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Woman's Surname Alphabetical Listing
Classement par les femmes
© Heulwen Hélène POOL and Daniella JOHNSTONE

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02.10.1886           GABRIEL Augustine and MERITON Remy

19.12.1866           GABRIEL Eléonore and ROUSSEAU Lisis

28.03.1894           GABRIEL Louise and JEAN-BAPTISTE Louis

07.11.1899           GABRIEL Marie Amélinte and LAFORTUNE Jean Debreto

14.01.1904           GABRIEL Marie Emezeline and MOODEELY Virapin

19.11.1887           GABRIEL Marie Ezelmie and ERNEST Ernest

18.07.1896           GABRIEL Marie Theone and ADELINE Fortune Constance

20.02.1886           GABRIEL Marie Virginie and SIMEON Joseph

21.10.1891           GABRIELLE Josephine and EDMOND Jean Baptiste

25.05.1903           GABRIELLE Joséphine and QUILANDOS James

11.02.1888           GABRIELLE Minerve and ELLEN Clement

17.12.1856           GAIQUI? Aurélie and BAROME Charles

21.04.1891           GALANTE Heloise and LABICHE Victor

00.00.1861           GALANTE Henriette Estelle and GUISTOUFF Siphane

21.11.1887           GALANTE Marie Séraphine and VICTOR Jean

16.02.1860           GALANTE Séraphine and HIPPOLITE Charles

04.02.1864           GAMIN Armeline and NOURRICE Victor

15.04.1869           GAMIN Delphine and HENRI QUATRE Jean

22.08.1883           GAMIN Marie Marguerite and DINDON Théodore Michel

13.12.1869           GAMIN Victorine Ernestine and ZABETH Joseph

30.11.1899           GANDER Amanda and MAGLOIRE Pierre Louis

30.10.1889           GANDER Hilda and JOHN No.160

05.12.1888           GAPPI Orellie and DELORIE Richmond

06.08.1904           GAPPY Léa Victorine Omblime and CHILACHIEN Joseph Toule

16.01.1892           GAPPY Louiselle and MUSSARD Jean

28.04.1888           GAPPY Marie Elisabeth and RENE Louis Raoul

27.04.1882           GAPPY Mélodie and ESTRABANCE Emanuel Theophe

12.02.1887           GAPPY (sgd GAPIE) Célestine and SANDERS Jean Lisis

12.12.1878           GAPY Marie Eliska and FERLEY Henry

10.11.1887           GAPY Marie Eliska and MARIE Charles Dufaï

08.01.1903           GAPY Marie Emmeline and JEEWOOTH Norbine

31.03.1894           GAPY Alfredine and JOSON Jean Baptiste

20.08.1891           GARCY Jane No.47. and ETIENNE No.210 Victor

29.04.1886           GARDETTE Marie Léoncine Rose and SAVY François Charles

21.10.1885           GARDETTE Marie Thérèse Berthe and LANIER Edouard

18.11.1885           GARDETTE Paquerette Marie and LANGLOIS François Pierre Joseph

25.12.1802           GASTON Jeanne Marie and FAURRE Jean

03.04.1893           GEBERT Marie Idea and LAURENCE Delorcy

02.05.1882           GEBERT Marie Idéa and MEIN James Antoine

04.04.1850           GEDEON Amélie and SUPERCELLE Bonaventure

14.05.1898           GEIKIE Marie Jeanne and RENAME Theodore

25.02.1905           GENDRON Ananie Clemence Elisia and PAYET Jaunny Charles

25.02.1905           GENDRON Ananie Clemence Elisia and PAYET Jaunny Charles

22.11.1894           GENDRON Josephine Anais Cecile and CAUVIN Marie Joseph Nemours

16.12.1901           GENDRON Marie Ananie Clémentine and PILLIERON Joseph André

28.09.1901           GENTIL Ezilda and WALTER Louis Gaston

21.10.1882           GENTIL Françoise and GIALOR Hercule

12.11.1887           GENTIL Marie Maria and ANGELIQUE Jean Baptiste

30.06.1898           GEORGE Celerine Salamah and D'OGLEY Jerome

15.10.1892           GEORGE Marie Georgina and SALY Philippe

20.11.1889           GEORGES Marie Zelie Uranie and LAVIGNE Antoine Joseph

25.07.1903           GEORGES Rachel and DONT Gustave

13.12.1884           GEORGINE Marie and SAMSON Clément

05.06.1869           GERMAIN Angélique and BANGAIN? Alcide Mambray

