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Woman's Surname Alphabetical Listing
Classement par les femmes
© Heulwen Hélène POOL and Daniella JOHNSTONE

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14.06.1884           IDELMA Constance and BALA? Alfred Seetaya

20.01.1883           ILANTIN Idalie and ANDERSON Peter

23.06.1902           ILANTIN Idalie and CLARA Charles Venant

09.10.1865           ILER Colinette and GUILLAUME François

22.09.1877           IMAHOOWA Thalie No 342 and LAURENT No 331

11.09.1890           IMOUVAUBAH Cecilia No.193 and MALBROOK No.180 Roger

17.10.1888           IMPERATRICE Euphemie and ALBERT Charles Edmond

04.06.1883           IMPERATRICE Euphémie and FREDERICK Louis

29.10.1839           INARD Marie Françoise Charlotte and PATON Auguste Napoléon

12.06.1852           INDOLENTE Laurine and LOUISE Victor

12.05.1860           INOCENT Clérone and PIERRE LOUIS Evenor

13.05.1902           ISAAC Hélène Charlotte and HASSEN John Holly

20.08.1898           ISAAC Jacqueline and BETSY John

26.09.1899           ISMAËL Sarah and ANGELIQUE Toussaint

16.08.1896           ISNARD Emilie Josephine and HOAREAU Emile

22.09.1900           ISNARD Marie Alexandrine and MEIN William Anthony

09.02.1871           ISNARD Marie Ananie and MOREL Joseph Maximillien

25.05.1891           ISNARD Marie Eliska and ROBERT Louis Napoleon

13.02.1893           ISRAEL Louisa Marie and BETSY Nicolas

10.02.1894           ISSALAMAH Bienca Maliella No 714 and CAMONA No 958 Bagon?

14.08.1852           ISTAUD Reine and CAMILLE Amédée

10.08.1892         ITCHKARCEMAN Elisa No.191 and SONGOR No.66

10.09.1887           JABE Armeline and MATHURIN Jean Furcy

05.10.1899           JACK Maria and GEORGE Amano

09.01.1894           JACK Mary Louise and ATKINS William Charles Algenone

16.10.1886           JACK Sarah and RICHMAN Hypolite

21.11.1878           JACKEECHANCE Marie Jeanne No 33 and SEERANG No 119 Bill

06.10.1883           JACOB Modeste and CAMUNA No 246 Jeannot

12.04.1855           JACOTTE Fanny and LOUMA Télémaque

14.09.1899           JACQUELINE Amélia and CUPIDON Félix

26.06.1858           JACQUELINE Amélia and VILPRE Vulcain

11.08.1855           JACQUELINE Rosette and LACROIX Marcelin

12.06.1902           JACQUELINE Rosine and ADELINE Olive

27.10.1892           JACQUES Elilia and RADEGONDE Ernest

27.10.1892           JACQUES Marie Alphonsine and MERITHON Joseph Henry

12.09.1903           JAFFA Jean Baptistia and GUY Guy Pierre

10.03.1904           JAMABEE Bessie No 12 and APOLLO No 964

15.02.1890           JAMANCE Celimene No.62 and CAMOONAH No.73 Grant

14.07.1887           JAMES Cresence and ADAM No 78

06.09.1890           JAMES Jeannette and MOMARTHAN alias VENN No.621 Miles Laura alias Moses

11.07.1903           JAMES Julia and KABAREGA Zazaya

24.07.1897           JAMES Sinna and CONRAD Tola

04.06.1892           JAMES Victorine and JACK No.377

29.12.1855           JAMORE Madelaine and SOFALA Clément

06.09.1900           JANE Louisa and DENY Jean Saladin

24.02.1876           JANE GRAY No 616  and VALERIEN No 306

23.09.1882           JANIME Matty No 302 and JERRY No 91

01.07.1899           JANNEAU Louise and LOUISE Roselin

