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Woman's Surname Alphabetical Listing
Classement par les femmes
© Heulwen Hélène POOL and Daniella JOHNSTONE

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22.09.1888           QUATRE Anna and HENRY Auguste

18.02.1901           QUATRE Clémence and COCATE Gabriel Alcindor

22.02.1893           QUATRE Marie Claudine and BRISTOL Etienne

14.11.1891           QUATRE Marie Prudence and MARIE Paul

28.02.1881           QUENOREN Dolly No 114 and ANDONDAHE No 432 Adonis

14.09.1878           QUERIERA? Tasmania No 182 and SAUL No 996

31.03.1834           QUESSY Honorine and MURNO Joseph

12.11.1836           QUESSY Mérancienne Reine and MOUNA Joseph Emile

11.03.1852           QUESSY Pauline Marie and CAMORT Clément

03.10.1861           QUESSY Reine and BROWN William

22.11.1855           QUESSY Widow MUNRO Honorine and PARVO Marco

25.04.1857           QUILEVIDOS Zulmée (alias dictus Zulmée Quilindo) and SOFOLA Clément (alias dictus Clément)

11.08.1870           QUILINDO Augustine and VITAL Marcelin

08.05.1862           QUILINDO Egérie and LISE Polidor Marie

21.03.1905           QUILINDO Josephine and BRISTOL Joseph

21.03.1905           QUILINDO Josephine and BRISTOL Joseph

15.05.1858           QUILINDO Julienne and LAROCHE? Saturnin

20.10.1902           QUILINDO Marie Emmeline and RENE Bridoo

20.02.1900           QUILINDO Marie Françoise and LAPORTE François Augustave

11.05.1895           QUILINDO (sign.KILINDO) Elise and DENIS Leo Pierre

07.12.1871           QUILINDOS Eliza and SOPHOLA Furcy

10.03.1890           QUINGAS Mérante and ZANDWALL Joseph

18.10.1854           QUINON Clémence and QUINON Joseph

21.04.1852           QUINON Héloïse and ALLY Pierre

09.12.1899           QUINON JUPITER Louise Antoinette and SOPHIE Michel

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21.05.1904           RABAS Françoise and ANACOURA Louis Esaïe

