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Woman's Surname Alphabetical Listing
Classement par les femmes
© Heulwen Hélène POOL and Daniella JOHNSTONE

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22.09.1870           MACACIA Angélique and PROSPER Julien

12.07.1879           MACACIA Angélique and SCIPION Léveillé

28.06.1858           MACASSAR Alphonsine and MAIS Boat

12.12.1887           MACASSAR Alphonsine and PAYET Cirile

17.03.1903           MACASSAR Isaïre and SOPHA Frédéric

10.05.1884           MACASSAR Lucile and SAMSON Clément

07.03.1896           MACASSAR Rebecca and SAGNIO Alfred

21.03.1885           MACASSAR Ursule and ADELLA Pierre

21.02.1891           MACASSAR Lucine and BARBE Mederic Joseph

18.08.1883           MACKENSY Eliza No 28 and FREDERIC No 1024

07.03.1870           MACOUA Fani and RONDOT Evariste

05.07.1884           MACOUTA Ameline and LEVEILLE Léveillé

30.11.1876           MADANA Angelina No 92 and INCHACAPPO? No 205 Halbard

14.12.1872           MADELAINE Estanie and SAMSON Sampson

02.02.1875           MADELAINE Laure and FRANCOIS Baptiste François

21.05.1875           MADELAINE Modeste and ANNETTE Clément

04.11.1891           MADELAINE Perrine and CECILIA Gilles

17.12.1868           MADELAINE Perrine and VICTOR Henri

18.06.1881           MADELEINE Félise? Fanny and LEON Casimir

27.05.1854           MADELEINE Henriette and CASSIME

16.12.1899           MADERE Marie Rosette and JEAN Ludovic

19.10.1871           MADRASH No 204 Marthe and AMISS No 158 Spiro

20.11.1876           MADUS? Emma No 448 and ANTONIO No 210 Head

30.01.1897           MADUSA Fiffin No.580 and ACCOMBAYEERA No.416 Loise

19.12.1856           MAFOUTA Euranie and JOUBERT Henry

24.02.1887           MAGDELAINE Argentine and FANNY Frédéric

11.12.1882           MAGDELAINE Dauphine and CIVINE Adolphe

03.09.1868           MAGDELAINE Emilie Laurestine and CHINO François Dalmaze

26.06.1862           MAGDELAINE Eugénie and JULES André

10.08.1839           MAGDELAINE Joséphine and LOIZEAU Adolphe

24.04.1856           MAGDELAINE Lucie and ZOE Charles Frédéric Victor

15.12.1840           MAGDELAINE Maria and MAFOUTA Médéric

09.10.1886           MAGDELAINE Théophile and SAMSON Charles Némorin

11.06.1892           MAGDELEINE Charlesia and RAFOMBE James

16.02.1893           MAGDELEINE Zelime and DENIS Louis

08.11.1892           MAGDELEINE Marthe and DELGARD Augustin

19.08.1897           MAGLOIRE Honorine and MOUSSOUFIYE No.735 Eugene

23.08.1900           MAGLOIRE Pierreline and NICOARG No 529 Henry

13.06.1872           MAGLOIRE (sgd PIERRE) Azémia and CAPRICIEUSE Caëtane

13.12.1849           MAGNAN Anastasie and MOREL Charles Daliban

01.07.1899           MAGNAN Anne Marie Virginie Octavie and ESPARON Marie Julien Emilien Virgile

30.12.1886           MAGNAN Geneviève Virginie and PAYET François Henri

28.12.1898           MAGNAN Marie Amelie and MOREL Marie Edovic

12.11.1896           MAGNAN Marie Roselie and PERRY Louis Gabriel

06.02.1864           MAGNANT Marguerite Amélie and DOULMET Adolphe Philippe

28.05.1846           MAGNE Lisette Louison and ROUCOU Magoingoin

04.07.1903           MAGOME Rosélia and LOZE Jean

23.12.1878           MAGUITTE Azémia and BALTIDE Auguste

08.04.1884           MAGUITTE Gertrude and LALANNE Laurent Fernand

01.12.1887           MAGUITTE Victorine and CECILIA Ernest

08.12.1883           MAHALLA Elise No 502 and SERINGUE No 120 Joseph

31.08.1876           MAHARACOM Pelrine No 383 and HARRY No 68

13.10.1870           MAHATTEE No 40 Marthe and HENRY No 1299

15.12.1879           MAHOCAMWAH Robertha No 411 and BILL No 290

17.11.1902           MAILLET Marie Joséphine Louise and ADAM Joseph Emile

15.02.1876           MAILLIET Eulalie Marie Clémence and WILSON Henry

12.06.1905           MAILLIET Eva and LAFLUTE George Eugène

12.06.1905           MAILLIET Eva and LAFLUTE George Eugène

20.05.1899           MAILLIET Marie Clemence Gabrielle and UZICE Charles Raoul

15.06.1886           MAILLIET Marie Eliska and GENDRON Loïs Louis

13.06.1840           MAILLIET Marie Eugénie and PURIN Eugène

19.05.1873           MAILLIET Marie Gabrielle Alice and MOULINIE Henry Charles

07.01.1837           MAILLIET Marie Herminie and ESPARON Louis Marie Auguste

22.08.1881           MAILLIET Marie Ida and CHERMONT DE Alexandre Louis Gaston

10.04.1883           MAILLIET Marie Lucie and BARBEAU Edgar

11.10.1860           MAILLOTTE Augustine and LARCIN Evenor

29.12.1890           MAIN Andrine Theresine and MORGAN Antony Gracia Noel

18.09.1880           MAIS Nidza and NAYA François

25.07.1885           MAIS REFFE Adélaïde and DODIN Adam

24.11.1894           MAKAMBOO Marie Olivia and GANDER Azor

06.09.1877           MALAPEE Marceline No 258 and JACOB No 236

19.09.1892           MALASHEE Delie No.37 and SHEERMAN No.593 Morpheus

06.07.1901           MALBOOLOOK Petronie and JACK Jack

22.04.1899           MALBROOK Augusta and AMISS Edward

28.06.1884           MALBROOK Juliette and AGNES Antoine

11.10.1890           MALBROOK Elizabeth and WALKER No.274

02.09.1899           MALBROOKEE Jenny and HYDA Edmond

25.11.1905           MALBROOKY Aglae Harriet and JAMESON Andre

25.11.1905           MALBROOKY Aglae Harriet and JAMESON Andre

18.01.1866           MALCOUSANE Charlotte and AMIRANTES Octave Roméo

18.10.1884           MALCOUSANE Ursule Joséphine and GERTRUDE Jean Louis

