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Woman's Surname Alphabetical Listing
Classement par les femmes
© Heulwen Hélène POOL and Daniella JOHNSTONE

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30.06.1883           KAHEMAH Olivia No 675 and MANOAH No 246 Horne

16.07.1892           KASEL Margaret and MALBROOKEE No.280 Laurent

24.04.1885           KATWANA Catherine No 53 and AMICE Armand

11.08.1864           KEAST Nancy Victorine and MICHAUD Pierre Jean

22.11.1877           KEEMBAUX? Mary No 616 and ANGARATHA No 653 Jim

12.10.1886           KEEMOO Fanny Cally No 465 and CAVERECKA No 248 Elysé

10.05.1877           KEENALN'AH Louise No 282 and MARICABOI No 275 Jeremy

26.05.1877           KEENALN'AH/KEENAENEE?? Therese No 189 and ARTHUR No 333

06.02.1886           KEENISOAH Jeanny and CASSAMBOO No 233 Hazard

08.03.1886           KEEREKOLERA Fanchon No 339 and JUMAH No 49 David

15.09.1888           KENNEDY Mary Michell and BARBIER reg.VICTOR Hubert James

24.11.1814           KERBIDY Judith Etienette and VIDOT Bruno

03.07.1884           KIAL Marie Fanchette and CHEN Both

26.09.1895           KIJAH Dolly No.472 and BAROKO No.304 Arnold

04.05.1878           KIMREROOVETTA Paulina No 677 and ORCADE No 370

14.02.1903           KING Elisa and PIERRE Volange

05.09.1901           KING Rose Marie and MARIANNE Samuel

17.07.1880           KITTOKEAH Julia No 548 and HARAMAH No 545 Jacob

30.08.1873           KNOWLES Leontine Roselie and ROUILLON Jean Auguste

18.08.1877           KNOWLES Mary Georgina and HOUAREAU François Joseph

23.03.1878           KOORANACOMBE Veronique No 331 and SALLIMANARY No 604 Roebuck

07.05.1892           KUMBAUX Mary No 616 and AURELIUS No 552

10.09.1901           KUMKEEMAHE Ellen No 119 and COSTAN Luke

01.09.1877           KUMPAH Jane and BILL

07.06.1858           LA BELLE Eugénie and BERNARDIN Crispin

18.12.1847           LA CHANTEUSE Juliette and KILO Amice

28.04.1858           LA COMTESSE Nancy and MANUEL

31.01.1885           LA MER Constance and SCIPION Léveillé

29.12.1897           LA RAMEE Marie Theresa and AGLAE Moise

17.07.1847           LA RIVE Charlette and ANNETTE Theophile

14.06.1851           LA SAUCE Fannie and VALENTIN Sans Souci

12.11.1863           LABALEINE Adèle and ANDRE Constant

26.07.1856           LABEL Zélime and CHARLETTE Allain

12.12.1840           LABELLE Célestine and RAMJAN

09.01.1841           LABELLE Clarisse and CASSE Basse

16.04.1856           LABELLE Clémence and SAUFA Innocent

09.01.1841           LABELLE Clarisse and CARRE Basse

26.05.1842           LABETE Juliette and CHARLES Figaro

26.07.1856           LABETE Palmire and CEDRA George

11.07.1885           LABICHE Alphonsine and TANCE Andosse

07.10.1874           LABICHE Arthedora and SOFOLA alias CLEMENT Francois

13.02.1893           LABICHE Artheodora and LOUISE Antoine

14.06.1902           LABICHE Caroline Elisabeth and BARBE Jules

16.10.1877           LABICHE Eleonore and ISIDOR Melidor

01.05.1894           LABICHE Elfrida and VENDA Etienne

30.07.1887           LABICHE Elodie and ROSE Lamour

21.05.1856           LABICHE Estelle and BERTRAND Louis

18.05.1876           LABICHE Florentina and MAGDELAINE Charles

27.03.1901           LABICHE Geneviève and ORPHE David

01.08.1885           LABICHE Hortense Florine and LAVENTE Prosper

30.04.1887           LABICHE Joséphine and AURELINA Aurélien Alphonse

01.09.1900           LABICHE Julida and ROSE Charly

08.06.1895           LABICHE Julienne and ENCHANTE Hilaire

13.03.1856           LABICHE Margueritte and BAUDEAU Cupidon

01.12.1900           LABICHE Marie and LARCIN Joseph Levesse

25.02.1860           LABICHE Marie and L'EVEILLE Frederick

13.06.1898           LABICHE Marie Pierreline and VENDA Louis

10.07.1886           LABICHE Prudence and BENOIT Remy

08.10.1903           LABICHE Rosélia and BARBE François

12.11.1863           LABICHE Suzanna and SOFALA Martial

00.07.1892           LABICHE Virginie Aglae and FREDERIC Frederic alias Charles

14.01.1888           LABICHE Zulmee and EDOUARD Joseph

24.08.1870           LABICHE alias LABALEINE Julienne and CELINA François

21.04.1888           LABIGORNE Marie and LOUIS Joseph

10.02.1900           LABIGORNE Thérèse and BISTOQUET Jean Baptiste

24.12.1883           LABIGORNE Zéphérine and MARIA Auguste

10.01.1871           LABLACHE Alice Albertine Charlésia and BAILEY George Levi Weston

30.07.1902           LABLACHE Charline Marie Joséphine and TURBIL Joseph Jean Marie

08.09.1845           LABLACHE Esther and LUNEL Paul

30.08.1897           LABLACHE Eugénia Iphigénie and D'UNIENVILLE MARIER Guillaume Auguste Rodolphe

28.04.1859           LABLACHE Félicie Joséphine Alix and PETIT François Guillaume Lambert

25.07.1895           LABLACHE Henriette Marie Méda and PAYET Oscar

10.01.1888           LABLACHE Joséphine Albertine and THIBAULT Marie Georges Théodore Ferdinand

26.08.1876           LABLACHE Joséphine Cécile Aurore and HOUAREAU Darvil Florian

13.02.1888           LABLACHE Lucie Virginie Alix and KNOWLES George

02.06.1870           LABLACHE Marie Adèle Uranie and GUICHARD Joseph Laurent

14.10.1889           LABLACHE Marie Fanélie Noémie and ETHEVE Vilbrode

04.05.1892           LABLACHE Marie Josephine Angel and ADELINE Joseph

18.05.1892           LABLACHE Reine Emilie and GARDNER Richard Hampden

06.09.1887           LABLACHE Sophie Pélagie Méda and BOSSY Joseph François

29.06.1878           LABLACHE Sophie Pélagie Méda and BROWN Charles