18.07.1891           JANVIER Adelaide and LARIVE Belise

18.09.1880           JANVIER Julie and BRISTOL Louis Numa

23.01.1875           JANVIER Marie Eliza Elgérie and LABROCHE Julius

29.12.1842           JARARE?? Zénémire and LEJUSTE Louis

12.09.1841           JASMIN Adrienne and DECEMBRE Ignace

11.04.1888           JASMIN Adrienne and MICO Charles Julien

05.10.1876           JASMIN Eugénie and ANNACOURA Japhet

14.05.1887           JASMIN Eveline and BONIFACE Bainchernan?

06.09.1879           JASMIN Félicie and NANON Ange

04.08.1883           JASMIN Léoncine and RENAUD Joseph Napoléon

13.01.1894           JASMIN Sophie and DIDON Francois Marianne

13.06.1872           JASMIN Sophie and SIDONIE Zéphir

11.03.1868           JASMIN Zélia and MAGDELAINE Diole Eugène

06.09.1873           JASMIN Maguitte and LOUIS Romain

17.04.1886           JAVOT Javotte and ANTAT Marcel

27.11.1897           JAVOT Orpheline and COQUAT Francois Varde Joseph

26.11.1901           JAVOTTE Eva and MATHIOT Félicien

31.07.1889           JAVOTTE Rebecca and DINDON Edmond

04.11.1889           JAVOTTE Victorine and MARIE LOUISE Charles

16.04.1903           JEAN Alexandrine and MARENGO Zamor

22.02.1893           JEAN Aspasie and VIDOT Napoleon

30.06.1870           JEAN Charlette and LAGRENADE Jean François

28.06.1884           JEAN Elisia Cécile and JOSEPH Alcide

12.11.1901           JEAN Evelina and MARIA Jérémie

22.12.1881           JEAN Evelina and MOUSTACHE Adolphe Gabriel

14.12.1848           JEAN Felicite and JASMAIN Castor

22.06.1895           JEAN Laurencine and ARBEIN Joseph

09.06.1900           JEAN Marie Rosalba Argentine and HENRI Jean Louis Alfred

11.04.1901           JEAN Philoé and RAMSAMY Erooben

02.10.1890           JEAN Sidonie Emilia and BONIFACE Joseph Laventure

18.06.1898           JEAN Theosine Marie and CUPIDON Louis Victorin

16.12.1899           JEAN Victorine and DOCTEUR Paul

28.12.1871           JEAN Virginie and DICKSAY Emile

04.05.1889           JEAN Virginie and JOWBALL

18.08.1900           JEAN BAPTISTE Aurore Emilie and GIALOR Jules

28.02.1885           JEAN BAPTISTE Malvina and MEMEE Dérosin

15.12.1880           JEAN BAPTISTE Marie Louise and ESTHER Elphèse

21.05.1904           JEAN BAPTISTE Roseline and LAFLUTE Amédée

14.03.1895           JEAN BAPTISTE  ** Marie Augustine and MARFAING Louis

23.01.1891           JEAN FRANCOIS Celina and CELESTINE Augustin

22.01.1866           JEAN JACQUES Charlette and LAURENCE Casimir

24.11.1827           JEAN JACQUES Jeannette Sadrine and WILSON James

28.08.1825           JEAN JACQUES Jeannette Sadrine and WILSON James

18.12.1827           JEAN JACQUES Marie Jeanne Nettie and MORICE/NOZAIC? Louis

29.12.1886           JEAN LOUIS Clémentine and HUTEAU Remy Emile

01.10.1903           JEAN LOUIS Marie Cécilia and ROUILLON Horace Zatte

28.01.1904           JEAN LOUIS Marie Rose Delphine and ARNAUD Joseph Jules

29.08.1895           JEAN -LOUIS Marie Zelie and RUSTEAU Isaac

17.04.1893           JEAN PIERRE Magdeleine and LOUIS No.1278

04.07.1891           JEANABLE Mary Annne No.869 and TIBOUTOU No.219 Hopkins

16.10.1893           JEAN-JACQUES Evelina and DROSEY Karl