28.04.1866           MALCOUSANE Virginie and MUSSARD Ange Ossin

07.11.1885           MALCOUZAN Laurestine and DENOUS Frédéric

12.02.1887           MALCOUZANE Jeanne and FANCHON Pierre Noël

07.09.1889           MALCOUZANE Victorine and MARIA James Constant

30.11.1876           MALECA Betsy No 489 and ANAMTATOLMON? No 396 Preston

28.06.1887           MALIN Egérie Bertrand and VEL Etienne

11.06.1887           MALIN Rosélie and MAIS Renold

05.02.1870           MALITE Arselie alias Hersilie and HUTEAU Joseph Michel

20.10.1894           MALITE Charlesia and GOVINDASAMY

10.12.1890           MALLET Marie Aglae and HARMAN Julien

25.01.1890           MALLIAS Betsy and SIMEON Louis

15.03.1887           MALNOMME Juliette and CALIS Etienne

11.07.1883           MALVINA Angelina and ROBINET Frédéric Egins

22.05.1893           MALVINA Asthenie and MEME Moise Menton

13.10.1888           MALVINA Chadrine and DISTROP Jean

01.06.1889           MALVINA Josephine Georgette and BEAUDOUIN Emile

08.06.1886           MALVINA Juliette and LUCAS Colas

04.07.1901           MALVINA Rosalie and MARENGO Henry

05.10.1895           MALVINA Roseline and BERNARD Coradin

03.12.1904           MALVINA Sidonie and JOSEPH Julius

19.04.1893           MALVINA Victorine and VEILLEUSE Philogene

11.11.1893           MAMAMANA  ** Adolphina and TOUPA No 950 Jacques

20.10.1904           MAMET Valentine Françoise and AGATHA Samson

30.11.1840           MAMIE Marguerite and HEUREUX Félix

08.10.1887           MAMOSEE (sgd NEPTUNE) Julienne and FANCHETTE Médéric

07.07.1883           MANASSE Nelly No 670 and IGNACE No 42 Cambridge

28.01.1803           MANCIENNE Barbe Suzanne and FOURNIER Louis

04.03.1894           MANCIENNE Dias Eleonore and GRESLE Gontran Adolphe

14.10.1894           MANCIENNE Eliska and GRESLE Auguste Adrien Julien

13.05.1854           MANCIENNE Joséphine Perrine and GREEN William

17.06.1852           MANCIENNE Louise Mérancienne and ANTONE John

02.08.1838           MANCIENNE Marie Brigitte and SEDGWICK Charles

10.05.1866           MANCIENNE Marie Catherine and SWIFT George

16.02.1885           MANCIENNE Marie Mélanie and BENOITON Guillaume

24.01.1882           MANCIENNE Suzanne and FONTAINE Calixte

21.01.1858           MANCIENNE Zélomire Henriette and SMITH Peter

02.09.1875           MANDALLEE Julie No 647 and PROMBON No 510 Apollo

10.10.1901           MANON Charlette Françoise and GAFOOR Abdool

27.10.1904           MANON Marie Augusta and COMPOSTEL Aurélius

10.07.1902           MANON Thémise and LABONTE Victor

23.06.1877           MANSANAPE? Monette No 349 and JEAN No 716 Oscar

13.10.1887           MANTON Constance and LATITRIDE Eugène

15.11.1886           MANUEL Céline Zélie and DODIN Hypolite

10.04.1880           MANUEL Fanchette and ANTA Marcelie

07.11.1885           MANUEL Marie Isoline and SAUVE LA GRAISSE Jean Pierre

19.03.1887           MANUEL Ortence and URANIE Jean Charles

24.02.1903           MARAYA Charlette Clémence and JEAN LOUIS Jean François

21.06.1884           MARCEL Félicie and THERESINE Charlot

08.07.1905           MARCEL Marie and LOUISE Frédéric

08.07.1905           MARCEL Marie and LOUISE Frédéric

04.07.1905           MARCEL Marie Argentine and AGATHINE Louis

04.07.1905           MARCEL Marie Argentine and AGATHINE Louis

08.07.1895           MARCEL Roselie and GIALOR Julien

24.11.1853           MARCELIN Adèle Thalie and BASTIEN Victor

19.01.1884           MARCELIN Elisabeth and ADELLA Jules Gustave

09.08.1884           MARENGO Aurélina and FINESSE Joseph Honoré

23.08.1890           MARENGO Cecilie and URSETTE Estherlin

09.03.1886           MARENGO Constance and JOUBERT Jean Louis

21.10.1890           MARENGO Ernestine and ANDRE Mederic

04.05.1898           MARENGO Marianne and BASSET Alphonse

17.09.1891           MARENGO Medard Reine and SCIPION Leveille

10.07.1862           MARENGO Oliva and JEAN FRANCOIS François

11.08.1883           MARENGO Reine and LARIVE Scipion Jean Charles

18.11.1905           MARENGO Reine Matilde and MELLY Foster

18.11.1905           MARENGO Reine Matilde and MELLY Foster

02.10.1886           MARENGO Rose Anne and LABALEINE Victorien

12.07.1894           MARENGO Roselie and DISTROP Blaise

10.12.1896           MARENGO Roselie and NIOZI Augustin

11.06.1887           MARENGO Ursule and CADENCE Jeannot

06.11.1874           MARENGO Zelida and GIALOR Ernest Elyse

20.05.1899           MARENGO Zoerillia and SOURIS George

05.02.1887           MARENGO  ** Rose and YOCETTE Edouard Marie

06.08.1864           MARFOUTA Hermelinthe and PRASLIN Praslin

12.12.1885           MARGARET Amélie and BRISK No 490

18.02.1865           MARGARI Mélie and LEON Venant

06.07.1874           MARGARITE Augustine and VILAINE Philogene

22.10.1857           MARGOTTON Adèle Zélie and GOUFFE Fanchin

20.11.1880           MARGUERITE Amélie and RIGODON Joseph Icare

17.09.1892           MARGUERITE Amelie or Emilia and BETAWAMY No.574 Francis

02.12.1841           MARGUERITE Azélie and BERTHE Colas

13.08.1892           MARGUERITE Elisa Augusta and ARTHEMISE Ernest

14.10.1891           MARGUERITE Emilie and ORTERE Felix

19.10.1901           MARGUERITE Faustine and JULIENNE Emilien

23.12.1881           MARGUERITE Joséphine Eloïse and BARBE Janvier

29.12.1868           MARGUERITE Louisa and LEBEL Alphonse

19.02.1887           MARGUERITE Marie and BISTOQUET Coradin Germain Marie