01.06.1892           LABLACHE Victoria Celestine and NEZET Joseph Edouard

14.07.1894           LABONNE Athelisse and DINAN Noel

27.02.1892           LABONNE Charlotte Charlot and CLIA Charlot

12.10.1870           LABONNE Isménie and MUSSARD Paul Noël Nanon

26.06.1899           LABONNE Madeleine Tercile and LABROCHE Jean

19.04.1884           LABONNE Victoria and ZEPHERINE James Similien

20.08.1840           LABONTE Clarisse and BISTOQUET Auguste

16.09.1890           LABONTE Eugenie and CONSTANT Richemont

13.06.1885           LABONTE Eugénie and TOUSSAINT Adrien

13.12.1860           LABONTE Eulalie and DARJAC Remy

02.05.1853           LABONTE Idalie and ALICIO

12.05.1888           LABONTE Juliette and VENDA Alphonse

26.10.1874           LABONTE Laure and VART Charles

19.12.1896           LABONTE Melise and MADELEINE Achille

27.06.1885           LABONTE Noélie and SOUF Amad

22.06.1876           LABONTE Rachel and NANTOUTOU Jean

26.05.1891           LABOUDALON Clarisse and PALMER No.336

23.04.1887           LABOUDALONE Adeline Maricielle and ROUCOU Jean

28.10.1858           LABOUDEUSE Lélia and MONEE Célestin

13.11.1841           LABRAND Thérèse and LEBON Domingue

16.02.1884           LABRIOCHE Angélina and ANTOINE Jupiter

04.11.1858           LABRIOCHE Claire and VAUSER Jean Langousier

05.07.1879           LABRIOCHE Honorine and FIGARO Léonard

30.05.1891           LABRIOCHE Honorine and JEAN BAPTISTE Casimir

21.07.1886           LABROCHE Adèle Hortense and RETAIT Rebousse

04.06.1892           LABROCHE Angelique and AGATHINE Saladin

26.01.1884           LABROCHE Antoinette and SERRET Charles

28.02.1874           LABROCHE Augustine and CRUSOE Baptiste

?…..                       LABROCHE Augustine Alfrede and VICTIME Amedee

27.05.1886           LABROCHE Aurésina and MARENGO Philippe

10.03.1849           LABROCHE Cecile Lolotte and DUHIL Charles Amede Josephine

22.12.1883           LABROCHE Célérine and MARIE Kergoasse

10.10.1889           LABROCHE Charlotte and CHINE Henry Hyppolite

07.08.1886           LABROCHE Evelina and LOUANGE Jean Baptiste

25.10.1877           LABROCHE Félicie and THOMAS Zephir Adrien

07.02.1880           LABROCHE Geneviève and BISSON alias ERNESTINE Jean Aristide Lionel alias Louis

15.12.1842           LABROCHE Grace and VOLAGE L'Espoir

04.08.1860           LABROCHE Joséphine and SOURIS George

26.02.1846           LABROCHE Leonice Alfred and SIMEON Ernest

21.08.1897           LABROCHE Marie Cephise and HARDY Jean Marie Ernest

14.05.1901           LABROCHE Marie Françoise and EDMOND Victor Roger

28.06.1877           LABROCHE Marie Joseph and FORVAL Ambroise

15.11.1873           LABROCHE Marie Leonna and JOLICOEUR Charles Issai

02.04.1892           LABROCHE Marie Louisa and BAILLEREAU or BAYRO Aristide

12.09.1885           LABROCHE Marie Mathilde and BISSON Jean Aristide Lionel

03.12.1878           LABROCHE Marie Vénus and BARBE Alfred Samuel

02.03.1867           LABROCHE Modeste and FIGARO Victor

12.11.1864           LABROCHE Modeste and MONGALE Paul

03.05.1904           LABROCHE (sgd LABROSSE) Amelina and SAMSON Amédée

07.06.1904           LABROCHE (sgd LABROSSE) Elisalinde and JOUBERT Empereur

03.08.1899           LABROCHE (sign.LABROSSE) Ambroisine Marion and TELEMAQUE Virgile Fernand

13.06.1894           LABROCHE (sign.LABROSSE) Clara and JULIETTE Vilmain

27.08.1903           LABROCHE sgd LABROSSE Marie Laura and SYLVA DE Germain

28.04.1897           LABROSSE Adèle Elisabeth and OLIVIER Charles

21.07.1877           LABROSSE Antoinette and BELLE Télémaque

08.03.1886           LABROSSE Antoinette and BIBI Désiré

08.02.1890           LABROSSE Delphine and ETIENNE Epidariste

29.06.1895           LABROSSE Emilie and LABROSSE Joseph

27.12.1886           LABROSSE Hortense and VALENTIN Hilaire

05.09.1900           LABROSSE Léonisse and SIMEON Dolphin

10.12.1868           LABROSSE Marie and SOPHOLA Pierre

16.06.1900           LABROSSE Marie Geneviève and BONIFACE Rémy Etienne Elie

21.11.1903           LABROSSE Marie Joséphine and JULIE Charles Frédéric

27.01.1900           LABROSSE Marie Losène and CLIA Louis Favori

22.06.1878           LABROSSE Suzette and NOURRICE Louis Scapin

09.06.1888           LABROSSE Theresia and NOURRICE Joseph Francois Adolphe

22.02.1842           LABROSSE Zeline and LOUIS Frederic

28.04.1841           LACHAISE Modeste and CARPE Bosée

19.11.1814           LACOUR Marie Rosalie Euphrasie and ROBERT Jacques

26.04.1890           LACROIX  alias ANACOURA Theosine alias Theresine and THESEE Gaspard

26.07.1856           LADESOLEE Adelle and CATEAU Ragotin

03.10.1896           LADOUCE Victoire and FRANCOIS Emile

22.09.1905           LADOUCEUR Amelina and DINE Francois

22.09.1905           LADOUCEUR Amelina and DINE Francois

09.12.1893           LADOUCEUR  ** Françoise and MUSSARD Duhasier

07.11.1889           LADOUSSE Eugénie and ROSALIE  ** Tom

11.11.1887           LADOUSSE  ** Césarine and DELAINE Pierre

22.04.1841           LAFARINE Juliette and JUSTIN Robert

22.04.1841           LAFARINE Marine and WILBERFORCE Maurice

00.00.1861           LAFENTE Azémia and BONTE François

05.07.1879           LAFENTE Marie Ananie and FRANCOIS Pierre François

30.07.1840           LAFENTE Silvie and MAQUE Beaubrisan

01.08.1872           LAFINE Céline and UZICE Jean Amédée

18.10.1866           LAFLEUR Rose and ARMOOGUM sgd in Indian Carpin

03.02.1902           LAFLUTE Aglaé Armélina and GODLEY Frederic John Andry