10.05.1888           JEAN-LOUIS Angele Pauline Emilie and RIDEAU Philoxene

14.08.1890           JEAN-LOUIS Eliska and LONGAILLE Amedee William

18.02.1888           JEAN-LOUIS Emilie and ZATTE Charles Aimable Jules

08.08.1891           JEAN-LOUIS Josephine Eleonore and LAGRENADE Joseph Michel

13.11.1894           JEAN-LOUIS Melanie Jeanne and FRANCOIS Pierre Francois

08.12.1849           JEANNE Céline and JOLIVETTE Félix

18.06.1901           JEANNE Edouarine and ADRIEN Virgile

19.02.1876           JEANNE Estelle and CICOBAT Darcourt

28.11.1894           JEANNE Ezilia and DELIE George

10.12.1887           JEANNE Félicie Céline and HILAIRE Edouard

20.06.1891           JEANNE Féline and JEAN Victor

08.05.1885           JEANNE Fifine and VICTORIN Philogène

06.10.1903           JEANNE Jeanne and BASSET Paulin Marceline

19.02.1876           JEANNE Julieda and FORTY? Manuel Antonio

22.12.1886           JEANNE Juliette and CELINE Julien

07.11.1844           JEANNE Juliette and LUCARNE Philippe

18.08.1849           JEANNE Lucile and RACOU Jean Louis

20.09.1838           JEANNE Marie and BRISSET Hypolite Unité

30.06.1841           JEANNE Marie and PASTROP Fidèle

09.05.1885           JEANNE Marie Joséphine and REUBEN No 15

20.10.1891           JEANNE Marie Victorine and BEL Jean Charles

08.10.1885           JEANNE Nanette and URSULE Ernest

23.08.1886           JEANNE alias LEONARD Sarah and LESPERANCE Charles

04.10.1899           JEANNETON Elizabeth and AGATHINE Emile

03.07.1880           JEANNETON Estelle and SIFLOR Augustin

30.11.1896           JEANNETON Jean Baptistia and SOURIS Marcelin

11.07.1861           JEANNETTE Louison L'Eveillé and MARIE Michel

06.11.1856           JEANNETTE Temise and ADELA Mars

14.05.1874           JEANNIE Marie Joseph and SIFLORE Makin

27.11.1873           JEANNIE Zelime Marie and SOFOLA Emilien

22.07.1899           JEANNOT Augusta and BARRA Emilien

16.11.1903           JEANNY Marie Joanna and MAGDELAINE Arthur

08.01.1887           JEMIMA Marie and GOODMAN No 85

26.04.1879           JENNIE Jane No 7 and RAMSAMY No 477 John

22.06.1885           JENNIE Mary and NOEL No 1386

04.03.1876           JENNIE No 1  and NICK No 1289

20.02.1890           JENNY Alphonsine and SIMEON Roselin

20.10.1903           JENNY Emilie and ISIDORE Joseph Quilindo

27.09.1893           JENNY Heloise Pierre and HELIEN alias GEORGES Camille

12.04.1877           JENNY Juno No 1072 and TRISTE No 1275

04.11.1893           JENNY Lisette and ASSEENA Loiuis Bella

25.05.1899           JENNY Marie Joseph and NICETTE Polemy

25.10.1890           JENNY Roseline and MERITON Augustin

22.10.1888           JEREMIE Cécilia and GOMME Auguste

02.02.1898           JEREMY Marie Éclair and SONGWAR Leonard

26.07.1902           JEROME Estelle and VALENTIN Julien

09.04.1904           JERRY Aurore and HARRY Félix

29.04.1899           JERRY Cecily and JULIUS Julius

14.08.1903           JERRY Marie Louise and GAMATCHIS Paul

09.06.1888           JERRY Nina and JOSEPH Albert

10.06.1893           JERRY Perrine and CLARISSE Joseph

31.08.1899           JERRY Phrasia and CLARISSE Joseph

15.11.1899           JERRY Sarah and BROWN Jean

26.09.1885           JESMEE Caroline and LABONTE Alcindor

