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Woman's Surname Alphabetical Listing
Classement par les femmes
© Heulwen Hélène POOL and Daniella JOHNSTONE

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29.09.1870           DACROUSSE Marie Monique and VENGASAMMY Joseph Marie

27.07.1878           DALIE Annette and NANETTE Antoine

29.06.1874           DALILAS Estele Uranie and NIBOURETTE Alfred

18.01.1814           DALLEAU Marie Mélanie and GUET Antoine

22.11.1814           DALLEAU Marie Mélanie and MANCIENNE Jean Baptiste

12.10.1840           DAMS Alicia and CINCONI Fortuné

25.10.1849           DANAE Mélise and ANNETTE Phylippe

11.02.1882           DANAE Sophie and MOREL Marie Elie

04.08.1888           DANIEL Mina and CAPRICIEUSE Daniel

14.05.1891           D'ANTOINE Louise Marie Ida and FERRARI Ludovic

05.06.1897           D'ANTOINE Marie Anna Odile and PAYET Pierre Charles Alexandre

02.05.1891           D'ANTOINE Marie Evelina and ANGLESY Baptistin Leon Noel

28.08.1830           D'ANTOINE Marie Françoise Odille and SAVY Marie Thomas Amédée

23.12.1875           D'ARC Angélique and RAMJAN Gustave

22.06.1874           D'ARC Marie Eulalie and LABROCHE Francois

19.10.1882           D'ARC Zoé Marie and HENRIETTE Valmont

30.04.1867           DARDANNE Marie Perrine Elvanie and D'OFFAY Marie René Isidor Beauchamp51

17.11.1860           D'ARGENT Aurore Aimée Joséphine and MOREL Jean Baptiste

04.05.1880           D'ARGENT Françoise Julie Marie Aimée and D'EMMEREZ DE CHARMOY Eugène Prosper Alfred

17.03.1897           D'ARGENT Louisa Elfrida Marie and SCHMIDT Jurgen Henrich

22.11.1855           D'ARGENT Louise Marie Elise and BUTTON Jean Charles

25.09.1862           D'ARGENT Lucelle Charlotte Antoinette and D'ARGENT Jules Jean Baptiste Remy

29.04.1905           D'ARGENT Marie Cécile Elfrida and LE VIEUX Xavier Martial Léon

29.04.1905           D'ARGENT Marie Cécile Elfrida and LE VIEUX Xavier Martial Léon

18.11.1876           DARJA Victorine No 27 and BOOROKEE No 191 Baromée

11.11.1895           DARJAC Roselia and JOUBERT Ferdinand

12.09.1840           DAROBE Laure and LAFLEUR Jasmin

27.11.1886           DARSAC Ernestine and SOFA Joseph

21.02.1885           DARZAC Virginie and CELINE Cadish

17.05.1884           DARZAC Vitaline and RINGUET Paul Morin

11.06.1874           DARZAC Esther and LECHE Adrien

28.01.1815           DAUBIGNY Marie Jeanne Théophile and ESPARON ARMAND Pierre Auguste

31.03.1891           DAULMET Rose Mathilde and MAGNAN Charles Belise

26.07.1838           DAULPHIN Henriette and DUBOIS Jean

24.12.1840           DAUPHIN Coralie and FRONTIN Azor

03.06.1899           DAUPHINE Eugenie and AZOR Isai

17.02.1892           DAUPHINE Georgine Vilaine and ANACOURA Hercule

20.05.1884           DAUPHINE Madeleine and ESPASIE Alcide

28.10.1841           DAUPHINE Rosa and JEAN Thomas

14.07.1860           DAURIS Florine and MARIE Jean

19.06.1840           DAURISE Lise and NOVEMBRE Thélémaque

08.07.1840           DAURISO Irma and ZOE Diligent

31.05.1884           DAURISO Lise and LIME Tranquille

25.04.1896           DAVAUX Alexina and OCTOBRE Avril

07.10.1897           DAVID Julia and SIWARD Honora

26.01.1882           DAVID Marie Angèle and ALLY Carosin