29.08.1840           LAFLUTE Azélia and ACIS Adonis

25.08.1842           LAFLUTE Caroline and LARITE??? Capoul?

04.01.1838           LAFLUTE Célina and LABROCHE Alfred

28.11.1903           LAFLUTE Georgine Eugénie and AMBROSE Ebrard Louis Court

12.06.1841           LAFLUTE Joséphine and MARIA Constant

06.12.1883           LAFLUTE Marie and CONSTANCE César

19.07.1888           LAFLUTE Marie and PLANTIN Edouard Ange

03.09.1902           LAFLUTE Marie Françoise and GOPALLA Mukinda

05.05.1900           LAFLUTE Marie Louise Amélina and BRADBURN Thomas George

10.09.1900           LAFLUTE Mélise and GIMGARAM Mahadee

05.05.1866           LAFLUTE Théophile and BERTRAND Julien

15.09.1897           LAFLUTE Theresine and MEME Jean Baptiste

15.11.1884           LAFLUTE Virginie Maria and MONCHERRY Robert

27.06.1900           LAFORTUNE Marie Alida and JAPHET Alexandre

20.07.1898           LAFORTUNE Marie Alida and SAMUEL Samuel

22.01.1895           LAFORTUNE Marie Elilia and L'ESPOIR Jean Julius

01.09.1897           LAFORTUNE Marie Josephine and ANTHONY Antonne

31.07.1886           LAFORTUNE Mélanie Françoise and BASTIENNE Fleurimont Victor

11.01.1883           LAFORTUNE Toinette and MELANIE Andosse Jean Marie

05.08.1891           LAFORTUNE Marie Orphelie and CHINO Alfred

01.10.1840           L'AFRICAINE Arielle and MOUCHETTE Sylvain

15.09.1845           LAGREABLE Victoire and VENTOSE Zephir

24.01.1845           LAGRENADE Alphonsine and SIMARAMBO Tabes

30.12.1858           LAGRENADE Amélina and ANTAT Orélius

17.05.1890           LAGRENADE Angelina and FAURE Antoine

18.07.1840           LAGRENADE Emilie and SILVA né MADERE Antony

27.05.1891           LAGRENADE Hercilie and ANTA Louis

06.03.1845           LAGRENADE Marie Joseph and BARBE Zidas Julien

02.05.1892           LAGRENADE Virginie and PIERRE Auguste

20.02.1897           LAGRENADE Eloise and JOSEPH Jean Marie

24.11.1894           LAGRENADE Georgine and LAURE Gabriel

29.09.1870           LAGRENADE widow Hypolite RIOU Louise Louis and DESFOSSES Joseph Moncherry

30.10.1858           LAGROSSE widow Victor Labonté Virginie and MARENGO Casimir Ursule

13.08.1840           LAGUERRE Victorine and COLOMB Christof

03.11.1899           LAJOIE Juliette Mélanie and BATEAU Parfait

26.02.1884           LAJOIE Mélanie Juliette and BELMONT Jouaness

24.10.1867           LALANDE Alexandrine and DUMONT alias FIONO Laurent

16.10.1883           LALANDE Cécilidie and FAURE Charles Joseph

30.01.1902           LALANDE Emilie and VAN DYNE Robert Alexandre

13.01.1887           LALANDE Olivia and JOINEAU Kemel

11.06.1883           LALANNE Antoinette and MARIE Volny

09.07.1887           LALANNE Augustine and LARIVE Bélizé

05.12.1888           LALANNE Elvire and FLORE Alexis

10.02.1877           LALANNE Marie Adélaïde and PONTRE Alcide François

31.01.1894           LALANNE (signed LALANDE) Josephine Anais and ANTOINETTE Louet

02.02.1893           LALANNE or LALANDE Antoinette and BALING alias LABALEINE Zephyr

08.01.1898           LALOI Clementine and PIRRON Adem

15.05.1886           LALOVE Adeline Maricielle and PHILO Saladin

20.07.1872           LAMBERT Juliette and DOROTHEE Etienne

19.09.1888           LAMBERT Marie and HENRIETTE Jean Marie

07.10.1884           LAMBERT Rose and OREDDI No 399 Abdul

06.09.1856           LAMEINE Aglaé and ROMON

22.10.1896           LAMIRAL Joséphine and MELLON Pierre François Ernest

22.10.1896           LAMIRAL Joséphine Lesby and MORIN Joseph Edouard

04.02.1890           L'AMIRAL Cecile and PRERA Thomas

02.05.1843           L'AMOUR Perrine and MATHURIN Jean Baptiste

02.06.1891           LAMOUR Perrine Paulina and CAROLINE Joseph

08.12.1840           LANDOT Zénemire and VAURIEN Mardi

02.05.1887           LANDRI Caroline and BARRAQUE Félix

03.08.1868           LANDROUSSE Anne Marie Gertrude and GUILLON Josse? Pierre

08.01.1847           LANDROUSSE Anne Marie Gertrude and JACKSON Joseph

23.07.1900           LANDRY Clémentine and CORALIE Elie

21.03.1839           LANDRY Judith and PIERRE Magloire

15.02.1879           LANE Blanche Louisa and STEVENSON John Théodore

05.02.1862           L'ANE Marie Rosine Vincent and MOREL Auguste

13.03.1862           L'ANE Marie Sophie Augustine and SOFALA Amédée

11.09.1821           LANGLOIS Clémence Estelle Marie and AUDIBERT François Joseph

28.08.1816           LANGLOIS Henriette Estelle Zélie and DUMAT Joseph François

15.11.1821           LANGLOIS Henriette Julie Césarine and HIBON Pierre Marie Nicolas

02.06.1870           LANGLOIS Marie Aglaé and BORDA Bernard

12.12.1893           LANGLOIS Marie Fulgencia Clarisse and ADAM Joseph James

28.12.1896           LANGLOIS Marie Philomène Clémentine and ADAM Michel Thomy

28.03.1859           LANGOUREUSE Evelina and RINGHEN Emile

08.09.1892           LANGOUZIER Clarissia and BELLARD Romely

20.07.1850           LANGUEUR Dauphine and LEGRIS Pluton

02.09.1903           LANIER Marie Marguerite and NAGEON DE LESTANG Etienne Paul Andréa

05.12.1888           LANTERN Charlette and OREDDI No 408 Turpin

03.05.1888           LANTERN Honorine and PORT-LOUIS Elinor Cyril

08.05.1852           LANTERNE Charlette and BRISTOL Julien

21.12.1848           LAPAILLE Adeline and ANDOISE Antoine

31.01.1850           LAPENTE Azémia and ANTOINE Pierre

12.12.1845           LAPENTE Honorine and GALANTE Victor

15.11.1902           LAPENTE Marie Anaïs and BISTOQUET Germain

03.12.1887           LAPENTE Marie Anaïs and LOGER Elliel Esther