09.02.1901           JESMIE Minerve and PANCRASSE Michel

04.07.1896           JESSY Alphonsine and BENJAMIN Sam

04.11.1882           JILES? Clarice and NARAINEN Marday

11.01.1896           JIM Marie Emma and AUGUSTIN Augustave

30.05.1898           JINDA Julienne and PIRON Volcy

11.08.1904           JOB Pauline and BAROTTEE Justin

18.05.1878           JOHANNA Augustine No 94 and BILL No 1080

21.02.1887           JOHN Adelina and RALPH No 647

26.09.1885           JOHN Marie and GEORGE No 708

13.09.1860           JOHN Marie Elixène and BATTU Mathieu Joseph

17.12.1884           JOHN Marie Estellie and CHIFFONNE Polidor

03.06.1899           JOHNSON Gracia and MABOOLOOK George Arthur

29.08.1874           JOHNSON Marie Felicie and DARDENNE Desir

26.10.1901           JOHNY Norvia Gabrielle and FANCHIN Fanchin Daniel

12.07.1897           JOLICOEUR Aurelina and PANEAU Robert

14.02.1878           JOLICOEUR Elisabeth Dina Rebecca and PAULINE Joseph

27.05.1902           JOLICOEUR Joséphine and REDON Louis

20.08.1903           JOLICOEUR Marie Augustine and VICTORINE Sylvain

11.12.1884           JOLICOEUR Marie Léa Sarahie and BRENNEN Hubert

13.03.1841           JOLIE Victoire and LASOIF Lindor

15.11.1884           JONATHAN Mélise and JOUBERT Casimir

16.01.1892           JONATHAN Adele Lilia and CAVIGNAC No.322 Owen

27.07.1903           JONES Betsy and FAYALLA Donald

23.08.1900           JONES Brigitte and BLONDIN Emile

23.01.1792           JORRE Marie Joseph and SAVY Charles Dorothé

11.03.1802           JORRE DE ST JORRE Béatrice Maturine Fanny and JOUANNE Joseph Marie Modeste

09.08.1810           JORRE DE ST JORRE Françoise Euphrasie and D'ANTOINE Mathieu

24.06.1834           JORRE DE ST JORRE Marie Catherine Idalie and BUTLER Theodore

20.11.1901           JORRE DE ST JORRE Marie Catherine Rosine and BOULLE Edgar Louis Léon

23.04.1864           JORRE DE ST JORRE Marie Françoise Léontine and SAVY François Marie Désiré

23.09.1903           JORRE DE ST JORRE Marie Sabine Amélie and BOULLE Jean Loïs

24.10.1891           JORRE DE ST. JORRE Marie Andrine Eudoxie and MAUREL Francois Sauveur Jules

28.11.1844           JORRE DE ST.JORRE Zelie and ESPARON Armel

06.06.1842           JORRE DE ST.JORRE Zelie and ESPARON Benoit Pierre Armel Armand

12.07.1860           JORRE ST JORRE Eliore and OLSON Andrew

05.02.1856           JORRE ST JORRE Françoise Blanche and LANE William Henry

19.05.1805           JORRE ST JORRE Françoise Euphrasie and HODOUL Barthélémy Raimond

30.01.1812           JORRE ST JORRE Marie Corantine Dorothée and TALBOT Antoine Nicolas

08.06.1794           JORRE ST JORRE Marie Corentine Olivette and HODOUL Jean François

14.05.1870           JORRE ST JORRE Marie Perrine Félicie and HOUVE Daniel John

30.10.1894           JOSEPH Alice Josephine and HATTON John Alfred

19.11.1887           JOSEPH Ameline and AGATHE Thomas

09.02.1871           JOSEPH Anaïs and BELLE Jean

03.03.1904           JOSEPH Antoinette and FERNANDEZ George

19.08.1884           JOSEPH Artidoria and BARRA Thomas

18.04.1891           JOSEPH Cecile and SIMEON Louis Brasse

06.08.1898           JOSEPH Claurencia Veronica and STEPHANE Ovais

