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Woman's Surname Alphabetical Listing
Classement par les femmes
© Heulwen Hélène POOL and Daniella JOHNSTONE

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29.11.1890           HAIDEE Leona and MARCEL Marcel

28.01.1882           HALCHEERAH Babet No 492 and SONGWAR No 91 Caleb

03.07.1901           HALL Josémée and LOUSTAU LALANNE Prosper

25.08.1894           HALL Leonie and MOTHATICAN No.618 Modie

20.11.1876           HALLEAH Catherine No 228 and CAMOEKOA No 359 Orphée

09.03.1878           HALLIMAH Helen No 221 and DICK No 39

30.11.1876           HAMINAH Edith No 220 and CAPRIMBAH No 216 Hamilton

03.02.1883           HAMPKAN Celina No 920 (sgd Louisa Bartlett Celina) and ROBIN No 51

27.07.1895           HANNAH Marie Annette and BRIOCHE Jupiter

07.10.1893           HARDY Juliette and MOUMOU Derozin

13.11.1868           HARDY Marie Amélie and LANIER Edouard

24.01.1895           HARDY Marie Eugenie and DAVIOLLE Victor

23.06.1904           HARDY Marie Eugénie and HENRIETTE Virgile

26.05.1870           HARDY Marie Nancy and JOUANIS Adrien

30.08.1902           HARDY Rachel and ROSEMOND No 652

20.11.1897           HARMER Alice and BETSY Louis

10.07.1902           HARRIET Henriette and COLES Joseph alias Coles

02.12.1905           HARRY Jeanne Sarah and JULIE Etienne

02.12.1905           HARRY Jeanne Sarah and JULIE Etienne

26.09.1891           HARRY Marie Joseph and JACQUES Auguste

09.10.1880           HASSAY KEENAY Béatrice No 711 and JAROUX Joseph

28.03.1901           HATCHEERAH Babel No 492 and HOPE No 583

29.11.1884           HECKOCHELLY Victoria No 695 and CHEYMERIA No 576 Hodge

28.07.1877           HEEDAYA Maria No 347 and OREDDI No 232 Aurèle

21.07.1888           HELENA Helena and SPIRO No.1501

19.05.1859           HELENE Louise and SABOURY Jeremy

16.05.1885           HELENE sgd MARIE Sophie Marie and FIGARO No 110

29.01.1898           HELOISE Héloïse and ROSALIE Tom

20.11.1894           HELOISE Marie and TABOR No.70

26.10.1878           HENDERSON Marie Thérésine Marie Louise and LUBIN Joseph Payet

04.12.1877           HENRI QUATRE Doccile and JOUAN Antoine

17.11.1888           HENRI QUATRE Marie Laure and BASTILLE Edmond

01.06.1878           HENRI QUATRE Marie Rose Marthe and PREA Manuel

23.08.1890           HENRIETTA Caroline and FOOGOORIA No.597 Mathew

04.12.1880           HENRIETTE Alphonsine and SOUPRAYACHETTY Ayaguinsamy

13.03.1880           HENRIETTE Estasie Virgile and GOVINDEN No 370341

22.06.1892           HENRIETTE Esthérie and GRANDCOURT Charles Alcide

13.08.1889           HENRIETTE Felicie and POIRET James

22.12.1881           HENRIETTE Flore Henriette and POIRET Louis Frédéric

17.05.1902           HENRIETTE Jeannette and MIRABEAU François

17.10.1885           HENRIETTE L'Eveilla and DIGNE Alfred

28.07.1902           HENRIETTE Marie Valentine and FLORE Louis Oscar

22.12.1883           HENRIETTE Marie Vendredi and TAMBOU Gustave

19.07.1869           HENRIETTE Pétronille Alexandrine and MARIE Charles

24.02.1892           HENRIETTE Elfrida and CHETTY Ramsamy Ringuin

16.01.1892           HENRIETTE Ursilie and LABLICHE Francois Aglae

20.02.1884           HENRIETTE  ** Adélina and SYLVAIN

10.09.1883           HENRIETTE  ** Elisabeth and CASQUET Pierre

19.07.1873           HENRI-QUATRE Elisa and FLORE Oscar

08.10.1898           HENRI-QUATRE Elizabeth and ROSE Charles

10.07.1852           HENRY Cécile and BOUDOT Allain

04.05.1886           HENRY Héloïse and MEMEE Auguste

02.05.1885           HENRY Henriette and MALBROOK No 109 Philogène

03.03.1888           HENRY Modesty and CAKOR No.69 Francois

07.11.1901           HENRY Sophie and MOSES Jean

01.09.1870           HENRY QUATRE Alfrédine and NUNCA Charles