10.12.1866           DAVID Thersile and L'ORANGE alias LOUANGE Ally

03.05.1899           DAVIOLLE Marie Boireline and DURUP Edmond

04.12.1886           DAWHA No 160 Olivia and OCHEDDAY No 391 Peter

19.06.1828           DE QUINCY Célestine Jeanne Aimée and LEFEBURE DE MARCY Charles Louis Marie

26.06.1899           DE SYLVA Antoinette and PILLAY Coo Packery

18.06.1896           DEBEL Charlette and BERTRAND Denis

11.07.1891           DECEMBRE alias ACCOUCHE Rosalie and ANTOINE Arthur

05.08.1890           DECIA Constance and RACOMBO Nemorin

20.12.1890           DECSECK Lucie No.72 and MALBROOK No.70 David

10.03.1883           DEESEEKEE Valeria No 170 and ALEXANDRE No 250

22.04.1899           DEFOSSE Marie Maarthe and NOVICE Constant Etienne

13.11.1890           DELL Marie Josephine and JAVOTTE Jean Francois

26.07.1900           DELMAZIE Alice and BERNARD Daviolle

09.02.1891           DELMONT Marie Marguerite and MALVINA Fidele

20.11.1897           DELORIE Aimee Eugenie Leonie and MOREL Julien Benoiton

21.12.1871           DELORIE Anne Marie Eulalie and UZICE Rodolphe

23.02.1884           DELORIE Charlésia and FRANCOURT Silvain

15.05.1834           DELORIE Elisa and GONTIER Chérimont

08.10.1898           DELORIE Francoise Amelina and MOREL Justin Fernand

18.10.1892           DELORIE Gracia and MAILLOT Benedict

14.05.1887           DELORIE Marie Amélia and CELESTIN Gustave Joseph Thomy

11.06.1892           DELORIE Marie Angelina and LEPERRE Pierre George

23.08.1838           DELORIE Marie Cidonie and SULLIVAN Thomas

11.07.1839           DELORIE Marie Eulalie and CRAIG John

10.05.1884           DELORIE Marie Léotitia and CLARISSE Louis

22.04.1869           DELORIE Marie Nélie and SCHORRY Charles

20.08.1887           DELORIE Marie Véronique and ISNARD Louis Rodatz

28.02.1888           DELORIE Marie Wilhelmina and BAMBOCHE Joseph

19.08.1889           DELORIER  ** Elisa and TIRAN Charles

22.07.1865           DELPHINE Clarisse and HENRY Henry

08.02.1900           DELSIE Rosalie and RACOU Adonis

19.05.1853           DELSU Honorine and LAVOINE François

14.11.1833           DELSUE Elisabeth and GONTIER Damase

25.03.1830           DELSUE Maguitte and MOLIGNY François Charles

10.02.1902           DELSY Augusta and RIOUX Joseph

06.05.1882           DELSY Rosine and FIGARO Léonce

15.11.1873           DELTEL Marie Julie Eva and SAVY Charles Louis Napoleon

28.11.1866           DEMARNE Marie Exilda and PATON John Thomas

28.07.1888           DEMARNE Marie Ezilda and CECONNI Leonce

14.06.1887           D'EMMEREZ Marie Amélie and BAILLON Marie Charles Auguste

28.04.1885           D'EMMEREZ Marie Paula Rosine and LOUMEAU Victor Joseph Léopold

16.08.1892           D'EMMEREZ de CHARMOY Louise Marie Clementine Noemie and BOULLE Victor Philippe Joseph

25.11.1885           D'EMMEREZ DE CHARMOY Marie Zélie Emmeline and SAVY Charles Alfred Ferdinand

30.06.1864           DENIS Adelina and LENCLUME Crusoé

27.07.1861           DENIS Emmée and L'ENCLUME Jean Louis

05.10.1871           DENIS Joséphine and ROUSIN?? Innocent

19.06.1886           DENIS Louise and LUTHER No 594

13.03.1822           DENIS Marie Célénide? and VIGNAU Antoine

05.02.1881           DENIS Marilia and SAMSON Amédée