10.11.1883           LAPOLICE Simonette and WAYLAKA No 8 Aaron

29.04.1871           LAPORTE Aimée Sidonie and PONDART Jules

15.02.1879           LAPORTE Amélie and POTTER Samuel Ryder

28.07.1866           LAPORTE Armeline and MICHETTE changed to MATHURIN 25.08.1902 Frédéric

11.04.1885           LAPORTE Cyrilie Véronie and ANDRADE DE José

28.10.1865           LAPORTE Ernestine and DINDON Edmond

27.04.1889           LAPORTE Ernestine and MATHIOT Joseph

29.11.1894           LAPORTE Eugénia and HOFFMAN Peter

09.06.1877           LAPORTE Félicie and CAMILLE Jean Auguste Wolf

23.02.1870           LAPORTE Louise and UNDERWOOD Isidor Alphonse

27.08.1881           LAPORTE Louise Elisabeth and DOMENJOD Louis Jules

04.02.1864           LAPORTE Louise Elisabeth and FURTEAU Charles Jules

22.12.1856           LAPORTE Marie (recognized by Violène Laporte) and DINDON Emilien

15.01.1876           LAPORTE Marie Cirillia and LAPORTE Auguste

10.09.1890           LAPORTE Marie Desiree Uranie and MOREL Louis Marie Charles Auguste Thomy

26.07.1904           LAPORTE Marie Elisabeth and NUCAS Coradin

20.08.1903           LAPORTE Marie Imogène and LABROCHE Charles

07.11.1900           LAPORTE Marie Joséphine and NOURRICE Joseph Théodore

23.06.1877           LAPORTE Marie Rosélia and QUINON Charles Joseph

21.01.1854           LAPORTE Marie Rosine Athénaïs and MOREL Louis Marie Bélizé

22.10.1864           LAPORTE Marie Zélie and GAMIN Simon

01.12.1866           LAPORTE Musidora and LAPORTE Ferdinand

07.06.1880           LAPORTE Rosalie and BERLOUIS Etienne Furcy Jules

09.06.1866           LAPORTE Rosalie and RIDEAU Eugène

10.11.1869           LAPORTE Zulmée and GABRIEL Joseph

17.05.1875           LAPRAU? Toinette and LABLOCHE? Jean

14.06.1866           LAPROU Rosine and MARIE Joseph

22.12.1877           LAPRUDENCE Augusta and JULES Larose

24.11.1888           LARAME Delphine and AND ONE Antoine

12.05.1859           LARAME Delphine and FLORE Olivier

06.12.1883           LARAMEE Aurélia and LAFLUTE Pierre

24.11.1904           LARAMEE Marie Zéphérine and MOUSTACHE Istrie Elysée

29.10.1839           LARAVINE Radegonde Catherine Eline and SCHOREY Charles

30.07.1840           LARCHE Marion and FEUILLAGE Laramé

21.02.1822           LARCHER Catherine Charlotte and MELLON Antoine Furcy

29.03.1811           LARCHER Louise Catherine and CHANTEAU René François

23.02.1814           LARCHER Louise Catherine and CHANTEAU René François

09.03.1820           LARCHER Marie Betsi and MELLON Joseph Louis

11.08.1831           LARCHER Marie Gabrielle and BAILLON David Mathurin

23.06.1823           LARCHER Mélanie and MOREL Déronce

12.03.1819           LARCHER Mélanie and MOREL Déronce

17.01.1874           LARCIN Marie Eleonore and DESIRE Desire

10.09.1840           LARETRAITE Délie and MERVEILLE Thomas

11.06.1840           LARETTE Suzette and SUD EST Zéphir

11.07.1840           LARGESSE Junon and GALLEUX Jean Louis

04.07.1895           LARICEAU Josephine and RAFOMBE Louis

22.07.1841           LARIMAR Henriette and ALABARDE?? César

10.09.1873           LARISSOL Antoinette and ABELARD Abelard

19.03.1863           LARISSOL Cécilia and DELCY Booth

31.07.1889           LARISSOLE Felicia and NANON Augustus

13.09.1884           LARISSOLE Félicia and BASTILLE Antoine

21.04.1891           LARISSOLE Lisette and ARNESTAN Lesperance

06.08.1892           LARIVE Cecile and OZEBIE alias PAULIN Jean Francois alias Jean

08.05.1884           LARIVE Cécile and SIFLORE Julien

26.05.1883           LARIVE Cécilia and PANPHILE Elie

29.05.1884           LARIVE Charlette and MARIETTE Toussaint

25.07.1872           LARIVE Clémence and LAURETTE Robert

07.05.1887           LARIVE Eliza and ATHALA Siméon

15.02.1904           LAROMENE Julia and L'HONNEUR Paul

16.08.1884           LAROSE Alphonsine and SOPHIE Louis

22.09.1904           LAROSE Emma and AUGUSTIN François

11.10.1879           LAROSE Marie Augusta and POUPONNEAU Joseph Valdo Pyrame

05.12.1867           LAROSE Marie Médélisse and NONO Lebrun

27.07.1872           LAROSE Rosine and GOUFFE Dalmazie

21.11.1894           LARUE Bertine and MARENGO Roselin

18.02.1890           LARUE Elisa and ELISA Bertrand

04.06.1883           LARUE Elisa Larive and LABROCHE Jean Baptiste

09.08.1890           LARUE Elise Victorine and AZEMIA Charles

14.06.1888           LARUE Elise Victorine and WILLIAMS Thomas

18.10.1884           LARUE Eugénie and HENRY QUATRE Munday Charles

21.06.1891           LARUE Josephine and MIMI Adolphe

16.12.1905           LARUE Marie Félicie Estella and HERMITTE Joseph Stanislas

16.12.1905           LARUE Marie Félicie Estella and HERMITTE Joseph Stanislas

02.09.1862           LARUE Marie Rose Joséphine and SAVY Marie François St Amour

06.07.1893           LARUE Marie Roselie Amelina and POTHIN Marie Francois Nesley

07.02.1874           LARUE Marie Silvie Uranie and ROUILLON Francois Eugene

28.11.1892           LARUE Victorine and BISTOQUET Henry

02.06.1866           LARUE Victorine and MARIE Louis

15.02.1851           LASOUPE Modeste and SAMSON Jean

22.05.1890           LASSIBOO Marie and JACK No.420

21.09.1878           LASTRY Emma No 605 and SIMPLEX No 904

23.05.1846           LATHAM Aglae and CESAR reg FIRMINO Edouard

25.01.1872           LATITRIDE Eugénie and CLIA Jules

09.09.1876           LATITRIDE alias LEGRAND Eliza and RABOUDO Thomas

15.06.1889           LATITUDE alias LEGRAND Marie Louise and CAETANE Emilien