30.05.1903           MARGUERITE Marie and THOMAS Laurent

05.11.1904           MARGUERITE Marie Ernestine and ROWJEE Aba

25.08.1892           MARGUERITE Marie Louise and RAMA NO.193,865 Soobana

11.12.1886           MARGUERITE Zélida Valentine and ASBA Prosper

08.08.1867           MARGUERITE Zulmée and BARBEIN Joseph

10.09.1873           MARGUERITTE Eulalie and JASMIN Leonce

15.06.1878           MARGUERITTE Félicie Adrienne and MELIE Emile

26.10.1861           MARGUERITTE Henriette and AZEMIA Charles

08.05.1862           MARGUERITTE Louise and PIERRE Ange

24.02.1848           MARGUERITTE Felicia and ENDEMION Yacinthe

04.12.1858           MARIA Adeline and HENRIETTE Sylvain

19.04.1879           MARIA Alice No 483 and SCIPION No 1316

29.02.1892           MARIA Amelie Josephine and ESTRAVENS Amedee Theophe

11.05.1848           MARIA Aurelie and POINTU Alfred

10.11.1877           MARIA Florentine and POINTU Sylvestre

29.08.1892           MARIA Jeanne Elisabeth and AH WAN

20.02.1886           MARIA Joséphine and SINON Alexis

09.08.1884           MARIA Mariah and NAMPATHEN No 536 Isidor

17.12.1885           MARIA Marianne and BARBE Augustine

23.07.1864           MARIA Marianne and MARS Philogène

19.12.1861           MARIA Marie Constance and BAMBOCHE Joseph

21.02.1900           MARIA Marie Jeanne Azémia and ESTRAVENS Antony

29.04.1891           MARIA Marie Julienne and RAFOMBE Jean Francois

18.07.1887           MARIA Marie Louisa Léa and VEL Charles Jules Molas

26.06.1884           MARIA Rosette and ABOUDALON Confiance

05.05.1904           MARIA Rosette and BRISTOL Victorien

04.12.1888           MARIA Rosette and DARZAC François

13.11.1880           MARIA Virginie and EUCHARIS Sylvain

26.10.1889           MARIA No.653 Kate and FRAHANY No.430 Renton

04.12.1885           MARIANNE Babet No 226 and ANTOINE No 135

11.03.1854           MARIANNE Clarisse Louise and TIMOTHEE Médor

06.12.1884           MARIANNE Emilie and DAVID No 54

28.05.1879           MARIANNE Emma and PAYET Pierre Charles

06.01.1841           MARIANNE Jeanne and HUILE L'Espérance

01.08.1840           MARIANNE Laure and ANNE Jean François

19.04.1884           MARIANNE Laure and COLAS Eloie

18.05.1852           MARIANNE Louise and VAUSER Lagousier

28.04.1902           MARIANNE Maria and ISSOF François

28.04.1877           MARIANNE Marie Nervolle Jean Baptistia and MARIE Adolphe

24.02.1859           MARIANNE Pauline Louise and GOMME Auguste

10.08.1905           MARIE Adolphine and ONEZIA Fanchin

10.08.1905           MARIE Adolphine and ONEZIA Fanchin

16.01.1897           MARIE Agnes Laurencine and MATOO Lascard

23.01.1896           MARIE Alfrédine and ALLY François

06.06.1871           MARIE Alphonsine Madeleine and BAPTISTE François

30.07.1863           MARIE Alzire and MOUSMOU Victor

04.11.1885           MARIE Andrine and HOSSEN No 119985 Ahmed Sk.

23.08.1884           MARIE Betsy No 334 and NASSIBOO No 1082 John

30.08.1887           MARIE Caroline and JEANNE Charles

23.09.1893           MARIE Charlette and AGLAE Francois

02.09.1880           MARIE Charlette Florina Valérie and ALCIDE Botte

09.07.1892           MARIE Charlette Florine Valerie and HENRY QUATRE Georges Marie

19.09.1903           MARIE Charlette Léontine Henriette and CASSIM Ismaël

07.03.1885           MARIE Constance No 21 and JUMEAU No 910

04.06.1842           MARIE Coralie and AZOR Lindor

07.05.1859           MARIE Dalie and CAPRICIEUSE Emilien

10.12.1846           MARIE Dulcie and HONORINE Jacques

01.12.1888           MARIE Eglantine and JOSEPH Louis

27.02.1900           MARIE Elgérie Mahé and BRISTOL Virgile

04.06.1894           MARIE Elhebeia alias Idalia and BRISTOL Rieul

04.06.1891           MARIE Elizabeth and DENIS Edouard

22.01.1852           MARIE Euphémie and BROWN Georges

23.06.1890           MARIE Evangeline and QUINON JUPITER Louis Antoine

26.09.1885           MARIE Félicie and BONNELAME Simon

18.11.1886           MARIE Félicie and JUILLET Joseph

22.05.1897           MARIE Genevieve and LABALEINE Alfred

26.06.1886           MARIE Hélène and MALVINA Rosier

12.12.1901           MARIE Henriette and ALCINDOR Magloire

31.08.1891           MARIE Henriette and BRISTOL Wilson

24.08.1891           MARIE Herminie and HENRIETTE Damzille

28.06.1879           MARIE Jeanne and MALGASHE  ** Both

06.01.1841           MARIE Jeannette and JEAN Mars

30.07.1879           MARIE Julie Angélique and BELLA St Ange

24.09.1887           MARIE Laurencia and DELGARD Bélisaire Horta

08.03.1904           MARIE Laurencine and MACOUA Bélisé

13.09.1887           MARIE Louise Stéphanie and RIDEAU Charles

10.02.1870           MARIE Madeleine and BARBEIN Adrien

10.07.1902           MARIE Madeleine and ROSE Virgile fils

30.01.1862           MARIE Malvina and MARIE Emile

28.09.1878           MARIE Marie Amélia and VITAL Victorin

12.05.1877           MARIE Marie Eléonore and MOREL Jules

20.11.1875           MARIE Marie Eliska and DURAND/DURAN Louis

26.08.1876           MARIE Marie Joseph and ZABETH Adrien

04.08.1887           MARIE Marie Joséphine and PLEUREUSE Fanchin

27.12.1895           MARIE Marie Julienne and QUILINDOS Theodore

03.10.1885           MARIE Marie Laurencine and PURCELL Francis Napier

29.08.1857           MARIE Marie Louise Armeline and BIROLET Henry (alias Laflute)