29.09.1900           JOSEPH Elizabeth and BARBE Julien

31.07.1888           JOSEPH Estelle and ONESIA Sylvestre

12.11.1887           JOSEPH Filia and GERTRUDE Jean Louis

19.06.1893           JOSEPH Georgina and MANCIENNE Furcy

10.10.1872           JOSEPH Hélène Marie and BERTRAND Victor Charlot

02.03.1889           JOSEPH Jeanne and VENN No.61 Paul

14.11.1885           JOSEPH Joséphine and PETIT No 334

19.06.1889           JOSEPH Marie Adelaide and MARIE Ernest

18.08.1883           JOSEPH Marie Joseph and JAB Benjamin

18.08.1883           JOSEPH Marie Stanislas and VOLNY Volcy

08.04.1899           JOSEPH Marie Thecla and AH-THION

29.04.1897           JOSEPH Perrine and PLEUREUSE Laurent

28.07.1888           JOSEPH Rebecca and PHARCE Joseph

22.06.1891           JOSEPH Rebecca and VICTORINE Jean Charles

26.08.1876           JOSEPH Rosa Fridoline and MEDERIC Silvain

29.10.1881           JOSEPH Victorine Pauline and NICETTE François Charles

14.02.1887           JOSEPH (sgd Defose) Euphrasie and D'OFFAY DE RIEUX Marie Pierre Auguste Claude

25.11.1879           JOSEPH (sgd Léontine Paulina) Léontine and ANTOINE Charles Sylvain

18.10.1884           JOSEPHINE Marie and DEBARRIERE Melreau David

30.11.1837           JOSEPHINE Marie and NAZ Jean Baptiste

09.04.1842           JOSINE Eléonore and FIRMINO Paul

07.04.1888           JOSSELYN Suzanne and JABOTTE Philippe

17.04.1852           JOUAN Zélie and PARFAIT Jupiter

17.10.1844           JOUANIS Adrienne and APS Charles Auguste

02.09.1876           JOUANIS Adrienne and HOAREAU Jean François Cyriac

13.06.1863           JOUANIS Eugénie and BONNETARD Ozéphir Nicolas

07.03.1846           JOUANIS Isaure and MOULINIE Jean Marie Amedee

03.06.1873           JOUANIS Leontine and JOUANIS Jean Baptiste Noel

03.06.1873           JOUANIS Lilia and BONNETARD Ozephir Nicolas

21.06.1860           JOUANIS Marie Elina and D'ANTOINE Mathieu Joseph Oscard

31.01.1888           JOUANIS Marie Gabriel Valerie Emma and BESTEL Ange Nicles Armand

15.01.1902           JOUANIS Marie Julia Isaure Valérie Rosina and SAVY Henry Léon Dorset

10.08.1861           JOUANIS Marie Léontine and CARTER Charles Howell

30.07.1889           JOUANIS Marie Noelie Lucie and ROULLET Edward George Hollier

10.09.1902           JOUANIS Marie Noëlie Lucie and SAVY Charles Désiré Despilly

07.03.1857           JOUANIS Marie Valérie and JOUANIS Jean Baptiste Noël

26.08.1876           JOUANIS Noémie and ANGLESY Jacques Séverin

24.07.1838           JOUANNEAU Eugénie Hermance and LEPERRE Etienne Paul

08.09.1849           JOUANNEAU Joséphine Erosalia and HUTEAU Joseph Pierre

19.11.1887           JOUANNO Emilie and ABOUDALON Charles Toussaint

22.09.1883           JOUANNO Marie Antoinette and DORBY Raymond

20.12.1860           JOUBERT Alfrédine and FINETTE Laurent

30.11.1889           JOUBERT Ameline and VEILLEUSE Philogene

19.01.1903           JOUBERT Artidoria and BASTILLE Romellie

22.11.1890           JOUBERT Attidora and BRUNE Ferdinand

12.02.1887           JOUBERT Attidora and SOPHIE Louis

13.12.1883           JOUBERT Charline and CELESTINE Lespoir

03.07.1890           JOUBERT Constance and ELODIE Athanase

28.07.1883           JOUBERT Constance and MIRABEAU Charlot