13.05.1876           LATOUR Hersilie Marie Rosette and DESNOUS Frédéric

02.02.1895           LATURINE Eleonore and CROISE Joseph

12.06.1897           LAURE Alexandrine and HENRI QUATRE Andre

16.10.1878           LAURE Alexandrine and REINE Charly

25.08.1898           LAURE Cesarine and SOLIN Fulgere

30.09.1875           LAURE Constance and BRISTOL Prosper

17.07.1886           LAURE Marie Françoise and BARBET Théodore

28.05.1898           LAURE Melisia and MARIE Adolphe

10.12.1880           LAURE Mélisia and LABROCHE Charles Joseph

12.04.1888           LAURENCE Cecilia and MARIE Jules

11.04.1896           LAURENCE Cesarine and RAHIMAH Naciboo

09.05.1889           LAURENCE Clemence and MOUSTACHE Paulin

22.12.1877           LAURENCE Délaïde and BEAUCHAMP Philipe

09.07.1889           LAURENCE Dorcelia and MAILLIET James

22.12.1891           LAURENCE Esterie and JULIENNE Edouard

17.09.1896           LAURENCE Esther Jeanne and VIDOT Jean André

29.03.1858           LAURENCE Félicité and HENRIETTE Virgile

22.11.1897           LAURENCE Isabelle and ELIZABETH Joseph

09.12.1858           LAURENCE Jeanne and TARABOUT Victorin

05.11.1889           LAURENCE Juliette Marie Zenobille and DE COMARMOND Gustave Charles

24.01.1893           LAURENCE Malcy and MUSSARD Joseph Clement

27.09.1879           LAURENCE Manon Mussard and PILLAI Camoosamy

21.05.1891           LAURENCE Marie Amelia and ADELAIDE Charles

09.10.1897           LAURENCE Marie Charline and BENOITON Julius

27.12.1888           LAURENCE Marie Francoise and WOODCOCK Remy Leseille

20.08.1904           LAURENCE Marie Henriette Williamine and MOREL Auguste

02.06.1887           LAURENCE Marie Ja………. and VICTOIRE George

09.09.1804           LAURENCE Marie Jeanne and BANANE Joseph (affranchi Hangard)

24.08.1878           LAURENCE Marie Jeanne and TARABOUT Edouard

29.06.1889           LAURENCE Marie Joseph and MARIE Isidor

10.10.1811           LAURENCE Marie Mathurine and JUSTIN

07.03.1893           LAURENCE Rosette and PLANTIN Emile

13.09.1888           LAURENCE Fanelie and BISQUET Charles

10.08.1887           LAURENCIA Laurencia and PIRAM Wilman

27.08.1853           LAURENCIA Marie Elvire and CHRISTOPHE Fifi

25.05.1889           LAURENCIA Marie Hersilie and FRANCOISE Evenor

08.04.1875           LAURENCINE Marie and BOUSIN Gustave

19.02.1879           LAURESTAIN Victorine and MATHIOT Charles

30.01.1896           LAURESTINE Marie and JEANNE Julien

10.06.1889           LAURETTE Augustine and CUPIDON Casimir

07.04.1900           LAURETTE Clémence and MARENGO Louis Maurice

06.12.1879           LAURETTE Clémentia and NALLETAMBY Moutoucarpen

21.03.1839           LAURETTE Françoise and FABAD? Léonard

17.12.1887           LAURETTE Françoise and MARIA Amédée

27.08.1840           LAURETTE Jeanne and LE JALOUX Robert

18.05.1861           LAURINCE Victorine and RIGODON Adolphe

15.11.1884           LAVEILLEUSE Dauphine Marie Louise and JULES Dalmazie

12.11.1868           LAVENTURE Augustine and LABROSSE Lazarin

14.11.1871           LAVENTURE Marie and LATITUDE alias LEGRAND Egras

11.09.1886           L'AVENTURE Florine Dauris and ROSE Victor

10.12.1846           LAVENTURE reg.CORDIERE Euphrasie and LEGAI Sans -Souci

12.10.1844           LAVERGNE Bibi and ANNETTE Gedeon

31.01.1839           LAVERGNE Marguerite and CLOTILDE François

08.07.1840           LAVEUVE Laurencine and MOUTON L'Amour

22.12.1877           LAVIGNE Marie Madeleine Olympe and PAYET Antoine Dormylie

17.04.1880           LAVOINE Vilaine and MARGUERITE Eloie

08.05.1895           LAVOINE Cecile and ELODIE Jean

25.01.1902           LAWEN Augusta and ROSE Zéphyrin

29.07.1811           LE BEUZE Anne Marie Georgette and YOUNG Robert Rolph

05.03.1814           LE BEUZE Marie Renée and FINCH Benjamin

22.11.1807           LE BLANC Jeanne Baptiste and VITRA Louis Agricole

19.05.1814           LE PREDOUR Marguerite Rose Julie and WILMIN Julien

06.02.1851           LE SALLE Françoise and DENIS François

07.11.1881           LEANDRE Marianne and OLEDHY No 607 Mercer

16.04.1903           LEANDRE Marianne and SAMPSON Bertrand

22.08.1892           LEBEL Catherine and LARISSOLE Toussaint

29.10.1902           LEBEL Dejanire and DIBELLE Arthur

02.08.1827           LEBEUZE Marie Perine Elisabeth and JOUANIS Jean François Jules

21.10.1820           LEBEUZE Vve FINCK Marie Renette and HUGON Pierre François

07.03.1822           LEBEUZE Vve YOUNG Anne Marie Georgette and LEFEVRE Edouard

15.06.1861           LEBON Aimée Thérèse and MUSSARD William

21.04.1891           LEBON Anais Adele and PURCELL James Walter

11.06.1904           LEBON Aurélie Thérèse and ASSIBI George

07.09.1903           LEBON Carmelle and KORSAH Timothy Francis

10.09.1863           LEBON Cécilia Zaïre and MENDI? Romano Joseph

24.10.1895           LEBON Francoise Eugenie and AHMING Chan

15.07.1899           LEBON Francoise Eugenie and MORGAN Charles

21.04.1864           LEBON Françoise Louise Victorine and EDMOND Jean Charles

10.04.1855           LEBON Henriette and EDMOND Jacques

17.11.1847           LEBON Jeanne Barbe and FOLLY Rayneur

23.05.1874           LEBON Julie Adrienne Marie Catherine and MUSSARD Aussin Mussard

19.02.1887           LEBON Julie Adrienne Marie Catherine and POIRET Joseph

24.04.1899           LEBON Marie Aurelia and DURUP Louis Josselin

09.09.1854           LEBON Marie Delphine and WOODCOCK John

00.00.1861           LEBON Marie Marcelline and LEWIS Joseph Stephen