25.08.1888           DENIS Medicis and EDOUARD Jean Baptiste

06.10.1900           DENISE Thérèse and OREDDI Turpin

26.09.1840           DENOUS Rose and COMMETON Léon

13.05.1871           DENOUX Zélime Elisabeth and POLUX Polux

25.01.1882           DENY Marie Célénie and ADELINE Jean

17.10.1868           DENY Marie Esther and ALBERT Louis Cadet fils

20.08.1870           DENY Marie Joséphine and STEPHANT Louis Sévère Cyprien

20.01.1900           DENYS Joséphine and POLLY Joseph

07.02.1884           DENYS Junon and ATHALA Victorien

24.11.1887           DENYS Junon and PATRICE Larose

21.05.1881           DEPART Marie Anna and BELMONT Jean André

14.11.1905           DERJAC sgd DERJACQUE Alexandrine and LALANDE Dolphin

14.11.1905           DERJAC sgd DERJACQUE Alexandrine and LALANDE Dolphin

22.05.1902           DEROTHEE Sophie and ALCIDE Joseph

26.01.1871           DES ŒUFS alias DENIS Rosa and CELINA Amédée

03.03.1889           DESAUBIN Brigitte and GREEN Edouard

18.07.1891           DESBRAS Phidilia Lise and BIBI Belmont

05.05.1877           DESCENDIE Hannah No 104 and CHINGALLAPA Barrack

28.09.1794           DESCHAMPS Marie Françoise Théophile and CORMIER BELLEVANT Henry Jean François

20.05.1893           DESILVA Marie Velina and EUPHRASIE Olive

10.04.1886           DESIRE Brigitte and EDOUARD Selmour

05.09.1894           DESJARDINS Marie Louise and LANIER Louis Edouard

05.08.1905           DESJARDINS Marie Suzanne and SMITH Emile William

05.08.1905           DESJARDINS Marie Suzanne and SMITH Emile William

24.10.1904           DESJARDINS Pauline Marie Marguerite and BOULLE Noël Paul

01.12.1896           DESNOUS Hersilie and AMESBURY Aaron John

16.06.1876           DESOBAIN Marie Ernestine and CUMBERLAND Robert

21.06.1891           DESOBIN Eledie Olive and GRESLE Hector Francois

26.07.1856           DESOLEE Christine and NOURRICE Victor

29.09.1880           DESTIN Pauline and NAIDOO Soussay Vangadasamy

21.04.1887           DESTROP Roselia and DELORIE Emile Beaudouin

07.02.1894           D'ESTROP Fina and LA BOUDALONE Marcelin

07.02.1891           DESYLVA Marie Elvina and ASSIANE Assy

30.03.1876           DEVEAUX Marie Solitaire Emilie and LARUE Pierre Marie

19.08.1884           DIANA Doris No 501 and ALCIDE No 1355

28.12.1899           DICKSAY Rosalie and CUPIDON Johnson

07.02.1901           DIDON Arméline and LAGRENADE Moïse

12.04.1849           DIDON Clémentine and NINA Jannot

12.02.1902           DIDON Grace and DIAGO St Joseph

28.06.1884           DIDON Marie Anne and TANCREDE Pierre Isaac

21.08.1856           DIDON Marie Olivette and ROSE Victor

29.10.1900           DIDON Marie Raggotin and LUCETTE Edouard

03.10.1874           DIDON Grace and BATEAU Olive

19.02.1874           DIDON Orphige and ERNESTINE Louis

28.05.1881           DIGNE Clémence and LABONTE Victorin

03.12.1863           DIGNE Marie Olivette Joséphine and CHINO Jean Pierre

13.02.1872           DIGNE Marie Virginie and L'ESPOIR Laventure

17.11.1888           DIGNE Virginie and JUPITER Felix

22.08.1872           DIGNE sgd DINE Marianne Virginie and RENAME Imousse

16.07.1879           DIJOUX Anaïs and DELMONT Médar

12.07.1860           DIJOUX Louise Primerose and LOUIS Ferdinand

