMMETON Laura and HENRY QUATRE Laurent

13.11.1890           COMPOSTELLE Marie and TALBASSAM Jim

27.05.1899           COMPTY Louisa Elisabeth Charlotte and MESLE Edgard Edwin

27.09.1887           CONFAIT Marie Alexandrine and BARALLON George William

13.02.1888           CONFAIT Marie Inesse and BARALLON Lefebure

07.12.1889           CONFAIT Marie Josephine and ROUVIERE Fernand Paul

30.05.1885           CONFIANCE Adeline and ZOZOTTE Fidel

03.06.1882           CONFIANCE Clarice and MALVINA Fanchin

25.08.1900           CONFIANCE Estelle and FURNEAU Victor

28.10.1893           CONFIANCE Henriette and FINESSE Joseph

27.08.1799           CONNAN Marie Elie and DUROCHER Vital Cadet

28.12.1899           CONRADIN Coralie and ALCINDOR Aurélius

10.12.1885           CONSTANCE Adeline Modeste and CONSTANCE Elisaire

01.12.1898           CONSTANCE Albertine and NIBOURETTE Ange

27.07.1889           CONSTANCE Augusta and ERNESTA Célestin

23.08.1856           CONSTANCE Azémia and JULOT Alexis

07.09.1899           CONSTANCE Clémence and COUSIN Emilien

04.12.1902           CONSTANCE Clémence and NIOL Joseph Olivier

29.10.1898           CONSTANCE Clemence Cecile and ANNA Jules

17.11.1885           CONSTANCE Clémentine and COUSIN Paulin

03.07.1897           CONSTANCE Emilie Adeline and BIDOL Antoine

20.12.1884           CONSTANCE Geneviève and ZOE Aristhène Joseph Marie

14.12.1876           CONSTANCE Jooline? and LEO Gustave

17.12.1887           CONSTANCE Lilia and ANASTASIE Jean

24.03.1898           CONSTANCE Lilia and CELESTE William

19.08.1884           CONSTANCE Modeste and CLARICE Gabriel

24.11.1885           CONSTANCE Modeste and NIBOURETTE Dauphin

19.09.1891           CONSTANCE Pauline and HIPPOLYTE Edgard

07.07.1898           CONSTANCE Perrine and BIBI Jocelin

12.08.1897           CONSTANCE Rosémia and FANCHETTE Jean Jacques

13.10.1883           CONSTANCE Thérèse and ERNESTA Joseph

06.08.1874           CONSTANCE Adeline and DECEMBRE Ignance

06.11.1886           CONSTANT Léontine and SAULIN Edouard

22.04.1899           CONSTANT Rosalie Leontine and BONIFACE Leotard

05.08.1874           CONSTANTIA Aglae and MONGAL Victor

15.04.1886           CONSTANTIN Orphise and ZEPHYR Ramasse

27.11.1886           COQUET Marie Eugénie and DESTROP Jean Baptiste David

12.02.1881           CORALIE Marie Loetitia and SAVY Louis Victor

10.05.1838           CORDIERE Eugénie and LAVANTURE Joseph

11.03.1882           CORGAT Cécile Ezilda and PETIT Hector Auguste

06.02.1847           CORGAT Josephine Reine and D'OFFAY Marie Thomy

29.09.1855           CORGAT Laure Eugénie and CAYOL Jean Baptiste

25.11.1846           CORGAT Marie Anne Georgette and D'OFFAY Marie Joseph Jean Julien

10.11.1874           CORGAT Marie Candide and D'ARGENT Auguste Remy Jean

23.09.1891           CORGAT Marie Cecile Eda and HOAREAU Henry Francois Cyril

24.02.1859           CORGAT Marie Elodie and PETIT Pierre Jules

01.06.1865           CORKE Martha and BAON Albert

19.08.1884           COROLA???? Dorothée and LAFORTUNE Alphonse

06.12.1877           CORSON Sophie Colombe Marie Angèle and GEBERT Adolphe