10.12.1863           LEBON Marie Rosine Alfredine Adella and PIERRI Manuel

25.11.1899           LEBON Suzanne Delphine and ATTOY Chang

18.10.1860           LEBON Virginie and MATURIN Jean Baptiste

22.07.1875           LECHE Victorine and AGATHE Victorien

13.06.1885           LEDIGNE Aimée and BELLE Fostin

21.10.1847           LEFEVRE Amelie and PAYET Louis Monchoisy

21.02.1849           LEFEVRE Marie Georgette and MELLON Louis Antoine

09.10.1847           LEFEVRE Marie Jeanne Elisa and ESPARON Marie Francois Armand

26.05.1883           LEFEVRE Marie Joséphine Julina and MELLON Charles Furcy

20.04.1884           L'EFEVRE Elisabeth Médicis and L'EFEVRE Florian Jean Pierre

10.09.1863           L'EFEVRE Henriette Idalie and PAYET Louis Ernest

03.03.1889           L'EFEVRE Josephine Georgette and JUMEAU Jean Baptiste

29.09.1900           L'EFEVRE Marie Julina and COLLIE Deny Clément Charles

30.10.1901           LEFOURNOUR Emilia Joséphine Sabine and CONFAIT Georges Stephen

13.05.1899           LEFOURNOUR Marie Louise Antoinette and CONFAIT Henri Joseph

16.05.1888           LEGAE Clara and NOURRICE Francois Isidor

01.05.1886           LEGAI Joséphine and CAROLINE Auguste

23.08.1886           LEGAI Marie Eliza and HONORINE Honoré

17.06.1896           LEGAI Phrasie Jacqueline and NOVICE Victor

19.02.1900           LEGAI Victoire and CLOTILDE François Victor

27.12.1902           LEGAT Marie Juliana and DUVAL Lionel

06.04.1867           LEGAY Euphrasie and FANAVE? Salim

27.08.1894           LEGAY Euphrasie Josephine and LABROCHE Onesime Mongal

08.08.1840           LEGERLE Azémia and PHILIS Adonis

17.07.1873           LEGRAND Elisa and ASBA Benoit

03.05.1880           LEGRAND Elise Joséphine and ANGELIQUE Marcelin

13.09.1897           LEGRAS Cesarine and HOUAREAU Felicien

13.12.1898           LEGUAI Valentine and BOUSIN Lewis

06.05.1879           LEISSEGUES DE Marie Herminie Clarisse and JORRE DE ST JORRE André Despilly

21.01.1875           LEMARCHAND Camille Louisa Sauzier Margueritte and CHEYRON Félix Désiré

27.08.1901           LEMARCHAND Louisa and DUPONT Victor Eugène Albert

08.03.1886           LEMARIE Zina Martine and HOUAREAU Joseph Allié

12.04.1838           LEMERLE Adrienne and JOUANIS Charles Armand

30.09.1865           LENCLUME Fanchette and RADEGONDE Messan

25.02.1903           L'ENCLUME Anaïs and BENOIT Benoit

31.01.1895           L'ENCLUME Elise and ANNETTE Theophile Philippe David

02.05.1892           L'ENCLUME Jeanne and RAOUL Raoul

10.09.1898           L'ENCLUME Josephine and ESTRALLE Jean

21.02.1898           L'ENTETE Marie Herminie and EULANTIN Jean Joseph

26.06.1881           LENTILLE Louison and BARROT François

05.09.1895           LEOCHETTE (sign.HUOCETTE) Felicia and PLEUREUSE Jean Francois

04.06.1887           LEON Albertine and LABICHE Lespérance

20.02.1900           LEON Alphonsine and SERVINA François

09.12.1902           LEON Amélie and LEON Adam

13.12.1902           LEON Angelina and BONNE Laurestaine

16.02.1893           LEON Angelina and GIALOR Julien

01.12.1888           LEON Célérine and GUILL

31.01.1885           LEON Delphine and LUCAS Fostin

22.10.1887           LEON Marie and BELLEMONT Jean François

24.10.1901           LEON Marie Alexandrine and BURKA Bernard

09.10.1886           LEON Marie Athénaïs and DOCTEUR Charles

01.10.1892           LEON Marie Denise and MARIE Jules

07.03.1899           LEON Marie Emilie and RONDEAU Ange

16.06.1888           LEON Marie Julia and PLEUREUSE Felix

05.05.1894           LEON Marie Pauline and VEDDY Sinen Atchinah

31.03.1883           LEON Maroe Paulina and CHETTY Soopraya

08.09.1900           LEON Noëlie and ROUCOU Célestin

15.05.1894           LEON Pelagie and DORIZO Paul

18.11.1899           LEON Roselie and LUCAS Jean

09.12.1891           LEONA Emilie and BARBE Absalom

19.09.1893           LEONARD Julie and CONSTANTIN  ** Henri

20.10.1900           LEONARD Orphélie and CEDRA Japhet George

13.05.1869           LEONCE Georgine and BIBI Edouard

07.12.1887           LEONCE Marie Félicie and GALANTE Victor

19.10.1889           LEONCE Pauline and MELANIE Constant

11.05.1886           LEONCE Rosélie and CHIFFONNE Louis

29.05.1897           LEONIE Elisa Marie and LAMOUR Marcelin

28.09.1901           LEONIEL Charlésia and LUCK Jamo Bonaventure

29.10.1898           LEPERE Marguerite and ESPARON Louis Auguste Montallon

04.12.1879           LEPERE Rosalie and DOWEY  ** John

28.12.1889           LEPERRE Elise Clodia and MOREL Charles Auguste Lormenille

21.10.1875           LEPERRE Faurie and CUSHION Robert

23.05.1885           LEPERRE Gondine Elise and ADELAIDE Charles Emile

17.04.1886           LEPERRE Hermance and LEPERRE Jean

06.04.1889           LEPERRE Marie Judith and VOLMANIRE Clement

10.05.1905           LEPOIGNEUR Eugénie Marguerite Camille and AH LOC Antoine

10.05.1905           LEPOIGNEUR Eugénie Marguerite Camille and AH LOC Antoine

19.04.1879           LERESLEY Lucinda No 614 and MALBROOK No 480 Joseph

13.08.1840           LESALE Françoise and LAVENDANGE Octobre

15.12.1888           LESCAUT Manon and CHARLOT

01.08.1844           LESCAUT Manon and COROLA Basile

08.03.1888           LESCAUT Maria and CAPRIEUSE Daniel

15.02.1887           LESPERANCE Argentine and BEDIER Eugène Jean Baptiste

07.07.1894           LESPERANCE Henriette Josephine and ANACOURA Olive

07.08.1872           LESPERANCE Justina Louise Reine and WILLIAMS Charles Henry

24.07.1886           LESPERANCE Justine Magdelaine and DUBIGNON Louis Justin René Désiré