10.02.1890           HENRY QUATRE Anna and FITCH Henry Newton

01.10.1857           HENRY QUATRE Eulalie and BERNARD Germain

26.11.1890           HENRY QUATRE Laura Francoise and GERTRUDE Francois Leotar

04.07.1885           HENRY QUATRE Matilde Etonia and DINDON Louis Vislaine

22.08.1859           HENRY QUATRE Perrine and BATILDE Come

06.08.1890           HENRY QUATRE Suzon and BOB No.493

31.01.1876           HENTA Aurélie and BENOIT Cirilien

20.11.1875           HERMINE Marie Françoise Coralie and BRAND Herbert

01.10.1840           HERMINIE Dorine and VEL Jolicoeur

21.08.1834           HERMINIE Herminie and VERLAQUE Jean Baptiste

30.09.1871           HERMINIE Marie Hersilie and SAVY Médéric

21.07.1883           HERMINIE Marie Louise and MARGUERITE Joseph

09.08.1890           HERMINIE Suzette No.688 and NASSIBOO No.361 Ornally

11.07.1892           HERMINIE Hortense and SUZETTE Charles

24.09.1850           HERMITTE Adélaïde Désirée Françoise and MONDON François Philogène

22.07.1886           HERMITTE Joséphine and ANTOINE David

00.00.1861           HERMITTE Léopoldine and HICKY John

18.04.1816           HERMITTE Marie Catherine and LAFONTAN Pierre

23.02.1895           HERMITTE Marie Josephine Eulalie and MONDON Henri Joseph

21.01.1900           HERMITTE Marie Perrine Joséphine and POTHIN Marie François Osary

21.04.1860           HERSILIE Marie and DUBIGNON Louis Joseph René

29.11.1887           HETIMIER Delphine Virginie and RIVIERE Clodomire Joseph

06.03.1905           HETIMIER Victorine and JUPITER Antoine Quinon

06.03.1905           HETIMIER Victorine and JUPITER Antoine Quinon

24.12.1896           HETIMIEZ Delphine and CAMILLE Jude Richard Dumont

29.05.1900           HETIMIEZ Louise Estella and WILLIAMS Charles Henry

03.02.1830           HIBON Louise Estelle and PAYET Florent Gilles Napoléon

05.06.1834           HIBON Louise Radegonde Delphine and PAYET Pierre Charles

09.10.1828           HIBON Marie Antoinette Elisabeth and ETHEVE Vilbrode

16.03.1858           HIBON (sgd Vve Etève) Marie Antoinette Elisabeth and CAMPBELL David

18.08.1887           HICKEY Félicie and PAYET Auguste Noirtier

26.06.1901           HICKEY Marie Anne Amélie and MOREL Joseph Inard

30.06.1892           HICKEY Marie Desiree Suzanne and PETIT Charles Auguste Leon Leopold

02.10.1898           HICKEY Marie Esperie and PAYET Francois

05.02.1887           HICKEY Marie Joséphine Cécile and MONDON Charles Clément

04.10.1875           HILAIRE Florine and ELLEN Clément

12.06.1899           HILAIRE Marie Augustine and FELICITE Oville

04.05.1899           HILAIRE Marie Estelle and FORVAL Joyelin

04.02.1813           HIMBERT Marie Catherine Henriette and JORRE ST JORRE François Marie

25.02.1893           HIOCETTE Celerine and ANDRE Louis

22.09.1902           HOARAU Louise Emilie Thérésine and MARCHAND Joseph Gabriel Jean Marie

18.10.1904           HOARAU Marie and ST ANGE Charles

22.04.1900           HOARAU Marie Aurée and MOREL Marie Eugène

03.06.1886           HOARAU Marie Estérie and BEAUFOND Edouard Artidor Tessier

22.10.1899           HOARAU Marie Henriette Elilia and MONDON Elie Elizah

31.08.1890           HOARAU Marie Rose and ROBERT Antoine

16.06.1903           HOARAU Marthe Marie Julie and BENOITON Julien

25.02.1806           HOAREAU Charlette Emérentienne and TIRANS Louis Marie

11.11.1878           HOAREAU Charlotte Marie Louise and SAVY Charles Théodore Victor

10.02.1890           HOAREAU Constance Aimee Perillia and VERLAQUE Frederic

23.09.1894           HOAREAU Elisa Aimee and VIDOT Louis Monchery

11.05.1895           HOAREAU Emedille Celedy and LARUE Marie Joseph Edouard

06.08.1835           HOAREAU Françoise and SAVY Marie Olivier Ilaric

28.06.1900           HOAREAU Inès and WILLIAMS Louis Charles