28.11.1885           JOUBERT Elisabeth and NUCA Coradin

10.05.1890           JOUBERT Fanchette and THEMISE alias BIBI Azath

27.03.1856           JOUBERT Fanchon and LABICHE Edouard

10.10.1872           JOUBERT Henriette and CREOLE Bonhomme

12.09.1885           JOUBERT Joséphine and PHILO Antoine

23.07.1853           JOUBERT Laurentine and LABICHE Gentil

05.09.1882           JOUBERT Marie and ATALA Augustin

05.07.1904           JOUBERT Marie Unestra and ARISSOL Michel

11.03.1847           JOUBERT Sara and LARISSOLE Felix

11.04.1885           JOUBERT Tance and RENAUD Alexandre

04.03.1886           JOUBERT Théophile and PALMER No 336

13.08.1881           JOUBERT Victoria and HENRY QUATRE Clément

22.06.1898           JOUBERT Victorine and QUATRE Henri

04.09.1897           JOUBERT Virgina and GABRIEL Manuel

08.11.1899           JOUBERT Zulida and MICHETTE Emilien

03.01.1895           JOUMAH Fatmah and MAMODE Hajee Hamode Hajee Jan

11.09.1893           JUBERT Alfredine and CHARLOTTE Dinan Florine

16.05.1885           JUIFURALLY Ranjady No 152265 and JOSEPH Salmon

26.11.1863           JULES Anne and ATHALA Victorien

30.06.1865           JULES Anne Marie and HENRI QUATRE Charles

10.07.1886           JULES Aurélie and FLORENTINE François Antoine

29.04.1902           JULES Félicie and CHINON Augustave

27.05.1899           JULES Julia and ERNEST Laurent

22.05.1889           JULES Marie Migelo and GONTIER Emile

21.06.1890           JULES Fanny and BARISA No.36 George

25.06.1881           JULIA Clara No 775 and FRANCOIS No 163

01.08.1886           JULIE Adelina and MALGASHE Jean

19.01.1889           JULIE Estelle and CLARISSE Louis Sylvain

02.06.1894           JULIE Estelle and MARIE Roselin

24.02.1887           JULIE Herminie and THERESE Félix

24.04.1893           JULIE Marie Antoinette and PIERRE No332 Pierre Paul

21.11.1896           JULIE Marie Eleonore and FIRMINO Joseph

25.06.1903           JULIE Marie Joséphine and BEAUMANOIR DE Hyacinthe

16.11.1889           JULIE Marie Natalie and DANIEL Daniel

18.02.1869           JULIE Marie Natalie and LOUIS Eristin

03.06.1893           JULIE Zelibarine and LEVAU Felix

25.06.1887           JULIEN Clémence and ISAAC No 940

20.03.1884           JULIEN Marie Clarice and MALBROOK No 167 John

02.05.1872           JULIEN Marie Joseph and SOUCALE Souambar

24.09.1887           JULIEN sgd VEL Marie Rosine Idelma and LEONARD Olive

20.10.1888           JULIENNE Adeline and DILIGENT Diligent

15.01.1887           JULIENNE Aimée and SINON Evenor

08.02.1893           JULIENNE Celestine and AZEMIA Emile Edouard

24.09.1881           JULIENNE Clémentine and BARA Alfred

14.05.1863           JULIENNE Clémentine and LAVEILLEUSE Félix

01.07.1876           JULIENNE Eléonille and HOUAREAU Silvain

18.09.1841           JULIENNE Elionine and VART

30.05.1885           JULIENNE Ernestine Marie and EDMOND Jean Charles

20.05.1902           JULIENNE Eulalie and BARBER Adrien

10.09.1904           JULIENNE Francine and ANTA Artimédor

19.06.1886           JULIENNE Françoise and JULIENNE Tony

05,07.1898           JULIENNE Jeanne Baptista and ANACOURA Lamour

22.04.1897           JULIENNE Josephine and JOUBERT Gabriel