09.05.1889           MARIE Marie Theresine and FLORENTINE Gentil

26.05.1891           MARIE Nérine Ersine and CHOFFOLA Isidore

28.09.1886           MARIE Olymphe and LIME Remy

21.09.1889           MARIE Orphelia and AGATHE Victor Victorien

29.01.1886           MARIE Orphise and ESTHERIE Pierre

20.11.1886           MARIE Palmyre and ADELLA Arthur

03.04.1888           MARIE Rosalie and JUMEAU Ange Emile

05.12.1885           MARIE Sara Caroline and HERMINIE Joseph Sylvain Sarde

11.08.1902           MARIE Thémise and BALTIDE Joseph Jean Baptiste Félicien

13.03.1848           MARIE Toinette and BONAVENTURE Jolicoeur

12.09.1901           MARIE Victoire and SOPHIE Raymond

29.02.1904           MARIE Victorine and BONNE Philibert

18.12.1883           MARIE Virginie Maria and VALMONT André

28.04.1888           MARIE Nanette and MOUSMIE Felix

19.05.1884           MARIE  ** Isaïa and SICOBO Mélicourt

21.08.1869           MARIE JEANNE Julie Estanie and BISTOQUET Coradin Germain Marie

05.05.1892           MARIE LOUISE Aricie Fanchon and ADOLPHE Edouard

06.02.1869           MARIE LOUISE Irma and GIALOR Louis Philio?

13.05.1869           MARIE LOUISE Roselie and MARIE Félix

28.02.1885           MARIE LOUISE Victorine and LAVEILLEUSE Eloi

04.05.1871           MARIE No 334 Betsy and EMILE No 240

14.04.1884           MARIMBA Catherine and MARC KOA No 60 Evenor

13.08.1840           MARIN Anna and HYPOLITE Charles

06.05.1882           MARINGO Charlette and NORDEST Admet

02.05.1885           MARINGO Denise and JACQUES Télémaque

26.01.1885           MARION Anne Marie Modeste Eugénie and TIRAN Virgile

30.11.1876           MAROOK Mary No 450 or 45 and MALCOLM No 947

12.11.1892           MARS Louise Laurencine or Laurence and DE PALMAS Pierre Joseph Marie Leon

13.05.1899           MARS Marie Angelique and SIFLORE Jules

27.10.1894           MARS Marie Eleonore and FELICIE Phelien Pelagie

14.05.1901           MARS Marie Maguitte and JOSEPH Emile

09.10.1892           MARS Marie Sophie Camille and BONNAUDET Louis Leon Jocelyn

29.12.1883           MARS Yacintha and JEAN Joseph

21.06.1898           MARTIALE Marie Louise and PADIACHY Vasdeven

27.09.1887           MARTIN Emilie and COUSIN Victor

25.10.1884           MARTIN Jane Bridget and POOL Guillaume Jean Baptiste

01.05.1893           MARTINE Emilie and POMPEY Amis

14.06.1884           MARY Alexandrine and JEAN No 121

10.04.1897           MARY Antoinette and SALAMA Augustin

18.06.1888           MARY Francoise and MARY Alexandre

11.08.1888           MARY Marianne and ALEXANDER No.307

03.11.1870           MARY No 134 Mary and MALANOLA No 389 Jérôme

19.12.1896           MARYANN Jeanne and HASSAN David

01.11.1879           MASAVENDA Henriette and TANCHE Julien

20.10.1860           MASSERE Charlette and SIMEON Enervé

09.06.1877           MASSERE Marie Adela and LEVEILLE Nemorin

11.09.1889           MASSERE Tianne Vindame and PIERRE-LOUIS Evenor

12.09.1840           MASSILON Catiche and BATAILLE Lespoir

02.12.1841           MASSOUD Marie Joseph and CALISTE Henry

05.06.1905           MATHATA Aricie and CECILIA Jules

05.06.1905           MATHATA Aricie and CECILIA Jules

05.08.1889           MATHATA (sign MATHIEU) Mathilda and CARIBIEN Daniel

26.05.1904           MATHIEU Elixène and AGRIPPINE Emile

13.06.1893           MATHIEU Esther Felicite and LAURENCE Flaurent

26.10.1887           MATHIEU Marie Cécilia and OMBLIME Laurent Alfred

06.07.1850           MATHILDE Félicité and BONTE Toussaint

01.12.1842           MATHILDE Marianne and LOUIS Larose

26.06.1897           MATHIOT Astre and VIDOT Oliver

03.08.1870           MATHIOT Catherine Elise and POURQUIER Louis Victor Pascal

25.04.1903           MATHIOT Charlésia and SAM Pierre Moutou Agathe

14.07.1890           MATHIOT Henriette and MASSE Fortune

06.03.1882           MATHIOT Marie and MACOIS Zéphir

08.04.1895           MATHIOT Marie and MARINGO Charles

28.01.1860           MATHIOT Marie Louise and MOLLOY Joseph B

14.02.1888           MATHIOT Marie Lucine and PARABAUT Benoit

15.04.1820           MATHIOT Marie Silvie and LARUE Pierre Marie

05.07.1892           MATHURIN Aricie and DENIS Joseph

16.05.1891           MATHURIN Leonora alias Leona Marcelin and ONEZIA Fanchin

14.04.1888           MATHURIN Louisa and PETER No.640

02.09.1899           MATHURIN Marie Elouisa and MALVINA Guillaume

06.06.1893           MATHURIN Marie Rose and HENRIETTE Virgile

04.09.1901           MATHURINE Césarine and LABICHE Andose Jean Baptiste

12.06.1894           MATHURINE Rosine and THOMAS Zephyr

03.09.1874           MATHURINE Sophie and THEODORE Piram

26.06.1901           MATHURINE Sylvanie and LESPERANCE Jean

26.04.1866           MATIOO? Florence and MATTATHA Mathieu

08.08.1877           MATOMBE Charline Geneviève and MONGALLE Bruno

13.10.1883           MATOMBE Emilia and MOUSMOU Emilien

18.11.1905           MATOMBE Leonore and SOFOLA Olivier

18.11.1905           MATOMBE Leonore and SOFOLA Olivier

04.06.1887           MATOMBE Prudence and MOUMOU Athanase

04.06.1881           MATOU Adeline and AURELIE Caëtane

15.11.1879           MAUNESE Caroline and LAURETTE François

28.06.1832           MAUREL Henriette Françoise and HODOUL Jean François

06.09.1821           MAUREL Marie Dorothée Emmée and HODOUL Raymond fils

26.01.1892           MAUREL Marie Emmee Sophie and HODOUL Barthelemy Francis