02.06.1902           GERMAIN Noëlie Angélique and MARIA Joseph

21.05.1859           GERMAIN Stéphanie Aricie and CONFAIS Paul

18.09.1902           GERMAINE Emilie and BACCARI Louis Buisset

30.04.1898           GERMAINE Marie Louise and LABIGORNE Alphonse

30.08.1892           GERMAINE Nancy and SAFFRANCE George Jeanne

25.11.1882           GERTRUDE Aurélia and DOBSON No 1329

06.12.1884           GERTRUDE Eucharis and KENTEL James

30.05.1881           GERTRUDE Germaine and CICANACA Auguste

15.06.1885           GERTRUDE Joséphine and MOKASAMBOO Henry

22.12.1884           GERTRUDE Marie Alix and ROBERT Jean Joseph Gontier

30.10.1875           GERTRUDE Marie Emmeline Madelaine and GEORGES Albert

23.05.1891           GERTRUDE Marie Jeanne and EMILY Antoine

17.08.1878           GERTRUDE Marie Marie Louise Phidélia and LEGENTIL Isidor Bernard

16.11.1863           GERTRUDE Marie Onésia and AMESBURY Henry

25.07.1889           GERTRUDE Marie Thesis Polymnie and VIDAL Jean

12.04.1890           GERTRUDE Pauline and JULIE Jeremy

12.11.1887           GERTRUDE Séraphine and EMILY Joseph Moïse

06.11.1856           GESMIN Eléonore and DAVID Etienne

26.02.1870           GHISELAIN Louise and MOREL Jean Baptiste

22.02.1879           GHISELAIN Marie Louise Aménaïde and DELTEL Victor Alexandre

24.10.1900           GIALOR Reine and MATHIOT Jules Gustave

16.08.1860           GILLY Maria and AZADE

11.01.1893           GODLEY Clara and THION Cham

26.05.1896           GODLEY Nelly Vilamena and FONDAUMIERE Joseph Emilien

01.02.1902           GODLEY Theresia Kate and GAGNON Joseph

25.10.1888           GOMME Augustine and BRESSON Napoléon

26.01.1895           GOMME Marceline and CORALIE Lamour

09.03.1880           GOMME  ** Marianne and CIVINE François

02.12.1895           GONSAL Eugénie Téoline and LABLACHE Gabriel William

06.07.1897           GONSALVE Anne and LABLACHE Gabriel Willy

16.07.1863           GONTIER Anne Marie and TIRANT Louis Henry Monrose

27.07.1843           GONTIER Eugenie and PAYET Henry

01.02.1849           GONTIER Eugenie Colette and GUICHARD Jean Laurent Aime

05.09.1857           GONTIER Joséphine and FONDAUMIERE Jean Louis Emilien

10.05.1898           GONTIER Louise Elisa and HOAREAU Conception

04.11.1891           GONTIER Lucie Daline and ALBERT Louis Robert

11.04.1871           GONTIER Marie Agathe and HERN John Andrew

02.08.1854           GONTIER Marie Agathe and PURCELL Nelson

05.02.1883           GONTIER Marie Améliza and HOUAREAU Joseph Allié

05.11.1842           GONTIER Marie Angeline and VIDOT Theodore

06.05.1848           GONTIER Marie Charlette and BAILLON David Mathurin

08.05.1894           GONTIER Marie Elizabeth and CHAM Affoy

09.08.1890           GONTIER Marie Eugenie and TIRANT Joseph Henri

28.10.1854           GONTIER Marie Herminie and dit LAVIGNE Marcelin Rivard

21.09.1825           GONTIER Marie Josine and FOURNIER Eugène

08.02.1862           GONTIER Marie Juliette and VERLAQUES Ernest

23.10.1868           GONTIER Marie Perrine and VIDOT François Voltaire

30.04.1892           GONTIER Marie Theophile and TIRANT Cheri Evangeliste

29.01.1903           GONTIER Marie Zélime Amélie and SAVY Louis Elysé

18.03.1818           GONTIER Thérèse Sulette and FAUCHER Joseph Ange

24.03.1825           GONTIER Thérèse Sulette and MOREL Louis Victorin

11.02.1856           GOUFFE Clara and LOUIS Romain

17.08.1862           GOUFFE Elise and BROWN George

18.09.1862           GOUFFE Félicité and BACOA Laurent

19.07.1849           GOUFFE Françoise and GOUFFE Armand

27.04.1850           GOUFFE Georgette and MARIA Frédérick

26.07.1860           GOUFFE Léoncine and BAROMEE Michel

