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Woman's Surname Alphabetical Listing
Classement par les femmes
© Heulwen Hélène POOL and Daniella JOHNSTONE

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22.06.1885           FABIAH Julia No 1063 and DENIS No 1330

13.11.1886           FACKIA No 741 Flora and DAPHIN No 1349

02.06.1870           FAIDA No 11 Fanny and AMDGEL No 222 Benoit

06.08.1883           FAIRLEY Ernestine and BISQUET Auguste

20.09.1875           FAIRLEY Louisa and CLARICE Louis Marcelin

04.08.1888           FAIRLEY Louise and ADABOO L'Esperance

15.06.1901           FAIRLEY Louise and FANCHON Eugène

28.05.1904           FANCHETTE Céline and HARRY Michel

13.02.1886           FANCHETTE Césarine and SOFFOLA Pierre Louis

13.05.1886           FANCHETTE Elisabeth and SING VOAN Noël François

27.07.1905           FANCHETTE Fulgentia Scholastic and BASSET Jean Louis

27.07.1905           FANCHETTE Fulgentia Scholastic and BASSET Jean Louis

27.08.1840           FANCHETTE Luce and CLIO Cadeau

06.12.1900           FANCHETTE Modeste and ZARIM Constant

08.09.1898           FANCHIN Dora and D'OGLEY Apollon

03.09.1892           FANCHON Fanchette Marie and HYDIA Pedro

16.11.1882           FANCHON Georgina and ELISABETH Jules

17.08.1905           FANCHON Joséphine Lalitie and ELISABETH Amédée

17.08.1905           FANCHON Joséphine Lalitie and ELISABETH Amédée

19.11.1898           FANCHON Marie and BEEHARRY Leon

22.08.1891           FANCHON Marie Alexandrine and OTHO No.636

06.10.1884           FANCHON Marie Reine and ANDRE Jean

03.07.1803           FANIE Marie Louise and CALAIS Denis Adrien  (abs: représenté par Ramalinga

25.02.1875           FANNY Amélie and BOURDALONE Jupiter

30.01.1858           FANNY Charlotte and MARENGO André

06.04.1893           FANNY Dorine and ANDY  No.105 Edgar

19.04.1879           FANNY Fanny and CASQUETTE Joseph

22.11.1902           FANNY Maria and RAPHAEL Joseph

19.05.1900           FANNY Marie Françoise and JERÔME Joseph

10.11.1892           FANNY Suzan No.6 and COUTAMANo.561 Hilaire Antailoppe Anna

13.12.1884           FANNY Zélia and PISTOLET Jean

06.04.1903           FARA Joséphine and SOURIS Michel

26.04.1893           FARABAUT Marie Francoise and MOUSTACHE Victor

24.07.1900           FARABOUT Clémentine and TAMBOU Anthony

10.05.1884           FARABOUT Zélie and VITALINE Vitalien

28.06.1890           FARADO Honorine and ADONIS Etienne

28.08.1886           FARDO Clarisse and DEPART Adolphe

18.10.1855           FARE Joséphine and DAVISKEIN? Joseph

10.06.1847           FARRA Celestine and MIMI Casimir

08.06.1904           FARRA Marie and MIRABEAU Edouard

28.08.1877           FARRIGALLE Anna and BILLY No 37 12Y 10M

26.06.1886           FATHIMAH No 297 Lucie and O'LEARY No 362

18.07.1893           FATHMAH Lucie No.277 and GODMIN No.740.

29.04.1886           FATIME Marie Angélique and RAOUL Auguste Joseph

03.12.1856           FATIME? Elisabeth and SAULIN Aristole

17.07.1880           FATTON Blanche No 304 and TAMBAH No 410 Joseph

12.05.1900           FAURE Andrine and MAGDELEINE Charles

15.05.1875           FAURE Fanny and VIDOT Joseph Roselin

28.01.1871           FAURE Félicie and WILSON George

27.11.1895           FAURE Leona and JULIENNE Jean Baptiste

20.04.1892           FAURE Marianne Henriette and AHOOP Aleck

11.09.1893           FAURE Marie Eugenie and NAIDOO Kistnasamy

19.05.1870           FAURE Marie Henriette Constance and SMITH George Edwin

16.05.1895           FAURE Marie Melanie and CAMILLE Cesar

06.04.1897           FAURE Rose Rosette and LALANNE Michel

21.02.1898           FAYALLA Gertrude and ESTROP Joseph

23.08.1877           FAYDA Brigitte No 70 and WILLIAM No 64

25.07.1885           FAYEELA Marthe and OGALLA Napoléon