12.05.1905           MAUREL Rolgina and PRERA Ange André

12.05.1905           MAUREL Rolgina and PRERA Ange André

03.11.1877           MAUREL Yves Véronique and BRASSELLE Furcy Niel?

16.12.1869           MAURICE Sophie and KIDD William

01.08.1840           MAURICE Victorine and LAFLUTTE François

28.12.1901           MAY Annette and JEANNOT L'Espéron

22.11.1884           MAY Marie and SALAMA No 27 Jim

19.05.1883           MAYOOMAH Celina No 1239 and POWAYEE No 329 Pierre

16.02.1887           MAYOTTE Augusta and EDMOND Charles Elliott Augustin

08.02.1821           MAYOTTE/MULER Anne Aimée and DUGAND Jean Baptiste

24.07.1875           MAZEMORE Claire Antoinette and SCAPIN Cadet

31.01.1883           McGAW Marie Emilie and NAGEON DE LESTANG Alphonse Théodore Emmanuel

03.11.1892           MEARAH Louise Emma Catherine and MATHACAMJAH No.537 Jules

24.11.1904           MEDERIC Charlotte Rose and BARBE Israël

29.05.1886           MEDIGNY Delphine and LUCAS Jean Baptiste

05.08.1889           MEDINIER Antoinette and ROSE Floris

08.04.1899           MEELASEE Albertine and WILLIAM No.269

25.04.1888           MEIN Berthe Sarah and GEORGES Charles Alexander

01.03.1870           MEIN Catherine Eglantine and PAULINE alias MARIE Evelinor

19.11.1898           MEIN Cécilia and SILVA George

07.02.1891           MEIN Celine Josephine and INARD Jules Ollier

02.12.1880           MEIN Laure Elisabeth Mauricia and PAYET Pierre François Alix

23.11.1895           MEIN Lyda Sidonia and DYER Joseph

05.02.1878           MEIN Marie Aimée Herminie and VIDOT Chéry Théodore

21.02.1891           MELANIE Allicie and MOREL Marie Jules Floris

08.09.1898           MELANIE Cesarine and CELESTINE Fidele

05.11.1887           MELANIE Dauphine and LABICHE Jean

28.04.1898           MELANIE Elysée and CAROLINE Frédéric

08.08.1891           MELANIE Estelle and ADELINE Marcellin

07.03.1905           MELANIE Francoise and VALMONT Frederic

07.03.1905           MELANIE Francoise and VALMONT Frederic

22.08.1886           MELANIE Julia and MONTY Albert

29.10.1900           MELANIE Marie Euphrasie and JEAN Evenor Michel

13.05.1899           MELANIE Sophie and VALMONT Amedee

07.06.1893           MELANIE Dauphine and SINON Hypolite

01.10.1898           MELIE Felicie Adrienne and FRANCOIS Francois

23.11.1901           MELIE Rosa Clémence and BARBE William

03.12.1889           MELLON Angélina and MELLON Jean Baptiste Germeuil

24.09.1853           MELLON Antoinette Joséphine and CHOPPY Henry Augustin

05.04.1904           MELLON Elvina sgd Mercia and HOAREAU Julius

19.05.1842           MELLON Marie Aglae and YOUNG Rodolphe

23.09.1847           MELLON Marie Louise Elida and MOREL Charles TheodoreClermont

19.01.1837           MELLON Marie Louise Elvire and MOREL Marie Augustin

29.06.1850           MELLON Marie Renotte and MELLON Alphonse Isidor

24.10.1901           MEME Adéla and ZELIA Julien

25.11.1893           MEME Constance and BONNELAME alias PIERRE Amedee

14.09.1871           MEME Félicie Césarine and CAMILLE Féréole

29.09.1856           MEME Françoise and THEODORE Jean

13.07.1889           MEME Georgina and JUPITER Victorin

08.06.1895           MEME Georgina and SIMEON Francois Dolphin

23.11.1898           MEME Philoe and SAMPSON Henry

08.02.1905           MEMEE Elina and MICHEL Roselin

08.02.1905           MEMEE Elina and MICHEL Roselin

04.09.1858           MEMEE Esther and LAPORTE Jean Louis

15.06.1844           MEMEE Euphemie and CAMILLE Fereole

23.02.1885           MEMEE Félicie Césarine and JOUBERT Empereur

14.06.1890           MEMEE Marie Ephigenie and HENRI QUATRE Charles

03.05.1866           MEMEE Marie Honorine and LEBRUN James Cyprien

19.02.1887           MEMEE Marie Lucas and SINON Marius

14.06.1905           MEMEE Philia and MARIE Paulemie

14.06.1905           MEMEE Philia and MARIE Paulemie

03.12.1888           MEND Marie and LAPORTE Jules Auguste

18.01.1883           MENDI (sgd MEND) Marie Joséphine and JEAN LOUIS George Louis

20.02.1896           MERIAN Anna Elizabeth and SCHULTHESS Emile Christian

24.08.1901           MERITON Arthémise and ENDYMION Yacinthe

21.07.1883           MERITON Marie Aquiline and LABONNE Alain

30.09.1905           MERITON Marie Augustine and THEANT Rémy

30.09.1905           MERITON Marie Augustine and THEANT Rémy

19.09.1903           MESLE Marie Léoncie and PAYET Joseph

20.04.1805           MEUS Marie Anne and PLANEAU Jean

14.02.1893           MEZALINE Marie Roselia and FARLA Janvier

18.06.1842           MICA Louise and VINDA Refa

20.07.1871           MICAS? Maria and JOUBERT Henry

17.06.1871           MICHARD Flore and CHINO Henry Hypolite

04.11.1847           MICHAUD Annette and HOUAREAU Gilles Francois

20.08.1881           MICHAUD Antoinette Angelina and PUREN Joseph Elysé

29.06.1898           MICHAUD Constance Marie Hersilie Laure and HOUAREAU Romial Perie

26.10.1848           MICHAUD Eulalie Agathe and HOUAREAU Napoleon

12.12.1899           MICHAUD Eulalie Marie Joseph Edmée and BOUCHEREAU André Ernest

28.04.1831           MICHAUD Marie Catherine Joséphine Ursule and PETIT Pierre

18.08.1888           MICHAUD Marie Elisabeth and MONDON Aubin Charles Antoine

27.01.1842           MICHAUD Marie Eulalie Constance and HOUARAU Marie Henry

28.12.1904           MICHAUD Marie Eulalie Radegonde and HOARAU Evère Oldéric

07.01.1830           MICHAUD Marie Françoise and HERMITTE Jean Louis