15.12.1862           DIJOUX Marie Amélia and BENROTH Andrew

16.06.1873           DIJOUX Marie Coralie and NARCISSE Louis Ebrard

03.08.1887           DIJOUX Marie Hersilie and QUATRE Henry

23.04.1855           DIJOUX Marie Louise Aurélia and POIRET Louis Désiré

17.07.1886           DILIGENT Modeste and LESTA Achille

28.11.1891           DILIGENT Modeste and MADELAINE Jean Marie

08.06.1874           DIMANCHE Victorine Sylvie and GRIMACE Jean Mathieu

13.01.1883           DINAH Florine Charlotte and LEON Amédée

03.06.1875           DINDO Ronfline and SILVAIN Jeantil

26.04.1900           DINDON Adrienne and DUMONT Laurent

09.09.1882           DINDON Adrienne and SAUVELAGRAISSE Both

18.12.1886           DINDON Agathine and CONFIANCE Jean

21.11.1899           DINDON Amélinte Amélina and QUILINDOS Auguste Florice

21.05.1901           DINDON Argine and LAURENCE Louis Edras

06.11.1862           DINDON Dauphine and GAMIN Isidor

13.10.1870           DINDON Elvire and GABRIEL Jean Baptiste

12.10.1904           DINDON Françoise Amélie and PIERRE Noël Raoul

03.07.1873           DINDON Hermance and GABRIEL Malbroucq Jean Charles

22.10.1881           DINDON Jeanne and ADELE Numa

21.09.1889           DINDON Marie Adella Ragotin and ADELA Auguste Odule

27.06.1888           DINDON Marie Eliore and CLARICE Louis Marcelin

29.04.1880           DINDON Marie Elisabeth and GABRIEL Etienne

15.01.1901           DINDON Marie Elizabeth and PILLAY Mootoocamera François

16.12.1875           DINDON Marie Madeleine and LAPORTE Cyril François

16.08.1858           DINDON Pétronille and ESTHER Marcelle

04.01.1877           DINDON Prudence and MARDING Antoine

21.08.1894           DINDON Agathine and ALPHONSE Alphonse

26.11.1892           DINDON or GEDEON Marie Ragottin and MICHETTE or NICETTE Jean Frederic

18.01.1886           DINE Héloïse and ROBERT Jacques Pierre

16.12.1899           DINE Joséphine Elizabeth and BRUNEAU Gaston Richeville

15.07.1902           DINE Marie Emilie and EDMOND Francis

22.08.1899           DINE Marie Olivette and GABRIEL Francois Jacob

02.06.1894           DINE Marie Paulgine and ESPARON Octave

19.10.1896           DINGWALL Betsy and HODOUL Ernest

30.09.1903           DINGWALL Marie Joséphine and ROBERT Clovis

04.11.1900           DINGWALL Marie Marguerite Adélaïde Joséphine and JUMEAU Joseph

08.09.1895           DINGWALL Marie Marguerite Amelia and HOAREAU Pierre Dalmont

15.04.1890           DINGWALL Marie Themise Perine and HOARAU Joseph Bosquet

11.02.1865           DINGWELL Betsy and HERMITTE Epidarice Désiré

11.11.1899           DISTROP Marie Armeline Joséphine and COCATE Charles Roméal

21.05.1904           DISTROP Marie Estelle and RENAUD Castor

07.02.1839           DOCMON? Modeste and PATRON Laurent

25.06.1902           DOCTEUR Charlésia and BONNE Jean Albert

31.07.1899           DOCTEUR Marie Cesarine and LEON Victor

15.10.1898           DOCTEUR Victorine and MALVINA Colas

23.04.1898           DODIN Doriska and MOUSMOU Adonis

21.04.1887           DODIN Marie Laure and BARRAH Cyril

21.11.1885           DODIN Orphélia and BRUTUS Jean Baptiste

08.10.1904           DODIN Orphélia Zélia and ZIALOR Paul Léon

22.09.1894           DODIN Roseline and LUCAS Lucas