08.06.1895           FAYET ?THESEE Nanette and LEGRAND Philogene Martin

07.11.1885           FEÏADA Anna No 667 and PHARAJEE No 181 Machabé

01.07.1858           FELICIA Clarice and ANTONE Charles

09.09.1897           FELICIA Fanny and JOSEPH Emile

25.09.1897           FELICIA Felicie and VILAINE Philoxen

23.04.1877           FELICIA Félicie and JULES Jean Baptiste

09.10.1895           FELICIE Marie and BEL Jean

03.04.1886           FELICIE Marie Augustine and MERITON Prosper

25.05.1905           FELICITE Célina and ROUCOU Jean Baptiste

25.05.1905           FELICITE Célina and ROUCOU Jean Baptiste

20.04.1901           FELICITE Marie Charlésia and MELANIE Auguste

14.08.1889           FELICITE Paulina and FINESSE Sylvestre

29.05.1899           FELICITE Raphael and GEORGE Paul

09.02.1856           FELICITE Reine and GOUFFE Dalmazie

07.02.1883           FELIX Adrienne Virginie and AGLAE Télémaque

22.07.1876           FELIX Amelina and GEIKIE Thomas Small

30.06.1883           FELIX Catherine and GABBE Olive

05.11.1896           FELIX Clarissa No.715 and ASSOOMANDE No.64 Farmer

11.10.1866           FELIX Eliza and CHINON François

24.10.1872           FELIX Joséphine and GIALOR Paul

09.12.1885           FELIX Louise and CHRYSOSTÔME Laurent

04.07.1878           FELIX Louise Caroline and LAPRAU? Louis

23.08.1888           FELIX Marceline and DECEMBRE Pedre Olivier

22.09.1887           FELIX Paulina and LARUE Remy

11.06.1887           FELIX Sylvie Nanette and BERNARD Jean Louis

11.10.1893           FELIX Eugenie and CLARISSE Louis

28.01.1892           FENDY Julie No.627 and PANEAR No312 Aristide

02.10.1902           FERDINAND Thémise Alma and MOOKENDAH Jean Joseph Clairette

24.02.1844           FERNANDO Scolastic and BARAGO Dimanche

28.01.1896           FERRARI Eleonore Jeanne Dona and LEMIERE John

29.12.1900           FICHE Marie Juliette and FIRMINO Ludovic

09.07.1874           FIDA Perrine and JAMES No.44

11.11.1893           FIDE or COLASTIE Jeannette and CAMONA Albert

22.02.1883           FIDEL Rosette and MONGALE Jacques Lafleur

06.05.1890           FIDELE Josephine and BOURDALOUX alias LABOUDALONE Thelemaque

17.02.1866           FIDELE Marianne and CHANIANA Philippe

11.01.1879           FIDELE Rosine and THOMAS No 914

04.09.1858           FIFICHE Aglaé and BRASS Dufresne

23.05.1895           FIGARO Celina and MOULIGNY Francois

27.12.1902           FIGARO Claire and RACOU Jean Louis

09.05.1896           FIGARO Leona and CHARLES Felix

04.08.1892           FIGARO Marie Euphemie and MOUSMOU Valentin

19.06.1884           FIGARO Marie Félicité and MAJID No 908

26.06.1897           FIGARO Stephanie and SAULIN Jean Baptiste

07.06.1879           FIGARO Théophile and SALEM No 926

13.09.1890           FIGARO Stephanie and MARIE Pierre

21.04.1892           FILANTIN Cecilie Azemia and HIPPOLITTE alias CROP John Marie

30.10.1880           FILE Anne Marie and FLORINE Edouard

05.12.1872           FILE Médorine and CAFRINE Simon

29.10.1903           FILENTIN Cécilia Azémia and CHETTY Sacarré Somon alias Stanislas

04.11.1865           FILENTIN Olympe and LOUANGE Larose

11.04.1882           FILENTIN Rosélia and ANNE Edouard

24.09.1840           FILEUSE Coralie and AUGUSTE Silvestre

18.01.1841           FINANCE?? Hortense and DODINS Hipolite

24.06.1840           FINCH Judith and JEAN Janvier

08.06.1850           FINCH Marie Jeanne and BARBE Alfred

28.12.1889           FINCK Marie Alice and HOARAU Pierre Claremont

05.05.1860           FINCK Marie Antoinette Virginie and PETROUSSE Daris Auguste Maureau

02.07.1881           FINCK Marie Elisabeth Emilie and BOUCHEREAU Charles

06.02.1875           FINCK Marie Julia and BOUCHEREAU Eugène

22.02.1862           FINE Lisette and BAMBIN Firinin?

