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Woman's Surname Alphabetical Listing
Classement par les femmes
© Heulwen Hélène POOL and Daniella JOHNSTONE

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23.04.1881           NACIBOU Marceline Hélène and PHARAJEE No 395 Edmond

30.09.1875           NACORA Céleste and POUPONNEAU Lodoïska

14.09.1870           NAGEON Elizabeth Eudoxie and MOULINIE Armand Antoine

22.05.1893           NAGEON Francoise Andrine and LOUMEAU Auguste

05.06.1878           NAGEON Gabrielle Henriette Marie and BUTLER Théodore

02.02.1856           NAGEON Gabrielle Marie and D'OFFAY Marie Joseph René Frédéric

27.06.1868           NAGEON Lucie and POUSSOU Jean Witold

05.10.1898           NAGEON Marie Anna Herminie and GARDETTE Joseph Henry

04.05.1871           NAGEON Marie Anne Alexandrine and MOULINIE Henry Charles

17.06.1865           NAGEON Marie Corantine and BOUCHEREAU François Ernest

18.04.1882           NAGEON Marie Emilie and HODOUL Ernest

27.09.1862           NAGEON Rosalie and ADAM Louis François Voisigné

04.05.1887           NAGEON (sgd Nageon de L'Estang) Marie Gabrielle and HOUAREAU François Hervé

08.05.1888           NAGEON DE LESTANG Victorine Elisabeth and HOUAREAU Charles Conception

15.10.1801           NAGEON DE LETANG Françoise Clémentine and POUPINEL DE SALCE Louis Edmé Emanuel

11.11.1806           NAGEON DE LETANG Marguerite Appoline Pélagie and LABLACHE André Joseph

31.08.1833           NAGEON DE L'ETANG Louise Mathurine Victorine and AVRIL Jean Jacques

13.05.1891           NAIDOO Manicamah and NAIDOO Banyaroo Samy

07.09.1898           NAIDOO VANGADASAMY Antonia and LAPORTE Eugene

01.12.1883           NAÏKOO Gungah and JERRY No 256

25.07.1905           NALLETAMBY Adèle and VITAL Marcelin

25.07.1905           NALLETAMBY Adèle and VITAL Marcelin

16.06.1900           NAMASE Joséphine and VOLMANAIRE Volmanaire

10.10.1894           NAMASE Marie Jose Josephine and AGNES Said

10.10.1884           NAMOHATE  ** Lucy No 616 and EMMOIMACAIE No 167 Jef

13.11.1876           NAMOUNTEE Anna No 486 and ASSAU No 485 Arthur

01.10.1864           NANCY Augustine and NICETTE Joachim

08.08.1885           NANCY Rosalie and MALVINA Elie Azor

15.06.1875           NANETTE Marie Aurésia and RIDEAU Philogone

14.07.1888           NANON Angeline and SAVY Francois Emmanuel

30.06.1898           NANON Augusta and JUPITER Isaac

19.06.1840           NANON Claire and SERIES Casimir

03.10.1903           NANON Marie Angèle and GRIMAUD Chastin

29.03.1856           NANON Virginie and MUSSARD Jean Antoine Lacour Ossin

31.08.1850           NANTANTOU Dauphine and ABDOULA François

01.12.1864           NANTIE Louison Marie and JULIEN Pierre Paul

17.10.1867           NANTIE Marie Aglaé and PICKWOOD Robert Henry

00.10.1860           NANTIE Marie Geneviève and LE MARIE Alexandre

25.02.1865           NANTIE Marie Victorine and L'ENTETE Félix

07.03.1874           NANTIE Zinna and BEAUDOUIN Louis Polidor

10.06.1876           NANTIE (sgd Nanty) Marie Levissa and GONTIER Toussaint

10.09.1892           NANTIL Marie Elfridine and BARBE James Willy

11.09.1899           NANTIL sgd NANTY Marie Julie Alphonsine and CAMILLE Desimo Jean Jean Baptiste

29.05.1905           NANTY Antonia and MUSSARD Virgile Léon

29.05.1905           NANTY Antonia and MUSSARD Virgile Léon

18.01.1905           NANTY Lucie and BROWN Cornelius Henry Algenor

18.01.1905           NANTY Lucie and BROWN Cornelius Henry Algenor

09.10.1893           NANTY Marie Bolgerine and YOUNG Changty

04.06.1898           NANTY Marie Onezia and AHTONE

12.10.1895           NAPENTHELIVERY Josephine No.539 and ALPELINE No.238 Herbert

07.11.1901           NAPIER Adèle and JERRY Jerry

07.04.1894           NAPIER Adele Vouangaye and HAIDEE Thomas

21.11.1903           NAPIER Nelly and JOHNSON Johnson

27.10.1903           NARCISSE Marie Edesse and SAVY François Médéric

05.03.1889           NARCISSE Marie Irma and GEORGE Francois Alfred

09.05.1870           NARCISSE (signed GERMAIN) Reine Joséphine Georgette Emma and DINGWALL Alexander

21.12.1840           NATALE Rosette and SANGOUSTE Pierre

03.08.1873           NATALIE Caroline and LABONNE Adrien

21.02.1888           NATALIE Marie and CUPIDON Antoine