02.07.1840           GOUZARANT Victoire and AUGUSTE

27.12.1900           GOVINDEN Lucia and LAURENCE Victor

30.03.1904           GRANAPRAGASSA Roseline and SAVY Louis Joseph Auguste

21.12.1889           GRAND Célestine and ROSE Laucet Figaro

11.08.1902           GRANDCOURT Ananie Rosalie and PLANCHE Charles Camille

05.05.1898           GRANDCOURT Augusta and PORT-LOUIS Ernest

13.05.1901           GRANDCOURT Françoise Joséphine and GRANDCOURT André Alex

20.06.1896           GRANDCOURT Genevieve Anais and MOREL Louis Marie Charles Joseph James

15.02.1862           GRANDCOURT Geneviève Lasthénie and DELPECH Jacques

17.05.1851           GRANDCOURT Marie Françoise Ananie and SAVY Charles Amédée Ferdinand

23.02.1884           GREEN Isabelle and DESOBINS Leu

22.01.1877           GREEN Joséphine Esther and JUMEAU Antoine Amédée

11.02.1888           GREEN Louisa and YOUNG Charles Henry Robert

22.02.1883           GREEN Mathilda and MONCHOUGUY Charles

20.10.1894           GREEN Eleonore and MOREL Jean Furcy

06.06.1885           GRESLE Anna Herminie and VIDOT Louis Monchéry

24.06.1875           GRIMACE Armeline and NARCISSE Louis Augustus

04.12.1858           GRIMACE Gertrude and ANGELIQUE Juste

07.06.1892           GRIMACE Jenny and ALBEST Joseph Leonin

28.04.1887           GRIMACE Marie Virgilia and MARIE Joseph

02.12.1880           GRIMACE Marthe Emilie and PHILOGENE Louis

03.01.1894           GRIMACE  ** Marthe and CICOBOT Joseph

03.09.1846           GROGNARDE Estelle and LEVEILLE Faro

24.10.1808           GRONDIN Geneviève Françoise Hélène and LASSAIS Jean Vincent Olivier Hilarion

20.03.1844           GROSSE Virginie and LABONTE Victor

06.10.1810           GRUCHET VAULBERT Jeanne Victoire Rosalie and LABLACHE André Joseph

30.09.1820           GRUCHET VAULBERT Jeanne Victorine Rosalie and LECLERE Jean François Paris

29.12.1805           GRUCHET VAULBERT Joséphine Aimée Victorine Antoinette and BRACHET DE Jean Pierre Louis

18.01.1810           GRUCHET VAULBERT Joséphine Aimée Victorine Antoinette and D'ARGENT Henry Jean

16.05.1800?        GUET Françoise Marguerite and ALBERT Jean

08.06.1841           GUICHARD Henriette and CHANSON Gabriel

16.05.1899           GUICHARD Marie Celestine and LARSEN Ole Peter

05.02.1891           GUICHARD Marie Josephine and HOWE Daniel John Ernest

25.01.1866           GUICHARD Marie Joséphine and ROBERT Antoine

08.08.1895           GUIGNE Marie Elisee and POINTU Lundi

24.02.1890           GUIGNE Marie Elisee Magoique and LUCAS Emile

11.11.1861           GUILLAUME Claire and BIBI Mahé

26.05.1859           GUILLAUME Marie and CEDRA Remy

28.12.1899           GUILLAUME Marie Gertrude and LOANAH Jean Anthony

03.07.1889           GUILLAUME Marie Honorine and ANTAT Louis Remy

20.11.1897           GUILLAUME Rosa and rosine Auguste

01.08.1870           GUILLAUMIN Marie Joséphine and ROBERT Antoine

11.04.1885           GUILLAUMIN Marie Julie Dovisca and SULLIVAN Hypolite Joachim

04.08.1892           GUILLAUMIN Marie Lea Medrice and MEIN Darius St.Ange

30.06.1877           GUILLAUMIN Marie Virginie Egérie and ROBERT Clare Gérard

03.04.1845           GUILLAUMIN Zelina and BARALLON Jean

04.12.1858           GUINDEAU Sophie and GERTRUDE Remy

18.01.1873           GUINGANCE Catherine and MARIE Adonis

14.11.1891           GUINGASSE Marie Veronique and COLASTIQUE Jean alias Larose

14.04.1894           GUISTOUFF Estelle Marie and THOMAS Laurent

10.08.1854           GUNGAS? Jeanne and MARCELIN

13.12.1884           GUSTAVE Argentine and PISTOLET Jean

14.09.1874           GUSTAVE Marie Jeanne and CLARISSE Sylvain

02.05.1895           GUY Augustine and PATOWAR Francois