17.08.1878           FINE Zelime and ALAMANI Lubin

24.11.1892           FINESSE Alfredine and SAMSON William

28.08.1902           FINESSE Elvina and FANCHON Gildart

13.10.1883           FINESSE Françoise and MICHEL Clément

10.09.1887           FINESSE Marie Florentine and FRANCIS Maximilien

04.02.1864           FINETTE Cezarine and MARENGO Joaqui

17.09.1840           FINETTE Julienne and MARTEAU Sanssoucis

24.06.1893           FINK Marie Julia and RICHER Francois

25.08.1874           FINK Marie Reinette Heloise and LAIRD John

22.12.1862           FIONO alias DUMONT Zélie and ETIENNE Louis Epidariste

03.02.1903           FIRMINEAU Marie Eugénie and NOURRICE Pierre Ange

14.05.1903           FIRMINEAU Marie Lilia and MALVINA Jean Baptiste Hypolite

01.09.1890           FIRMINO Aglaé and PAYET Victor Léonce

31.08.1871           FIRMINO Amélia and BAROME Charles

29.06.1897           FIRMINO Ameline and POIRET Jacques

12.11.1859           FIRMINO Geneviève and JOUBERT Alfred

09.07.1863           FIRMINO Laurence and QUILINDO Jean

18.04.1885           FIRMINO Louison Edouard and LESPERANCE Augustin

08.07.1899           FIRMINO Maria and ELISA Antoine

18.06.1892           FIRMINO Marie Virginie and HENRI QUATRE Laurent

24.01.1880           FIRMINO Reine and BONTE Félicien

01.05.1850           FIRMINO Rosaline and NANTIE Adolphe

13.11.1841           FIRMINO Sidonie and ZATTES Gilles

12.07.1881           FIRMINO Virginie and LAVOINE François

10.07.1879           FIRRIGEA Clarisse and SONGOR No 452 Ernest

12.09.1903           FITCH Lucy Marie Quatre and SIMEON Charlien

19.07.1890           FLAURE alias PORPHYR Lolotte and PINTO alias LABROSSE Joseph

14.09.1872           FLEUROT Anne Françoise Elina and JORRE ST JORRE Noël Edouard Osmin

18.08.1836           FLORAS Marie Périne Antoinette and TRICE Frederic William

05.07.1894           FLORE Amesida and CLOTILDE Pierre Dorcet

14.09.1899           FLORE Elysée and HENDERSON James Edouard

27.10.1855           FLORE Evelina and MOTHEE Louis

09.09.1865           FLORE Marie Olivia and JULIE Bliombéri

04.11.1875           FLORE Thérésine alias Dalila and MARIE Félix

29.05.1899           FLORE Alphonsine and LAFLUTE Meloe

14.09.1895           FLORENS Josephine Marguerite and GEMMELL Edward Georges Andrew

26.12.1894           FLORENS Marie Agnes and KIDSON John Pexall William

20.02.1888           FLORENTINE Elisia and LAGRENADE Andre Joseph

23.10.1886           FLORENTINE Euphrasie and PERRINE Zamor

13.02.1890           FLORENTINE Heloise and LABALEINE Raymond

28.07.1888           FLORENTINE Lucine and SAMSON James Polyxene

09.08.1890           FLORENTINE Lucy and MARENGO Laurent

31.05.1890           FLORENTINE Marie Eugenie Clelie and RAT Ferdinand

11.02.1888           FLORENTINE (entered LAURENTINE) Anne Marie and BIBI Charles Medocinte

15.07.1841           FLORIAN Rosette and BERTRAND Janvier

15.09.1888           FLORIMOND Emelia and AGLAE Francois

21.12.1871           FLORINE Belotte and NACORA Némorain

13.03.1884           FLORINE Marie and LARCIN Jean Lucas

03.06.1899           FLORINE (sign.CESAR) Henriette and ISAMBERT Albert Victor

04.11.1852           FONDAUMIERE Marie Amanda and STEVENS James

15.03.1851           FONDAUMIERE Marie Elfrida and LABURY Jean Baptiste Arthur

24.01.1905           FONTAINE Marie Aurecia and ESPARON Cyriliaque

24.01.1905           FONTAINE Marie Aurecia and ESPARON Cyriliaque

27.01.1903           FONTAINE Marie Eugénie and ESPARON Marie Bélizé Guilbert Julius

09.02.1896           FONTAINE Marie Rose and BENOITON Joseph

29.01.1879           FORBES Marie Nidza and CHURCH George Franklin

23.12.1861           FORTES Lisa and ROBINSON Vendicar

08.06.1867           FORTES Lisa and ZEPHYR François