12.06.1851           MICHAUD Mimi Virginie and MONDON Marie Benoit Clément

08.11.1893           MICHEL Adele Aimee Alice and BUTTON Emile Francis

31.08.1886           MICHEL Adèle Aimée Alice and PILLIERON André Napoléon

25.05.1876           MICHEL Brigette and OLYMPHE Jules

13.08.1902           MICHEL Laurencia and RIDEAU Jules

30.08.1897           MICHEL Marie Aimee and PILOT Marie Louis Joseph Francois

20.10.1896           MICHEL Marie Lucienne and PILOT Louis Joseph Henri

11.02.1882           MICHEL Marie Victorina and BONNELAME Henri Joseph

28.06.1884           MICHEL Marie Victorine and CAFRINE Pierre

04.02.1893           MICHEL Orphelie and PHILOE Jean Sylvestre

09.02.1904           MICHEL Renée Lise and PLANCHE Ange Auguste Dauban

12.04.1905           MICHEL Sidonie and LABALEINE alias BALING Zephir

12.04.1905           MICHEL Sidonie and LABALEINE alias BALING Zephir

10.10.1867           MICHEL Victorine and BRISTOL Elie

28.04.1888           MICHEL Zelida and TRANQUILLE Laramee

17.10.1867           MICHEL alias MACASSAR Adrienne and THESEE Ernest

14.11.1905           MICOC Charlésia and ANTOINE Virgile

14.11.1905           MICOC Charlésia and ANTOINE Virgile

24.08.1905           MICOCK Marie Herminie and LAPORTE Auguste Francis

24.08.1905           MICOCK Marie Herminie and LAPORTE Auguste Francis

30.12.1901           MICOQUE Lucie and LOUIS MARIE Joseph Désiré

17.11.1883           MIMI Adeline and MARIE Philippe

19.02.1852           MIMI Cécile Casimir and VALEUR Gentil

26.04.1856           MIMI Célérine and BABICHE? Jean

06.02.1894           MIMI Clemence and VIDOT Abraham

29.10.1859           MIMI Esthère and ANTAT Remy Florent

10.12.1856           MIMI Françoise and CUPIDON René

11.10.1905           MINDE Marie Berthe Alice and POUPONNEAU Théodore

11.10.1905           MINDE Marie Berthe Alice and POUPONNEAU Théodore

28.09.1903           MIRABEAU Aimée Ernesta and WYLOO Pierre Henri

01.07.1882           MIRABEAU Caroline Charlette and CHARLOT Casimir

18.07.1896           MIRABEAU Françoise and HYPOLYTE Olivier Joseph

17.03.1858           MIRABO Charlette and VARTH

14.09.1854           MIRLETON Arthemise and LEBEL Philippe

23.11.1878           MIRLETON sgd MERITON Florine and ANTONIO Bazile

22.11.1884           MIRLITON Zaïre and MIMI Rémy

01.08.1895           MIRLITON Zaïre and URANIE François

24.12.1887           MISSAU Maguitte and MERITON Alfred

28.11.1900           MOCANARY Pauline and SUZETTE Isolin

17.07.1840           MODESTE Magdelaine and FAUTIN Hercule

12.10.1889           MODESTE Marie Felicite Amelia and SIMEON Gregoire

06.05.1871           MODESTE No 25  and BILL No 12

15.05.1886           MOELLIARD? Delphine and CŒUR DE LION Richard

02.06.1877           MOHAMO? Aglaé No 13 and PETER No 1281

30.11.1889           MOHAN Eleonore and ATTAHOWEE No.134 Napoleon

19.04.1900           MOHESANDEL Jeanne and SONGOR Virgile

29.11.1900           MOISE Marie Amélie and URANIE Jule

24.10.1895           MOISETTY Noemie No.307 and LEWIS No.1339

13.04.1901           MOKERATHO Jenny No 543 and DUPLEIX No 933

02.12.1903           MOKO Catherine and LALANDE Alphonse

10.10.1901           MOLL Marie and FRAGELLA Joseph

01.06.1889           MONAMBIOH Julia Marie and HECTOR

30.01.1902           MONDON Anne Thérésine Athénaïse and BUTLER Charles Theodore Stanislas

29.06.1871           MONDON Claudia Eulalie Clémence and TREGARTHEN Henry Percival

27.02.1812           MONDON Jeanne Marie Marguerite and ESPARON Pierre Marie Armand

31.01.1899           MONDON Marie Adelaide Theresine and ROUILLON George Auguste

25.03.1878           MONDON Marie Andrine Léontine and DINGWALL Donald

02.06.1883           MONDON Marie Elise Bourbonia and MONDON Toussaint Mondonville

03.06.1844           MONDON Marie Estelle and LARUE Georges Marie

10.06.1878           MONDON Marie Françoise Athénaïs and MONDON François Michel Toussaint

11.05.1815           MONDON Marie Henriette and LAPORTE Jean Baptiste

18.06.1807           MONDON Marie Joseph Mélanie and DUMONT Louis René

02.08.1817           MONDON Marie Joséphine Célérine and BROUHET Antoine Stéphan

27.06.1868           MONDON Marie Laurencine and HERMITTE Charles Médard

01.05.1880           MONDON Marie Louise Antoinette and D'OFFAY Marie Aurel

04.03.1899           MONDON Marie Louise Francoise and MOREL Louis Marie Jominy

00.02.1802           MONDON Marie Louise Jeanne Désirée (sgd Mimi) and DUPONT Constant

02.04.1840           MONDON Marie Louise Uranie and DUMONT Henry René

23.04.1840           MONDON Marie Louise Virginie and YOUNG Jean Marie Rolph Robert

08.09.1815           MONDON Marie Perrine Eloïse Uranie and SAVY Dorothée François Marie Ferdinand

26.06.1862           MONDON Marie Rosalie Félicie and LAPORTE Charles Jean Marie

19.03.1840           MONDON Marie Roselie and D'OFFAY Marie Rene Isidor Beauchamp

25.08.1901           MONDON Philomène Elisa and HOARAU Augustin Ferdinand

13.09.1891           MONDON Uranie Eugenie and MOREL Louis Marie Jules de Poivre

25.01.1821           MONDON Vve BROUHET Marie Joséphine Célérine and BEAUFOND François Cyrille

28.11.1885           MONGAL Françoise and REINE Joseph

08.09.1892           MONGAL Victoire and SUZETTE Leon

07.05.1891           MONGALE Marie Pauline and LEO Gustave

23.07.1864           MONGALE Marie Virginie and EURYDICE Célestin