28.12.1889           JULIENNE Leonide and BISTOQUET Adrien Ronde

12.11.1889           JULIENNE Leonine and ACCOUCHE Ismael

18.09.1905           JULIENNE Marie Antonia and COMET Joseph

18.09.1905           JULIENNE Marie Antonia and COMET Joseph

22.10.1902           JULIENNE Marie Célestine and FITCH Lumuel Henry Charles Newton Juvenal Furcy Quatre

04.04.1899           JULIENNE Marie Leonia and ADOLPHE Furcy

04.05.1901           JULIENNE Marie Louise and LEON Dominique

02.02.1895           JULIENNE Marie Rose and ALBEST Albert Polite

10.08.1889           JULIENNE Olélia and URANIE Jean François

08.06.1889           JULIENNE Taïtie and CECILE Georges

07.02.1899           JULIENNE Zoe Aimee and COCATE Jean Louis

22.10.1891           JULIENNE Marie Elisa Francis and ADELLA Theodore

13.04.1899           JULIETTE Fanny and CADIS Sylvain

17.06.1882           JULIETTE Félicie and ARTHUR Arthur Azolan

16.02.1884           JULIETTE Françoise and THERESINE Bertrand

17.04.1847           JULIETTE Jeanne and PEDRO Charles

03.06.1882           JULIETTE Joséphine Fanchon and MUBLAVANEN Appahoo

19.08.1884           JULIETTE Juliette and SINASSA Augustin

22.12.1877           JULIETTE Marie Armeline and RACOU Jean Louis

21.06.1899           JULIETTE Marie Louisa and SIMEON Julien

05.09.1892           JULIUS Estellia Maria and LOUANGE Jean Baptiste Vincent

08.10.1897           JULIUS Fanny and JACOB Cesar Augustin

23.10.1886           JULIUS Mérancienne and MARIA Gentil

14.06.1902           JUMEAU Aimée and LATIMY Nicolas

05.12.1904           JUMEAU Aimée Lucie and MICHAUD Charles Alfred

03.10.1898           JUMEAU Angele Emma and LEMIERE Joseph William

27.01.1902           JUMEAU Angèle Emma and NEZET Victor Ferdinand Maurice

13.12.1896           JUMEAU Esther Amelie and DESAUBIN Louis

18.01.1902           JUMEAU Eugénie Antonia and ADELINE Joseph Emile René

04.12.1898           JUMEAU Josephine Aimee and MANCIENNE Louis

26.01.1898           JUMEAU Louisa Emmeline and TREGARTHEN Henry James

12.09.1868           JUMEAU Louisa Jeanne and ROUILLON Pierre Marie Clinstel

31.07.1897           JUMEAU Louise Jeanne Angelina and MOREL Louis Cleopha

02.12.1875           JUMEAU Marie Emilie and INARD Jules Guilin

24.10.1872           JUNON Mélise and AGRIPPINE Lamour

28.08.1862           JUPCIENNE Augustine and SAMSON Joseph

18.02.1890           JUPITER Delie and ELISABETH Edouard

15.09.1900           JUPITER Eloïse and ATHALA Virgile

21.11.1901           JUPITER Félicie and QUILINDO Amédée

05.07.1886           JUPITER Léonia and MATOMBE Félicien

01.10.1900           JUPITER Loëmie and VICTOR Victorin

08.10.1846           JUPITER Maguite and MARIE Adonis

09.06.1860           JUPITER Maguitte and BRISTOL Etienne

04.10.1860           JUPITER Marie and LUCAS Colas

31.10.1900           JUPITER Noëlie and FRANCOIS Emilien

13.02.1893           JUPITER Onesia Elfrida and CONFAIT Germain Louis

29.03.1884           JUSSEY Rosalie No 213 and ANTOINE No 491 Bill

14.08.1901           JUSTE Marie Antoinette and MARCELINE Charles

01.08.1840           JUSTIN Caroline and LOUIS MARIE

05.09.1874           JUSTIN Marie Pauline and FREDERIC Auguste