10.03.1831           HOAREAU Joséphine and LOIZEAU Félix Etienne Domzilh

28.11.1893           HOAREAU Josephine Cyrillia and RENAUD Aime Frederic

05.05.1890           HOAREAU Louise Julia and POOL Joseph Virgile Michel

02.12.1806           HOAREAU Marie and BOCQUEE Louis

28.05.1806           HOAREAU Marie Catherine and DUVEY Jean Lot

17.04.1880           HOAREAU Marie Célérine Gracia and MAILLIET Jean Ryan

31.05.1900           HOAREAU Marie Charlésia and JOSEPH Thomy

04.09.1880           HOAREAU Marie Claircine and BUTLER Thomas Canon

05.06.1886           HOAREAU Marie Eléonide and MONDON François Amédée

14.04.1904           HOAREAU Marie Elisabeth and AGAGUINSAMY Samy (sgd Ange Alagain Samy)

22.08.1885           HOAREAU Marie Eliska and VIDOT Charles Jérémie

25.08.1900           HOAREAU Marie Francine and ISRAËL David

03.06.1905           HOAREAU Marie Isabelle Laure and PUREN Francis Emilien

03.06.1905           HOAREAU Marie Isabelle Laure and PUREN Francis Emilien

18.05.1892           HOAREAU Marie Joseph Alexandrine and LABLACHE Joseph Albert

15.10.1853           HOAREAU Marie Joseph Artidoria and BEAUFOND Louis Tessier

12.04.1902           HOAREAU Marie Louise and MEIN Léonel Anagarcis

01.02.1902           HOAREAU Marie Malcy and CALAIS Henry Deny

22.09.1885           HOAREAU Marie Rosalie Gérofline and PAYET Pierre Médérique

03.02.1813           HOAREAU Marie Uranie and POUPONNEAU Louis Jacques Eugène

25.07.1893           HOAREAU Olympe and JUMEAU LAFOND (signed JUMEAU) Jean Baptiste

02.06.1894           HOAREAU Zilda and MICHAUD Charles Dalburn

30.03.1837           HODOUL Antoinette and D'ANTOINE François Edmond

14.05.1829           HODOUL Geneviève and GRANDCOURT DE Alfred

15.02.1862           HODOUL Henriette Aglaé and GUILLON José?

10.09.1846           HODOUL Marie Aimee and D'ANTOINE Augustin Emanuel

31.01.1905           HODOUL Marie Alphonsine and GENDRON Charles Joseph Auguste

31.01.1905           HODOUL Marie Alphonsine and GENDRON Charles Joseph Auguste

22.07.1824           HODOUL Marie Ananie and CAUVIN Désiré

24.10.1905           HODOUL Marie Fanchette Jeanne and LOUSTAU LALANNE François Joseph

24.10.1905           HODOUL Marie Fanchette Jeanne and LOUSTAU LALANNE François Joseph

24.10.1833           HODOUL Odile Amélia and DUCHESNE Auguste

20.08.1832           HODOUL Olivette and MAMIN Thomi

19.07.1838           HODOUL Rosalie and NAGEON André Jean Marie

25.11.1897           HOFFMAN Aurélia Marguerite and CAMILLE Joseph Gaston

25.09.1877           HOLEWAH Sarah No 344 and HARRY No 15

27.04.1904           HOLLIER GRIFFITHS Maria Donalda and RIND Walter Lockhart

27.11.1901           HOMERE Stéphanie and VAUSER George

13.11.1886           HONORINE Jeanne and PIERRELINE Auguste

18.12.1890           HORACE Catherine and SONGWAR No.159 Pompee

24.04.1875           HORTANCE Azémia and RENAUD William

31.10.1893           HORTENSE Celerine and DERGAC Augustin

04.11.1850           HORTENSE Estérie and DOCINON? Chrysostôme

12.08.1841           HORTENSE Lolotte and BATTIN? Joseph

29.08.1857           HORTENSIA Victorine and SIMEON Louis

01.04.1841           HOUAREAU Aimee and HOUARAU Henry Gilles

31.05.1884           HOUAREAU Aimée Marie Léontine and TIRANT Joseph Henry

22.11.1899           HOUAREAU Aimée Sidonie and NARCISSE Dex François Ebrard

13.02.1897           HOUAREAU Augusta Maltide and DOWEY John

26.01.1867           HOUAREAU Aurélie Françoise Radegonde Constance and PETIT Théodore Désiré

07.11.1868           HOUAREAU Betsy Resida and BOUCHEREAU Charles

11.02.1899           HOUAREAU Constance Aimee Perilia and THIBAULT Edouard

04.10.1884           HOUAREAU Elise and KNOWLES William

09.10.1905           HOUAREAU Eulalie and DENIS Louis