08.01.1842           DODIN Victorine and GAMIN Marcelin

28.06.1879           D'OFFAY Elisabeth Emma and CAROSIN Augustin Eugène

16.07.1795           D'OFFAY Marie Elisabeth and RENAUD Pierre Magdelaine

03.04.1802           D'OFFAY Marie Elisabeth and RENAUD Pierre Magdelaine

14.02.1885           D'OFFAY Marie Gabrielle and HODOUL Pierre Jules

20.02.1868           D'OFFAY Marie Henriette Jenny Augusta and ROUILLON Pierre Auguste Félicien

23.06.1799           D'OFFAY Marie Jeanne and LACOUR Henry

03.01.1814           D'OFFAY Marie Jeanne and ROBERT Jacques

12.08.1876           D'OFFAY Marie Jeanny and CORGAT Louis Théodore

05.06.1880           D'OFFAY Marie Joseph Mathilde and CAUVIN Marie Edward Ludovic

06.03.1902           D'OFFAY Marie Marianne Claudine and BAILEY Charles Lévi Mauritius

10.08.1895           DOGLEY Louisa Coesarine and FABIAN No.737

18.09.1884           D'OGLEY Marie Matilde and CHEE No 652 Luke

12.10.1889           DOLLY Rose and EBONY No.61

31.01.1887           DOLPHIN Gabrielle Césarine and D'OFFAY Marie François Eugène

04.02.1836           DOLPHIN Gabrielle Césarine and FORBES George

15.07.1873           DOMENJOD Reine Berthe Marie Louise Charlotte Armande and BROWN Richard Myles

19.12.1856           DOMINIQUE Joséphine and MARIE LOUISE Charles

10.02.1898           DON’T Albertine and MALBROOK Charly

03.11.1900           DONT Eléonore and GILBERT Jules

22.11.1881           DOOKHEERAM Pauroo No 231817 and BUDLOO No 281582 Suwooraz

07.05.1836           DOPHIN Marie and MUSSARD Monrose

02.07.1892           DORBY Adèle and RICHEPENSE Lespérance

01.03.1899           DORBY Modeste Bois Vert and VALENTIN Saint Ange

21.04.1877           DORBY Onorine and MANOEL Anicette

30.06.1883           DORIKA Maria No 116 and JAMES No 195 Joseph

15.10.1887           DORINE Zélia and JOSEPH Antonio

19.06.1901           DORISAU Roseline and MARIMBA Thomas

25.01.1884           DORISO Irma and PIERRE Paul

21.07.1886           DORIZEAU Marceline Zoé and CHERI Edouard

23.08.1887           DORIZO Jeanne and CORALIE Alphonse

04.07.1894           DORIZO Marie Louise and LEON Joseph

10.09.1863           DORMEUSE Adrienne and PIERROT BienAimé

31.08.1872           DOROTHE Césarine and DOROTHE Edmond

31.05.1893           DOROTHEE Adele and ZIALOR Andre Enock

19.12.1901           DOROTHEE Edmaud and TURMEL Julius

30.12.1883           DOROTHEE  ** Euphrasia and NANTIL Beauger

20.06.1885           DOULMET Marie Geneviève Aurélie and ESPARON Jean Baptiste Eugène

08.07.1811           DOUYERE Adélaïde and GUICHARD Jean Baptiste Laurent

20.12.1902           DOWEY Marie Léonie and ESPARON Louis Marie Daliban

09.10.1794           DUBAIL Marie Joseph and QUEAU QUINSSY Jean Baptiste

29.06.1794           DUBAIL Marie Joseph and VAULBERT Auguste

15.01.1889           DUBIGNON Marie Cecilie Armelina and TOCHE Francois Antoine

23.10.1879           DUBIGNON Marie Louise Cécilie Amélina and COLLIE Moses Bernie

29.07.1905           DUBOIS Alfrédine and JOUBERT Julius

29.07.1905           DUBOIS Alfrédine and JOUBERT Julius

09.05.1903           DUBOIS Amélie and CAMILLE Adrien

04.04.1841           DUBOIS Anais and QUESSY Jean Baptiste

08.06.1874           DUBOIS Clarice and LABROCHE Isidor