13.11.1901           LESPERANCE Maria and RENE Jean André

15.01.1887           LESPERANCE Marie and LAURE César

09.10.1886           LESPERANCE Marie Argine Eléonore and GONTIER Jean Rosemond

19.05.1902           LESPERANCE Orzélie and FOLETTE Louis Casimir

17.09.1892           LESPERANCE Rosélie and CHETTY Samy

23.09.1869           L'ESPERANCE Clémence and LEGAIE Sanssouci

23.01.1900           L'ESPERANCE Laurencine Julia and MAURICE John

26.03.1868           L'ESPERANCE Marianne and RABAS François

09.07.1868           L'ESPERANCE Orphélia and DIMANCHE alias FOSTEL Ange

09.06.1887           LESPOIR Evines and MUSSARD Ange Ossin

24.11.1904           LESPOIR Marie Elisabeth and FRED William

09.02.1891           LESPOIR Marie Olivia and ANTA Nemours

27.12.1888           LESPOIR Rose and LAPRUDE Adrien

29.07.1871           L'ESPOIR Angeline and HYPOLITE L'Espérance???

25.10.1879           L'ESPOIR Elisabeth and KADARE John

20.01.1883           L'ESPOIR Marie Olivia and JOUBERT Joseph

13.12.1890           LESPOIR Alexandrine and LOUANGE Adrien

13.12.1890           LESPOIR Marie Heroine and LAFLUTE Volcy

04.12.1845           L'ESPOIR Rosa and JOLICOEUR Edouard

25.11.1884           LESTE Aurore and LABROSSE Lazarre

24.01.1895           LESTE Celine Anastasie and ALLY Francois Elias

01.09.1897           LESTE Marie Maltilde and TAMBOU Joseph Frederick Epidarice

03.08.1904           LESTE Marie Véronique and EUGENIE Gabriel

01.12.1900           LESTE Pierrilia and SIMEON Julius

22.02.1895           L'ESTROMPE Charlette Doralis and L'ENTETE Felix

19.06.1876           LEVEILLE Elisa and ZOE Télémaque

15.11.1884           LEVEILLE Elise and HERMINIE Rémy

03.12.1887           LEVEILLE Félicie and RAFOMBE Louis

17.07.1840           LEVEILLE Jeannette and SOSINO Jeannot

24.11.1888           LEVEILLE Marie and VINDA Constant

07.07.1900           LEVEILLE Marie Ellis and ROSE Martial

12.12.1896           L'EVEILLE Esther and ADONIS Frederic

24.11.1883           LEVISSA born NANTIE Marie Zéline and DELORIE Charles Emile

27.10.1888           LEWIS Alice Adele and JEAN-LOUIS Paulin (fils)

10.03.1851           L'HORTAL Catherine and LE BEAU Narcisse

28.07.1904           LIBANOTIS Joséphine and UZICE Jean Amédée

19.07.1905           LIBANOTIS Marie and UZICE Joseph Stanislas

19.07.1905           LIBANOTIS Marie and UZICE Joseph Stanislas

12.08.1871           LIBANOTIS Marie Lise and MARIE Georges

30.09.1858           LIBANOTIS Olympe and JOSEPH Gabriel

08.05.1875           LILI Madelaine (sgd Madelaine Victor Lili) and ESTELLE John

10.04.1890           LIME Leonie and SOFA Paul

16.09.1899           LIME Marie Noémie and SIFLORE Emile

22.10.1863           LIME Thérèsine and LABROCHE François Lacibelle

03.12.1870           LINDOLENTE Fanny and VIDOT Jean Pierre Arthénodore

06.05.1858           L'INDOLENTE Flore and POLEQUA Pacifique

17.08.1865           LINDOR Babet and JOSEPH Orphée Marie

21.12.1886           LINDOR Marie Joseph and BONNELAME Guillaume

11.12.1901           LINDOR Marie Joseph and FAURE François

08.07.1841           LINE Gertrude and SEYCHELLES DE Hilaire

02.02.1885           LISE Henriette and SINON Lamour

23.11.1871           LISE Marie Rosine Ernestine and RAS Louis Emilien

01.08.1844           LITIERE Marie Louise and BRASSE Etienne

06.04.1851           LIVIE Colinette and RIGODON Fortuné

21.11.1905           LOANAH Marie Thérèse and LAURENCE Emile

21.11.1905           LOANAH Marie Thérèse and LAURENCE Emile

04.11.1876           LOBENLIA? Elisabeth No 639 and BEELALIE No 560 Luke

13.09.1860           L'ŒILLET Amaranthe and PROMPT Adonis

06.06.1896           LOGE Angeline Noelie and MATHIEU Michel Mascardine

30.09.1845           LOGEMENT Sophie and VENTEUX Zephir

02.07.1892           LOGER Adele and QUILINDO Jean

20.10.1881           LOGER Célina and NOURRICE Ernest

04.10.1902           LOGER Marceline and MATHURIN Louis

13.04.1883           LOGER Marie Léona and MONCHEMY William

13.08.1840           LOISIBLE Dorine and SAMUEL Cipion

01.09.1904           LOIZEAU Emma Joséphine Marie and CALAIS Charles John

21.05.1818           LOIZEAU Henriette Thérèse Amélie and AUDIBERT Jean Joseph

13.04.1864           LOIZEAU Joséphine Marie Louise Laurette and NIZZEGGI Guillaume

08.10.1822           LOIZEAU Julie Perrine Henriette and HOART Charles Théodore

28.10.1848           LOIZEAU Marie Aurelie Ernestine and DUBOIS Arthur

04.10.1904           LOIZEAU Marie Joséphine Clémence Albertine and COLLIE James Moses

28.09.1848           LONDRON Anais and BARBEIN Isidor

02.02.1873           LONGAILLE Audil Zulmee and MOUSTACHE Charles Julius

28.08.1879           LONGAILLE Emma Pauline and CLOTILDE Victorien Parcou

29.01.1903           LONGAILLE Félicité and GOUFFE Auguste

12.10.1870           LONGAILLE Henriette Clémence and CESAR César

05.12.1895           LONGAN Helene and BARRACK Jeremie

07.08.1886           LONGAN Hélène and MARIA Volcy

23.12.1885           LONGAN Thercile and CADENCE Emile

15.07.1886           LORENCINE Orélie and BISTOE Adrien

11.02.1860           L'OSEE Henriette and SAMSON Charles

03.12.1887           LOUANGE Alphonsine and NANON François

22.11.1884           LOUANGE Anaïs and BARONNE Charles Laurent Félidor

12.11.1900           LOUANGE Angelina and DENOUSSE Frédéric

20.05.1889           LOUANGE Cecilie and MARIE Maurice

07.07.1877           LOUANGE Ejulda and AZEMIA Joseph Alcendor