09.10.1905           HOUAREAU Eulalie and DENIS Louis

04.07.1868           HOUAREAU Eulalie Estelle and D'ARGENT Auguste Remy Henry

25.07.1905           HOUAREAU Georgina Mélanie and LABLACHE Bruneau François Auguste

25.07.1905           HOUAREAU Georgina Mélanie and LABLACHE Bruneau François Auguste

18.10.1838           HOUAREAU Joséphine and D'ARGENT Auguste Remy Louis

12.01.1828           HOUAREAU Joséphine and LABLACHE Charles Louis Simon

02.07.1846           HOUAREAU Louise Marie Henriette Estelle and PAYET Jacques Vincent

19.07.1813           HOUAREAU Louise Radegonde and DIJOUX Gilles

16.03.1808           HOUAREAU Louise Radegonde and DIJOUX Pierre Gilles

25.06.1799           HOUAREAU Louise Radegonde and IMBERT François

24.11.1825           HOUAREAU Marguerite Sidonie and LAPORTE Venant Florentin

26.03.1807           HOUAREAU Marguerite Sidonie and PAYET Pierre Florent

27.08.1863           HOUAREAU Marie Cirilia and PAYET Pierre Charles Théodore

16.07.1888           HOUAREAU Marie Ernestine Argentine and TIRANT Laurent Frederic Edouard

08.02.1866           HOUAREAU Marie Louise Joséphine and LABLACHE Charles Auguste

08.07.1837           HOUAREAU Marie Magdelaine Cidonie St.Joux and NEZET Victor Constant

01.08.1885           HOUAREAU Marie Magdeleine Euphrosine and FERRE Frank

11.05.1872           HOUAREAU Marie Noémie and NEZET Ferdinand Marie Léopold

01.07.1841           HOUAREAU Marie Radegonde Felicia and LE FLECHER Louis Maurice

09.02.1882           HOUAREAU Marie Renette Estelle and PHILOGENE Jean Virgile

17.11.1870           HOUAREAU Marie Sidonie and PAYET (widower Marie Eugénia Morel) Pierre Antoine Daniel

15.11.1851           HOUAREAU Marthe Marie Léontine and KNOWLES George

29.06.1867           HOUAREAU Marthe Marie Léontine and LABLACHE Charles Auguste

24.11.1876           HOUAREAU Zélie Anna and KNOWLES Georges

05.02.1890           HOUAREAU Adelaide and UZICE Luisy

28.01.1890           HOUAREAU Catherine Argentine and HOUAREAU Frederic Auguste

15.02.1890           HOUAREAU Marie Noemie and LABLACHE Marie Joseph Edgard

30.09.1893           HUBERT Delphine and CAROTTE Leon Edouard

06.07.1901           HUDAYA Maria No 347 and PAUL No 351

00.00.1815           HUET Marie Eléonore and GONTIER Jean Pierre

14.01.1875           HUGON Marie Cécile and HOARAU Apollinaire Furcy fils

25.06.1884           HUGON Marie Julia and LOIZEAU Joseph Alphonse Napoléon

10.02.1820           HUMBERT Françoise Cornélie and DIOLLE Jean Baptiste Nicolas

23.11.1889           HUMBROSE Marie Rose and FURNEAU Victor

17.10.1901           HUMPHRY Orphélia and ROSE Auguste

25.07.1888           HUTEAU Anna Elirose and NONO Charles Lewis

05.02.1870           HUTEAU Emilie and PATON Dopson Théodorick

25.09.1851           HUTEAU Eugénie Constance and BERLOUIS Jean

08.09.1883           HUTEAU Hersilie Thérésia and MONNAIE Victorin

29.08.1840           HUTEAU Marie Aimée and BERLOUIS Pierre François Joseph

04.10.1882           HUTEAU Marie Aimée and LEPOIGNEUR Louis Arthur Demosthènes

07.06.1810           HUTEAU Marie Charlette and D'OFFAY DERIEUX Jean Joseph

08.11.1818           HUTEAU Marie Charlette and D'OFFAY DERIEUX Jean Joseph

10.06.1876           HUTEAU Marie Emilia and RAT Charlemagne

14.12.1848           HUTEAU Marie Laure and MICHAUD Charles

23.11.1905           HYDA Jaquette and AUGUSTIN Gustave

23.11.1905           HYDA Jaquette and AUGUSTIN Gustave

18.07.1850           HYPOLITE Charlette Brigitte and LABROCHE Alfrède

07.06.1879           HYPOLITE Henriette Marie Elmina and VANDYNE Robert Christopher Bourne

21.12.1844           HYPOLITE Marie Francoise Genevieve and AGRICOLE Louis Marie Genevieve

29.11.1856           HYPPOLITE Olivette and APRODITE Rosier