25.04.1885           DUBOIS Claricia and JOUBERT William

25.05.1877           DUBOIS Henriette and CASIMIR Jean Louis

12.02.1903           DUBOIS Henriette and DICK Constant

14.06.1834           DUBOIS Irma and HERMITTE Louis Laurent

06.07.1850           DUBOIS Marie Antoinette and MOUSTACHE Louis Henry

09.07.1863           DUBOIS Marie Françoise and RUSTO Achille

01.10.1863           DUBOIS Marie Jeanne and RAMDRAN Raimooth

04.08.1888           DUBOIS Marie Jeanne and VICTOR Victor

08.02.1871           DUBOIS Marie Léoncine and O'LEARY Bartholomew

18.06.1898           DUCASSE Philomene Noemie and TOURIS Fernand

15.11.1894           DUCRESSE Marie and CAIN No.1318

19.04.1827           DUGAND Marie Aglaé and LE ROY Adolphe Paschal Ange

28.09.1833           DUGAND Marie Cécilia and DOUSDEBES Pierre Eugène

29.07.1824           DUGAND Uranie and LEROY Jean Baptiste Arsène

11.09.1901           DUGASSE Marie Aurélia and ANACOURA Japhet

28.10.1902           DULLOO Adèle and PARASOL David

11.07.1889           DULLOO Juliette and MICHARD Victor

05.03.1831           DULZER Marie Mérope and RAY William

29.05.1834           DUMENIL Marie Mamée and PERRINE (sgd Denis Calais) Denis

26.05.1832           DUMONT Esther Henriette Rosalie and D'OFFAY Marie René Louis

25.12.1823           DUMONT Henriette Esther Rosalie and HOAREAU Edouard

10.07.1897           DUMONT Julia and ELISA Elise

27.09.1896           DUMONT Leontine and SOLIN Elgere

09.01.1881           DUMONT Marie Angélique and SAMSON Janvier

26.02.1881           DUMONT Marie Aurore and PERRIL Joseph

24.11.1900           DUMONT Marie Elizabeth and CUPIDON François

21.02.1882           DUMONT Marie Geneviève Honorine and JEAN JACQUES Jean Achille

05.11.1860           DUMONT Marie Geneviève Honorine and PHILOE Adolphe

21.04.1884           DUMONT Marie Joséphine and MARGUERITE Louis Marie

06.12.1899           D'UNIENVILLE MARIER Aurélie Noëmie and SAVY François Numa

30.05.1815           DUPERREL Victorine and NAGEON DE L'ETANG Etienne Olivier

15.06.1901           DUPLEIX Jeanne and FRANCIS Billo

20.03.1845           DUPUY Eulalie Aglae and LEFEVRE Edouard

10.02.1870           DUPUY Marie Catherine Zélia and WESTERGREEN Antibe Frédéric

02.02.1854           DUPUY Marie Clémence and MAILLET Charles Rieul

24.04.1897           DURAL?  ** Aline and JOSEPH Louis

28.01.1896           DURAND Louise Célina and THIBAULT Marie George Théodore Ferdinand

22.05.1902           DURAND Marie Eugénie and HOAREAU Marie Jules Eugène

17.05.1904           DURAND Marie Régina and HIBBS Benjamin

04.02.1893           DURAND Thérèse and THIBAULT Marie Amédée Charles Raould

12.05.1853           DURAND des LONGRAIS Marie Louise Andrine and GOUREL de St PERNE Louis Julien

18.09.1902           DURUP Marie Julia and MEIN Jean Oberlin

30.01.1894           DURUP Marie Lastenie and SELEC Auguste Joseph

07.06.1879           DURUP Rose Laurencia and GOLDSMITH Thomas

11.12.1858           DUSUD Uranie and THESEE Adolphe

11.01.1821           DUVEY Catherine Charlotte and MATHIOT Jean

20.09.1855           DUVEY Zélie Virginie and DUPUY François Etienne

09.05.1891           DYER Fanny Elisa and GONTIER Pierre Napoleon

06.02.1843           DYONOPHYLE Rosalie and BIBASSE Elie