16.07.1887           LOUANGE Eléonore and RAT Joseph

25.11.1876           LOUANGE Ernestine and MARGUERITTE Auguste Precourt

23.11.1898           LOUANGE Fulgencia Marie Elisabeth and HENRIETTE Charles Denis

30.12.1869           LOUANGE Ircile Françoise and BALLOO No 216330

25.05.1889           LOUANGE Leonore and ROSETTE Thomy

12.04.1886           LOUANGE Louise and ROSALIE Charles

14.02.1893           LOUANGE Marie and DODO alias PIERRE Allain

11.04.1885           LOUANGE Marie and VALERE Edouard

08.12.1855           LOUANGE Marie Joséphine and TOMMY Chimon

06.05.1882           LOUANGE Marie Sonnette and LISTA George

07.06.1890           LOUANGE Marie and BERTRAND Joseph Victorin

01.10.1891           LOUIS Aglae and JOSEPHINE Joseph

20.04.1850           LOUIS Anaïs and DESNOUS Ernest

05.12.1872           LOUIS Caroline and MANTON William Joshua

14.04.1891           LOUIS Charlette Sylvain and ANNA Dalmont

06.10.1894           LOUIS Clemence and ELIZABETH Similien

25.06.1887           LOUIS Elise and GAPPY Jean Marie

14.05.1896           LOUIS Francoise and MARIA Marie Charles Clement

10.05.1865           LOUIS Françoise and CUPIDON Célestin

19.08.1890           LOUIS Georgina Marie Ida Augustine and ELIZABETH Francois

17.12.1874           LOUIS Maarie Georgine and PARCOU Raymond

02.06.1842           LOUIS Marie and FAURE Jean

24.10.1878           LOUIS Marie Georgina and SILVA Antoine

26.02.1870           LOUIS Tercile and DE SILVA Germain

29.03.1894           LOUIS Clemence and YOUNGMAN Henry William

14.06.1884           LOUIS MARIE Marie Alfrédine and FOSTEL Jacques

16.01.1862           LOUIS MARIE Marie Athénaïs and VEILLEUSE Victor

26.12.1877           LOUIS MARIE Marie Rose and PORT LOUIS Marie Cyrile Bibi

25.11.1899           LOUISE Alphonsine and CADENCE Jeannot

26.04.1884           LOUISE Angeline Marie and RAMALINGUM Joseph

23.11.1878           LOUISE Augustine and ABEL Fantasie

25.05.1840           LOUISE Esther and PETROUSSE dit MAUREAU Nicolas

03.05.1851           LOUISE Flaure and MARIA Marcelin

16.07.1887           LOUISE Frédérine and BENOIT Julius

21.12.1899           LOUISE Henriette and ALBERT Théodore

19.06.1884           LOUISE Henriette and ALBERT Toussaint

13.11.1901           LOUISE Henriette and CADEAU Evenor Pierre

29.09.1894           LOUISE Henriette and DENIS Louis Charles Joseph

29.08.1898           LOUISE Louise and PHARE Larose Pleureuse

17.07.1840           LOUISE Marie and DESPAGNE Pèdre

06.05.1858           LOUISE Marie and ISIDOR Cupidon

24.07.1894           LOUISE Marie Aurelia and FARADJA Victor

21.04.1877           LOUISE Sophie and VALMONT Amédée

11.11.1889           LOUIS-MARIE Laurencia and LABONNE Victor

14.01.1880           LOUNAC Amelie and BRIOCHE Olive

21.12.1876           LOURICA Laura No 595 and CAIN No 16

03.10.1885           LOUZE Eudoxie and DARZAC Pierre

05.07.1879           LOZAIC Félicité and VITAL

07.05.1900           LOZAIQUE Catherine and PAYET Joseph Antoine Fernand

25.07.1887           LOZE Henriette and FRANCOIS Léon

15.11.1900           LOZE Marie Henriette and ROUCOU Rodolphe

10.05.1899           LOZER Emilie and RAT Emile

08.06.1887           LOZER Naresia and CASIMIR Jean

27.11.1899           LOZIE Noémie and LOUIS Claude

11.04.1885           LUBIN Amélia and SOUF Madsouf

10.04.1847           LUBIN Clarisse and MADAT Miguel Antonio

07.07.1845           LUBIN Eliza and PATON Jean Charles Paulin

05.09.1872           LUBIN Georgina and ARNOLD Henry

13.11.1884           LUBIN Honorine and LEPERRE Pierre Monchery

30.06.1877           LUBIN Julia and MOODELEY Manickum

05.02.1852           LUBIN Zélia and ESTRABEA Theof Manuel

20.07.1840           LUBRICITE Arsenne and BERNARDIN Maniol

14.03.1885           LUCA Julie and DILIGENT Prosper

18.09.1894           LUCAS Adele and JEANNE Jean Baptiste

29.10.1887           LUCAS Angélique and LAVOIE Simanoff

07.06.1879           LUCAS Antoinette and NOURRICE Pierre

14.06.1888           LUCAS Clotilde Leocadie and ARMAND Frederick

10.05.1884           LUCAS Emilie and JEANNE Eugène

12.01.1905           LUCAS Esther and ELISABETH Joseph

12.01.1905           LUCAS Esther and ELISABETH Joseph

18.11.1882           LUCAS Julie and ALIDOR Victorien

27.06.1897           LUCAS Marie and RAOUL Raoul

03.05.1884           LUCAS Marie Marguerite and PATTEN Condasamy

01.08.1889           LUCAS Marie Marguerite and VINCENT Vincent

22.10.1904           LUCAS Marie Rose and MARIE Henri

31.03.1883           LUCAS Nanette and CAFRINE Jean Marie

15.09.1888           LUCAS Rose Josephine and MERITON Isidor

21.11.1878           LUCAS Sidonie Eulalie and JULIANNE Sephal

09.12.1875           LUCETTE Delphine and URSULE Adolphe Rideau

12.11.1846           LUCETTE Lucine and TONNEAU Cupidon

26.02.1874           LUCIANY Louise Angele and LOIZEAU Leopold Adolphe

05.12.1891           LUCIE Augusta and JEAN No.424 Jean Baptiste

30.06.1870           LUCINE Marceline and FLORENTINE Jeantil

14.11.1885           LUCRECE Augustine and BOOTHE No 1343

29.03.1897           LUCY Emma and BETSY Theophile

14.05.1887           LUCY Georgina and MILIUS No 603

14.10.1899           LUKE Marie and PIERRE Pierre

17.02.1900           LUKE Sarrah Elizabeth and NELLY Pierre

30.12.1884           LUSTRALE Delphine and LEON Nicolas

12.12.1874           LUTINE Emilie and ANTHANASE Jouaquis

24.09.1863           LUTINE Flore and MATHURIN Furcy

25.11.1841           LUTINE Maringa and LAMONEUR Augustin