02.06.1897           MONGOLLE Genevieve and LOUANGE Emilien

28.05.1874           MONIER Estelle and COGNAC Ladine

19.09.1872           MONIER Lucine and VEL Joldaz

10.07.1889           MONNIER Ida and D'ANTOINE Auguste Raoul

28.10.1898           MONNIER Marie Julia and RAULT Leopold

04.05.1891           MONNIER Marie Julie and DEMMEREZ DE CHARMOY Louis Ernest Godefroy Emmanuel

06.12.1860           MONTAYON Marie Joseph and NINA Théodore

28.06.1900           MONTY Florentine Mélanie and CANAYA Joseph

29.08.1895           MOOCANDA Sylph No 180 and MALIBIMA No 924 Philip

06.11.1886           MOOCASARY BOUGANOU Elinore and MAX No 597

29.11.1869           MOODJACAP No 351 Mélanie and JOHN No 104

15.07.1882           MOOKAWANA Saffenia No 671 and NEWALLY No 121 Peter

13.11.1893           MOONJEEWAHOW Rose No.45 and SONGWAR No.445 Azor

25.10.1902           MOOTOOSAMY Angèle and ANACOURA Johny

16.07.1879           MOOTOOSAMY Irsaman and DELMONT Jean Joseph

07.10.1897           MOREAU Marie Elina and YOUNG Louis Elias

02.08.1884           MORECOESEMA Olivia No 325 and MEEKAMBOO No 32 Barker

12.11.1902           MOREL Amelina and BENOITON Jean Baptiste

25.06.1901           MOREL Ananie Ursulie and CONFAIT Onézime

26.03.1809           MOREL Anne Judith and COLLET Barthélémy

24.04.1897           MOREL Antoinette Albertine and SINON Theodore

18.02.1879           MOREL Benjamine Aurore and BEAUFOND Louis François Tessier

02.07.1892           MOREL Cloe Josephine and FONDAUMIERE Charles

21.03.1903           MOREL Cloé Joséphine and GREEN Mancienne

01.05.1897           MOREL Elisia and LEFOURNOUR Richard

14.09.1901           MOREL Elizabeth and MAGNAN Pierre Florice

26.12.1854           MOREL Françoise Albertine and ESPARON Marie Henry Edouard

21.11.1901           MOREL Françoise Louise and PAYET Alphonse Némorin

05.02.1883           MOREL Julie Marie and GREEN James

21.08.1875           MOREL Louise and PAYET Jules Maximilien

19.06.1865           MOREL Louise Elfrida and FURTEAU William Alfred

14.06.1866           MOREL Louise Elvire and PAYET Léonard Némorin

28.10.1901           MOREL Marguerite Santal and ESPARON Louis Marie Bélizé Morel

18.05.1840           MOREL Marianne Célérine Euphrasie and NAGEON Emanuel Alphonse

27.11.1880           MOREL Marie Adeline Elise and SAVY François Charles Paul

05.06.1858           MOREL Marie Agathine and ESPARON Marie Emile

29.01.1896           MOREL Marie Alice and MONDON Ferry

26.12.1854           MOREL Marie Anny and MOREL Charles Auguste

27.08.1888           MOREL Marie Aurelle Euphrasine Albert and EDMOND Joseph Rodger

24.02.1838           MOREL Marie Célérine Hermélinthe and BOUCHEREAU Ernest

20.07.1854           MOREL Marie Célérine Josine and PAYET Pierre Charles

18.11.1878           MOREL Marie Célimène and HOARAU Joseph Germeuil

24.04.1869           MOREL Marie Elise and SEDGWICK William

25.04.1903           MOREL Marie Elise Joséphine and LABLACHE Charles Auguste Léonard

20.07.1896           MOREL Marie Elise Theresia and ESPARON Louis Marie Armand

16.10.1858           MOREL Marie Eliza and MONDON Marie Benoit Clément

26.11.1899           MOREL Marie Eugénia and D'OFFAY Jules Antoine Fernand

07.10.1852           MOREL Marie Eugénia and PAYET Pierre Antoine Daniel

18.11.1854           MOREL Marie Eugénie and DORAN William

17.07.1869           MOREL Marie Françoise and SEDGWICK Antoine Charles

17.03.1864           MOREL Marie Georgina and MAGNANT Antoine Daniel

15.12.1881           MOREL Marie Herminie and COLLIE George William

09.07.1857           MOREL Marie Ismène and CATTEAUX Leu Joseph

01.05.1883           MOREL Marie Joséphine and ESPARON Pierre Joseph

25.01.1865           MOREL Marie Laurestine and SAVY Vildoric Victorin

22.10.1887           MOREL Marie Louise Eugénie and MONDON Elisé Hubert

17.03.1864           MOREL Marie Olimpe and MOREL Marie Eugène

14.01.1889           MOREL Marie Olymphe Elia and ESPARON Louis Marie Joinville

16.09.1879           MOREL Marie Rose and SAVY Henri Aristide Louis

10.08.1880           MOREL Marie Rosénie Virginie and HOARAU Henri Lucien

26.12.1854           MOREL Marie Virginie and ESPARON Marie Eugène Napoléon Armand

17.06.1879           MOREL Nélia Françoise and PAYET Paris Jules Léon

28.09.1889           MOREL Sulette and CECILE  ** Frédérick

22.05.1893           MOREL Virginie Melanie and SINON Adolphe Cino

16.08.1896           MOREL Marie Anaclet and DESAUBIN James Theodore

12.04.1845           MOREL Marie Victorine and MELLON Louis Edouard Antoine

09.08.1838           MOREL DUBOIL Amélia and GONTIER Jean Baptiste Charles

04.08.1836           MOREL DUBOIL Maria Rose and JORRE ST JORRE André Despilly

30.10.1834           MOREL DUBOIL Marie Amélia and JORRE ST JORRE Marie Dorothé Ernest

08.10.1829           MOREL DUBOIL Rose and JOUANIS Jean François Jules

06.02.1817           MOREL Vve COLLET  and BERLOUIS Pierre

07.03.1850           MOREL Vve Edouard Mellon Marie Victorine and PAYET Maxime Paris

06.11.1893           MORGAN Francine and CAMILLE Jean Adrien Tella

30.08.1892           MORGAN Luiza Garciar and RENE Jean Andre

11.02.1904           MORIN Marie Louise and BOUCHEREAU Clovis

06.12.1883           MORMALILA Gertrude No 522 and DICK No 69

12.04.1898           MOTET Marie Fulgencia Elisa Mathilde and JORRE DE ST.JORRE Jean Noel Antony