16.12.1893           RABAS Jeanne Sophie Mimi and HOAREAU Jean Marie François Edouard

25.08.1898           RABAS Marie Louise and BEDIER Charles Alexandre

10.07.1886           RACHEL Charlette and PIERRE No 334 Gilbert

11.03.1902           RACHEL Isaure and ATTAMBARA No 392 Orphé

16.07.1892           RACHEL Jane No.599 and VOLNY No.296

05.03.1887           RACHEL Marceline and RAPID Charles

18.02.1889           RACHEL Marie Eliore (alias Caroline) and REMY No.424

12.07.1890           RACHEL Rosette and SERINGUE Edouard

22.11.1899           RACOMBO Elizabeth and DINDON James Jean Marie

20.09.1904           RACOMBO Marie and TIROOMOODY Francis Appity

15.02.1901           RACOMBO Marie Jeanne and GOMME Casimir

28.04.1888           RACOMBO Mathurine and THERESINE Lindor

20.11.1902           RACOMBO Rose and TELEMAQUE Etienne

19.06.1873           RACOU Louise and ROUCOU Eugene

23.07.1874           RACOU Marie Adeline and JUPITER Louis

14.05.1870           RACOU Perrine and VEL Louis

25.09.1894           RADEGONDE Ernestine and BOUCHEREAU  ** Alcide

25.07.1891           RADEGONDE Felicie and LOUIS Lespoir

22.10.1903           RADEGONDE Julia and ERNESTA Victorin

22.07.1865           RADEGONDE Maguitte and ORELIE Gérémie

18.09.1886           RADEGONDE Maguitte and ROSE Henri

20.05.1893           RADEGONDE Marie Argentine and LOZEE Hildefort

18.02.1896           RADEGONDE Victorine and URANIE Jules

18.05.1901           RAFFON Françoise and CHARLY Léonce

13.09.1893           RAFOMB Aurelie and URANIE William Seams

07.05.1892           RAFOMBE Louise and ALEXIS Isaac

27.09.1898           RAFOMBE Marianne  Orelina and ROMEO George

31.01.1894           RAFOMBE Marianne Orelina and ANNETTE Jean Augustin

15.09.1896           RAFOMBE Marie and SIMEON Jacques

10.06.1876           RAFOMBE Marie Elera and ANTA Georges

16.10.1886           RAFOMBE Marie Elouisa and LABROCHE Jean

17.08.1843           RAFONDE Josephine and SIMEON Emilien

01.03.1880           RAGOTIN Imogène and LAPORTE Chéry Jean

01.11.1879           RAHAMAH Mary No 660 and NOWHANTA? No 568 Judah

11.11.1876           RAHEMAH Bridget No 227 and SAHAB No 565 Omer

29.08.1885           RAHIMAN Bridget No 227 and PARKER No 389

24.06.1876           RAHIMAN Martha No 306 and MALBROOK No 541 Mathew

22.07.1811           RAMALINGA Anne Marie and CASIMIR Jean

23.08.1837           RAMALINGA Félicia and MURATORIO Nicolas François

23.06.1806           RAMALINGA Marie Florine and PHYLOGENE

25.10.1797           RAMALINGA Marie Louise Fany? and CALAIS Adrien

27.11.1889           RAMANETTE Marie Amelia and AUGUSTIN Antoine

28.06.1890           RAMDY Julie and MOUSMOUS Evenor

25.05.1904           RAMDY Marie Albertine and ALBERT Roselin

08.10.1857           RAOUL Céleste and RENE Présent

29.05.1886           RAOUL Rose and LUCAS Ernest

08.08.1885           RAOUL Thérèse Emoule and MICHEL Cloridor

08.10.1896           RAPHAEL Josephine and RACHEL Victor

12.07.1890           RASEYA Julia and ALEXANDRE Raphaël

07.10.1893           RAT Elisa and ANTAT Alphonse

16.01.1886           RAT Estelle and ROSTIGO Victor

02.07.1863           RAT Eugénie and CASIMIR Pierre

18.06.1887           RAT Flerette and AZEMIA Paul

19.06.1875           RAT Françoise Emilie and PAYET Camille

09.02.1892           RAT Herminie and LETOURDI Jules Alexandre

23.11.1899           RAT Joséphine Alexandrine and ANTONE sgd AH LOCK Allock

13.12.1890           RAT Marie Elisabeth and BENOIT Clement

11.08.1888           RAT Marie Fulgentia and LOUANGE Noel

18.06.1870           RAT Marie Theïse and LEBON Jean Baptiste

18.12.1873           RAT Melise alias Melanie and LOUIS L'espoir

06.11.1886           RATE Aglaé and ANTAT Hypolite

05.12.1887           RAVE Marie   ? and ALEXANDRE Louis

02.12.1876           RAYBAUD Marie Adelina Alcida Victorine and MICHAUD Dominique François Constant

01.02.1893           RECIMONDE Elodie and ROSE Simon

28.09.1861           REDOCTE Galanthée and MAGDELEINE Diole

03.11.1892           REESIKEE Palmire No.380 and JARRAJEEKA No.263 Onesiphon

28.09.1901           REINE Alfrélia and SUZETTE Pierre

24.01.1903           RENAUD Agnès Louise and ABODOT Thomas Joseph

09.10.1886           RENAUD Françoise Joséphine and BARBE Joseph

07.11.1901           RENAUD Joséphine and JULIENNE Céphale

20.07.1882           RENAUD Joséphine Zoénia (sgd Angélonia Joséphine) and LABROSSE Jean Louis Paul

25.05.1905           RENAUD Lucine and BALTIE Félix

25.05.1905           RENAUD Lucine and BALTIE Félix

03.03.1889           RENAUD Marie Angeline and JULES Andre

10.07.1877           RENAUD Marie Charline Héloïse and DINDON Charles

18.12.1875           RENAUD Marie Françoise and CHETTY Condassamy Socahinga

04.10.1817           RENAUD Marie Louise Désirée Pierette and MARCHAND Allain

27.06.1881           RENAUD Marie Mercedy (sgd Mercedes) and CARIM Abdool Latif

11.06.1898           RENAUD Marie Octavie and SAVY Charles Furcy