12.08.1841           NATHALIE Anaïs and CŒUR DE LION Richard

23.08.1884           NATHALIE Victorine and MARIE Jean Baptiste Labroche

17.11.1849           NATHAN Marguerite and JACQUES Bélizé

30.07.1863           NATHAN Polzine Pauline and BISTOQUET Jean

20.01.1815           NAU Elise Olimpe and MATHIOT George neveu

11.12.1817           NAU Esthère and BALAN André

21.11.1839           NAU Louise Esther and FOURNIER Louis Jacques

27.08.1847           NAU /FOURNIER Josephine and GUISELAIN Pierre Camille

01.10.1818           NAUFLETTE Mélanie and NAU Charles Julien

07.10.1870           NAVARILEY No 2 Fanny and BARRACK No 268 Samuel

01.08.1893           NAVIRE Marie Francoise and DAUPHINE Alphonse Moise

06.09.1905           NAYA Andrine Idalia and VIDOT Louis Bruno

06.09.1905           NAYA Andrine Idalia and VIDOT Louis Bruno

22.02.1821           NAZ Rose and CROOK Thomas Henry

07.12.1889           NEELASS No.67 Nellie and LACOMAH No.595 Morice

04.08.1853           NELIE Marie and BEAUDOUIN Emile

23.12.1847           NELIROCA Caroline and MARIA Volcy

23.06.1836           NELLIE Clarisse and NAIS François

25.03.1884           NELLIE Elfrida and NUCA Laurent

24.11.1898           NELLIE Marie Angeline and BARRACK Faramond

25.07.1896           NELLY Florine and RACHEL Victor

15.12.1883           NEPTUNE Marie Amélie and ROBINSON No 175

21.02.1893           NEWMAN Marie Albertina Adelaide and GUILLAUMIN Charles Villagrant

24.11.1891           NIBOURETTE Edoïska and CATHENE Joseph

20.07.1885           NIBOURETTE Elmina and URANIE François

29.11.1900           NIBOURETTE Estella and CONSTANCE Auguste

06.06.1900           NIBOURETTE Eudoxie and DORBY Michel

10.11.1858           NIBOURETTE Laurestine and CECILE Joseph

29.07.1841           NIBOURETTE Maguitte and LESION Constant

01.06.1904           NIBOURETTE Marie Francine and ADRIENNE Théodore

06.08.1887           NIBOURETTE Rosélia and ERNESTAN Joseph

21.06.1888           NIBOURETTE Virginie and FANCHIN Laurent

30.06.1888           NICA Marie Elouison and VIRGINIE Ernest

10.02.1900           NICETTE Constancia and HENRI QUATRE Zulda

06.11.1905           NICK Hélène and CHANSA Kwami

06.11.1905           NICK Hélène and CHANSA Kwami

24.01.1885           NICOL Angèle and CELINA Benjamin

30.08.1890           NICOLAS Jeanne and AMELIE Hypolite

19.10.1891           NIOL Vitaline and CHARLES Confiance

27.10.1897           NIOZE Marie Jeanne and MARENGO Louis Aristine

20.10.1892           NOELIE Charlette Florine Valerie and AGATHE Cesar

13.02.1847           NONNE Annette and FILO Carmagnole

13.02.1868           NONO Natalie and ARGUNE No 176

21.07.1897           NONO Philia and HIPPOLYTE Joseph Ludovic

14.09.1861           NORD EST Marie Ernestine and DECEMBRE Alfred Pèdre

08.09.1888           NORD EST Sara and ANTOINE Henry

29.08.1892           NORMA Marie No 802 and COUMS? No 35  ** Thomas

24.11.1898           NOURICE Emilie and LOUANGE Constant

12.02.1844           NOURICE Emilie and VACHE Zamor

07.07.1884           NOURICE Henriette Emilie and CATEAU Jean

15.11.1890           NOURICE Marie Jeanne Evenosine and MARENGO Docteur

28.02.1898           NOURICE Marie Marguerite and MARENGO Joseph

12.05.1900           NOURRICE Angelina and FIRMINO sgd FREMINO Joseph Adelson

12.06.1882           NOURRICE Angelina and VIDANGE Achil

25.09.1858           NOURRICE Angélina and RATEAU Amédée

30.09.1858           NOURRICE Victoria and ARIANE Samy

06.06.1891           NOURRICE Victoria and GEORGES Pierre Volcy

10.06.1873           NOURRICE Clothilde and DE SECHELLES Martin

26.11.1896           NOVICE Thercile and LECENCE Manuel

30.06.1870           NUCA Clara and MASSE Lapolice

15.09.1877           NUCA Clara and SIDONIE Denis

09.12.1905           NUCA Elisia Melanie and MEMEE Jean Baptiste

09.12.1905           NUCA Elisia Melanie and MEMEE Jean Baptiste

09.07.1840           NUCA Jeannette and AMOUR Parfait

28.04.1888           NUCA Julina and MARIE LOUISE Jolicoeur

04.08.1870           NUCA (signed LUCAS) Judith and TROMPEUR Félien

02.12.1882           NUCAS Françoise and DAUPHIN Nicolas

25.09.1886           NUNDASS No 86 Rachel and KENANANAN No 639 Phil