12.11.1797           CORVAILHO Vve MOREL DUBOIL Marie Rose and DUTANT Antoine Louis

23.07.1898           COSGROW Mathilda and HILL Albert Victor

19.01.1841           COTON Hortense and L'HERMITTE Frontin

03.12.1840           COURAGEUSE Adèle and FLORE Valentin

15.11.1884           COURAGEUSE Aspasie and JEAN Justin Victorin

01.05.1873           COURAGEUSE (widow Valentin FLORE) Adele and BEVANZA Victor

11.12.1880           COURANGUE?  ** Jane No 548 and LOUIS Edouard

02.06.1887           COURBON Vitaline and LOUISE Julien

04.08.1904           COURPION Eliza and BOTHLAVE Jean Louis

14.02.1880           COURSSE Marie Anastasie and VART Joseph François

06.01.1845           COURTE Marianne and POINTU Lundi

06.11.1871           COURTOIS Caroline and MOUSTACHE Louis Paulin Félicien

13.05.1879           COURTOIS Constance Pauline and HETIMIEZ Jean Virgile

20.01.1877           COURTOIS Marie Eugénie and COLLARD Marc Charles Edouard

21.11.1891           COUSIN Euphemie and SINON Leon

16.01.1900           COUSIN Félicie and BELLA St Ange

12.02.1898           COUSIN Marie Laurestine and NASSIBOO Charly

30.10.1875           COUSIN Prudence and BEN STRONG No 248

19.07.1884           COUSIN Rosa and LEO Porphyre

12.10.1885           COUSIN Virginie and NIBOURETTE Emilien

18.08.1902           COUVE Marie Albertine and LE MIERE John

22.04.1896           CREMES Estraline and LAURENCE Jean Francois

29.09.1898           CREMES Marie Jeanne and ALLY Elias

25.07.1867           CREPIN Charlette and ALFRED Jean

08.02.1866           CREPUE Esther and MELLON Joseph Ivanof

15.01.1902           CRESPIN Christine and ALEXANDRE Jean

06.06.1885           CRISPIN Mélinte and LAVENDAGE Avril

16.05.1895           CROISE Adele and SOFOLA Jean

03.02.1885           CROISE Augustine and VINDA Favori

30.04.1890           CROISE Marie Louise and CHIFFONNE Charles Augustus

10.09.1889           CROISE Theresia and DENY Augustave

10.06.1891           CROISEE Evena and VIDOT Allain

10.06.1794           CROSNIER Elisabeth and MAUREAU Jacques

18.04.1812           CROSNIER Marie Perrine Désirée Tranquille and PASQUIER Louis Marie

23.09.1874           CROUSSE Marie Sophie and JASMIN Alechot

23.07.1897           CROW Therese Anais and MOREL Pierre Jean Baptiste

29.08.1891           CRUSOE Zelia and LOUISE Fortune

03.11.1897           CUPIDON Adrienne and SUZETTE  ** Frédérick

30.09.1889           CUPIDON Celine and MUSSARD William

22.06.1875           CUPIDON Censée and ANTANASE Louis Abraham

21.07.1887           CUPIDON Clara and CESAR Oneille Wilson

30.10.1880           CUPIDON Héloïse and LABROCHE Alfred

04.11.1876           CUPIDON Marianne Augustine and VALEUR ou VALERE Jean Charles

14.11.1895           CUPIDON Marie and SOURIS Honore

23.08.1879           CUPIDON Marie Ananie and DESTROP Jean

21.11.1887           CUPIDON Marie Joseph and CUPIDON Félicien

09.06.1897           CUPIDON Olympe and ANTA Victorien

10.02.1877           CUPIDON  ** Marie and LAFLUTE Augustin

01.07.1882           CYRINTHIA Harriet No 554 and EVERANIN No 553 Henry