07.05.1896           FORVAL Marie Euphrasie and NOURRICE Julien

25.09.1886           FORVAL Mélise and ANGELIQUE Toussaint

13.06.1885           FOSTEL Félicie and BAREGE Victor

12.05.1892           FOSTEL Angeline and LAVOINNE Arsenne

11.06.1885           FOSTELLE Marie Joséphine and SOPHIE Michel

29.11.1887           FOSTELLE Uranie and MIRLETON Joseph

27.09.1851           FOURNIER Eléonide Louise and HOARAU Joseph Richemond

01.03.1821           FOURNIER Jeanne Suzette and TOURRETTE Charles Jean Crépin

18.06.1887           FRANCES Marie Fulgentia and JEANNETTE André

21.05.1856           FRANCHE Henriette and BERTRAND Hypolite

24.02.1903           FRANCIS Aimée and SAMSON Ange Charles

24.09.1887           FRANCIS Jeanne and MONTOLA Arthur

24.11.1883           FRANCIS Laure and POLIDOR Paulidor Casimir

10.06.1895           FRANCIS Marie Octavine and VENGADASAMY Joseph Marie

10.12.1894           FRANCOIS Aglae and LAURE Louis Emard

15.01.1898           FRANCOIS Alphonsine and HARRY Joseph

08.05.1875           FRANCOIS Denise and ANTA Louis

05.09.1903           FRANCOIS Fida and MOLL Jules

09.06.1888           FRANCOIS Marie Alfredine and JOUBERT Andoche Junon

18.11.1875           FRANCOIS Marie Antoinette and BISTOQUET Philogène

26.06.1884           FRANCOIS Marie Aurélia and ANNETTE Jean Huss

23.06.1866           FRANCOIS Victorine and JOUANNOT Montasie

06.02.1862           FRANCOIS Victorine and PIERRE Léonce

10.02.1891           FRANCOIS Victorine and ADELINE Arthur

06.05.1858           FRANCOISE Augustine and LACOUCHE (sgd ACCOUCHE) Amédée

30.08.1884           FRANCOISE Augustine No 317 and SUNGOR No 345 Arthur

04.11.1897           FRANCOISE Francoise and RAT Jean Charles

25.09.1814           FRANCOISE Marie and ANTA Hypolite

27.04.1876           FRANCOISE Marie Elina and SIMEON Ernest

26.10.1897           FRANCOISE Marie Josephine and HENRI QUATRE Jean Francois

25.07.1879           FRANCOISE Marie Perrine and ANGELIQUE Toussaint

02.03.1899           FRANCOISE Marie Theodora and LEGAI Joseph

11.02.1888           FRANCOISE Marie Therese and PIERRE William

10.11.1877           FRANCOISE Marie Victorine and UZICE Charli

13.11.1886           FRANCOISE Perline and ARRISOL Clément

20.08.1881           FRANCOISE Perline and MARIN Jean Labroche

29.12.1881           FRANCOISE Virginie and ERNESTA Zéphyr

26.05.1894           FRANCOISE Augustine and SAYERS Tom

10.12.1881           FRANCOURT Laure and LALANDE David Samuel

08.11.1890           FRED Marie Cecile and GONZALVE Frank Joseph

20.09.1902           FRED Rosélie Esférie and ISIDORE Louis Hervé

10.02.1902           FRED Théoline and TAMATAVE Jean William

05.09.1896           FREDERIC Augusta and BARROT Paul Joseph

09.05.1899           FREDERIC Clotilde and LOUIS Pierre

27.11.1897           FREDERIC Josephine and PHILOE Felix

17.08.1886           FREDERIC Marie Marceline and ELISABETH Gentil

29.10.1891           FREDERIC alias LEVEILLE Victorine and LABICHE Benjamin

01.09.1892           FREDERICA Marie Josephine and SIMON No.263

23.09.1875           FREED Anne and GONSAL John Manuel

24.04.1902           FRICHOT Marie Caroline and MOULINIE Amédée Charles

13.12.1873           FRIEDERICKS widow Thomas ATHOW Frederica and WALSH Joseph

18.02.1890           FRIMINO Marie and FRANCOISE Oscar

29.12.1885           FRITZ sgd FRED Anaïs and JOSE Manuel

15.03.1879           FURCY Esther and RADEGONDE Valsain Ernest

26.06.1862           FURCY Zaïre and VOLTAIRE Edouard Charlot

31.12.1898           FURNEAU Elisabeth and BIBI Victorien

30.08.1893           FURNEAU Elodie and AMBROSE Jean Baptiste Ernest

07.03.1891           FURNEAU Josephine and CLOTHILDE Jean Baptiste

06.02.1886           FYDA Isabelle and ROEBUCK Simon

04.10.1879           FYDA Julie No 827 and ABRAHAM No 3