04.07.1872           MOTTEE Marie Clémentine and FIRMINO Marie Arnold

21.06.1884           MOU Félicie and ROSINE Augustin Clément

15.09.1894           MOUCHEMY Celerine and BONNE Jupiter

11.05.1895           MOUCHEMY Josephine and FIGARO Olivier

10.09.1887           MOUCHET Théodosie and COUSIN Paul

24.03.1888           MOUCHETTE Amelie and MARIA Benoit

03.07.1895           MOUCHETTE Marie Victorine and EUGENIE Gabriel

18.07.1840           MOUCHETTE Silvanie and PIRON Félix

03.08.1893           MOUGAL Rosalinda Aursatie No.408 and NAMPOPONA No.581 Hally

02.07.1890           MOULIN Catherine Renne and DESCOMBES Emile

19.12.1874           MOULIN Rose and JEAN BAPTISTE Paul

13.02.1892           MOULIN alias FREDERIC Anne and ASBA Benoit

23.04.1903           MOULINIE Célérine Antoinette Inès and TIRANT Alexandre

18.10.1898           MOULINIE Clemence Amelie and BONNETARD Jean Baptiste Noel Jules Gustave

25.09.1889           MOULINIE Marie Laure Angeline and D'ANTOINE James Joseph Edmond

10.08.1871           MOUMOU Flavie and DOCTEUR Edouard

15.11.1902           MOUMOU Marie Rose Marie and AGATHE Barthelemy Zorosin

18.08.1870           MOUMOU Victoire and VIDANGE Achil

07.05.1895           MOUMOU Angelique and ANNA Francois

16.01.1869           MOUNA Emilie Adrienne and LABLACHE Albert Augustus

10.05.1856           MOUNA Eugénie Marion and COLLIE James Quessy

11.01.1898           MOUNA Marie Honorine and ATHEW Samuel

02.08.1877           MOUNGAL Angelina and CŒUR DE LION Richard

20.12.1879           MOUSMIE Ernestine and DELIGENT Théodore

27.05.1905           MOUSMIE Eugénia and LAURETTE Jean Marie

27.05.1905           MOUSMIE Eugénia and LAURETTE Jean Marie

30.07.1863           MOUSMOU Clarisse and SAULIN Edouard

26.10.1895           MOUSMOU Marie Francoise and ALEXIS Firmin

29.12.1883           MOUSSENY? Marie Arsène and MARGUERITE Joseph Foster

09.07.1840           MOUSSOUMI Henriette and PRESENT Valeur

11.12.1886           MOUSSOUMIE Eugénie and BONNE Laurestin

28.06.1884           MOUSSOUMIE Marie Louise and RAOUL Auguste

05.06.1882           MOUSTACHE Adèle and BIBI Joseph Cyrille

30.08.1858           MOUSTACHE Adèle and HENRY QUATRE Alfred

02.09.1858           MOUSTACHE Anna and BONIFACE Joseph

12.09.1840           MOUSTACHE Augustine and CLEMENTINE Célestin

21.05.1887           MOUSTACHE Brigitte and VICTOR Remy

28.07.1883           MOUSTACHE Cécilia and ANOOMUNTHOO Chamundee

25.08.1864           MOUSTACHE Charlette and GRIMACE Joseph

04.06.1904           MOUSTACHE Charlette Floricia and CUPIDON Morisone

29.12.1842           MOUSTACHE Clémentine and BIBI Alexis

12.06.1897           MOUSTACHE Elisee and BRONZE George

04.09.1902           MOUSTACHE Emilie and LOUIS Charles Frédéric

05.06.1856           MOUSTACHE Françoise and ANTA Florent

30.10.1875           MOUSTACHE Geneviève and FARABOUT Joseph

07.06.1858           MOUSTACHE Geneviève and MARTIN Ragotin

26.07.1852           MOUSTACHE Joséphine and NATALLE Philger

16.05.1893           MOUSTACHE Leonore and MARIE Arthur

13.11.1902           MOUSTACHE Louise and GILL Edward

26.08.1901           MOUSTACHE Louise Amélie and DENIS Jules

05.05.1891           MOUSTACHE Marie Elvire and RUBEN No.1034

29.07.1899           MOUSTACHE Marie Henriette and LAFLUTE Pierre

03.12.1887           MOUSTACHE Marie Henriette and LAURENCE Edmond

02.03.1878           MOUSTACHE Marie Joséphine and MOUSTACHE Louis Jules

26.11.1887           MOUSTACHE Marie Sophilia and LAURENCE Clément

31.03.1849           MOUSTACHE Olivette and NANNON Paul

23.12.1869           MOUSTACHE Roseline and ANNE Joseph

16.11.1887           MOUSTACHE Victorine and KATAMOOTOO Kandasamy

07.04.1888           MOUSTACHE Victorine and MARY Saint Patrice

07.12.1883           MOUTON Constance and MARIE  ** Laventure

10.05.1890           MOYEE Rose Noania No.169 and NAPOLEON No.899

19.03.1857           MUNDY Honneur and HENRY QUATRE Charles

06.02.1862           MURATORIO Marie Palmyre and FERRARY Auguste Etienne

19.04.1881           MURATORIO Nicolina Louisa Julia and LUCAS DU CHASTELLIER Auguste Joseph Constant Aimé

12.12.1878           MUSATTI Judy No 670 and ANTONY No 225

06.10.1818           MUSSAR Marie Silvie and LEPERRE Pierre Barthélémy

13.08.1896           MUSSARD Angelina and ZAMORE Louis

06.01.1883           MUSSARD Angeline and CHOISIS Dominique

01.03.1884           MUSSARD Angélique and CLEMENTINE Alfred

06.06.1815           MUSSARD Anne and MATHIOT George oncle

30.10.1875           MUSSARD Elisée and SIMEON Rodolphe

04.10.1851           MUSSARD Elisée Ossin and CESAR Théodore

28.09.1892           MUSSARD Eva and CAMILLE Jean Joseph

28.09.1861           MUSSARD Henriette Silvie and ANTAT Marcelin

19.04.1879           MUSSARD Joséphine and GOME Aviline

19.09.1872           MUSSARD Louise Thérèse and DINDON James

12.04.1877           MUSSARD Marie Adrienne and MOREAU Daris Auguste

07.04.1864           MUSSARD Marie Adrienne and RICHES François

23.10.1858           MUSSARD Marie Joséphine Ossin and CELESTIN Gustave

11.06.1887           MUSSARD Marie Thérésine and BRISTOL Jean Pierre

27.05.1799           MUSSARD Soulange and MATHIOT George

21.08.1851           MUSSARD Valentine Ossin and SICOBO Marcel

07.04.1891           MUSSARD Felicie and PHARE Emard

28.10.1847           MYLIUS Eleonore Amanda and BALFOUR Edwin Robert Joseph