05.10.1905           RENAUD Nicoline and HOSSEN Saïd

05.10.1905           RENAUD Nicoline and HOSSEN Saïd

12.02.1887           RENAUD Orphise Imogène and HOAREAU Charles Jules François Monrose

12.08.1824           RENAUD Rosalie Jeanne Orphise and SAVY François Marie Charly

08.11.1821           RENAUD Rosalie Jeanne Orphise and SAVY François Marie Charly

21.04.1888           RENDE Nanette and CUPIDON Jocelin

10.08.1899           RENE Celerine Mederice and DEWEA Deen Mohamed

07.11.1888           RENE Elza and THEODORE Jean Pierre

22.12.1842           RENE Justine and CAMBELL David

06.07.1905           RENE Marie Cecile and PERILLE Jean Leon

06.07.1905           RENE Marie Cecile and PERILLE Jean Leon

28.04.1883           RENE Marie Cécilie and DECHENNE Joseph Pedro

03.01.1833           RENE Marie Hersilie and LESPERANCE Henry

05.05.1859           RENE Marie Joséphine and SAVY Louis Alphonse

18.09.1902           RENE Marie Julie and JULIETTE Joseph Virgile

26.04.1899           RENE Marie Julie and SOUYAV (sign.SOUYAVE) Anang

20.10.1883           RENE Marie Louise and ROCHA DA José Pedro

10.01.1896           RENE Marie Theresia and LEPERRE Chery

31.05.1899           RENE Ulalie and SAVY Louis Alphonse

17.09.1897           RESMAH Alexandrine and QUINGAS Allen

23.06.1894           RESOLANTE Aimee and FONDAUMIERE Jean Theodore

26.04.1890           RESOLANTE Marceline and FANCHIN Alias LIBANOTIS Joseph

22.01.1895           REVERA Julie Berthe Rosemonde and WOODRUFF Philo Worth

18.11.1885           REZESKI Ruth No 558 and CAMOONA No 231 Chérubin

02.07.1870           RICHARD CŒUR DE LION Henriette Angelina and BAZAN Robert William Ferdinand

10.12.1894           RICHEMAN Marie and TOUSSAINT Elphege

10.09.1847           RICHEMONT Roseline and LESCAUT Jean

21.08.1902           RICHMAN Eudoxie and LAURETTE Robert

06.02.1886           RICHMAN Juliette and ARISTOL Marcelin

29.10.1887           RICHMAN Roselmie and SIMEON Hypolite

09.02.1889           RICHMOND Anne and NATHAN Virgil

17.12.1877           RIDEAU Caroline and JOLICOEUR Edouard Jacob Isaac

07.06.1893           RIDEAU Clarissia and SAVY Jean Arthur

28.04.1883           RIDEAU Eugénie Marie and RACOMBO Edouard

26.10.1876           RIDEAU Félicie and LAURENCINE Aristide

19.08.1897           RIDEAU Heloise Marie and VERAPEN Moo

11.09.1880           RIDEAU Héloïse Marie and CESAR Alfred

27.01.1870           RIDEAU Jeanne Marie and JEAN Théophile

19.12.1878           RIDEAU Joséphine and CLEMENTINE Georges Léopold

09.08.1905           RIDEAU Marie Eugénia and VIRAPIN Eugène

09.08.1905           RIDEAU Marie Eugénia and VIRAPIN Eugène

14.11.1905           RIDEAU Marie Rosalie and ROMAIN Adam

14.11.1905           RIDEAU Marie Rosalie and ROMAIN Adam

27.07.1899           RIDEAU Williamine and MONCHERY Gemy

18.09.1893           RIDEAU Cecilie and LAGRENADE Henry

18.05.1874           RIDEAU Eudoxie and THON Thon

17.07.1840           RIGOBERT Marie and ANTOINE Paul

18.05.1861           RIGODON Alida and NOURRICE Victor

08.09.1904           RIGODON Baptistine and LEGRAND Philogène Martin

11.09.1856           RION Virginie and GIRAUD reg PIERRE GERARD Pierre

07.05.1881           RIOU Adèle Bonté and SYLVAIN Joseph

06.04.1867           RIOU Constance and FILIN Amédée

04.01.1872           RIOUX Virginie and FIRMINO Similien

23.10.1901           RISMAH Marie Charline and IBONNE Virgile

27.05.1807           RITA Marie Josephe dite Brancourt and LABUTE Jean Marie

03.12.1892           RIVIERE Marie and LOUIS Romain

01.12.1904           RIVIERE Marie and PITTS Francis Charles

17.02.1890           RIVIERE Marie Rachel and HETIMIEZ Pierre Lobins

16.08.1900           ROBERT Amélina and MOUSTACHE Emile

24.07.1880           ROBERT Antoinette and GONTIER Jean Pierre Colette

26.11.1902           ROBERT Francisca and ROBERT Antoine Vildoric

16.09.1889           ROBERT Marie Alphonsine Antoinette and CONFAIT Charles Francois

08.01.1870           ROBERT Marie Désirée and LEFOURNOUR Pierre Marie

17.02.1900           ROBERT Marie Egérie Joséphine and CAMILLE Joseph William

14.08.1905           ROBERT Marie Eugenie Maltide and MONDON Virgile Innocent Desire

14.08.1905           ROBERT Marie Eugenie Maltide and MONDON Virgile Innocent Desire

31.05.1884           ROBERT Victorine and JEANNIE Eugène

13.01.1883           ROBIN Arthemise and SAMSON Charles

21.09.1876           ROBIN Cécilia and DODAIN André

09.04.1904           ROBIN Elise and MOGOLANAH Andoss

21.02.1891           ROBIN alias JOUBERT Roselmie and PHILO Henri

17.09.1887           ROBINSON Joséphine and MARIE Paulemye

23.06.1903           ROBINSON Julia and ANKONO Georges

12.02.1852           ROBURIN Lucine and NATHAM Edouard

21.10.1882           ROEBUCK Olivette and JONATHAN Albéric

22.05.1890           ROLANDA Paulina and NATHAN No.327

25.07.1895           ROLANDA Pauline and BENJAMIN Arnold

04.10.1900           RONALD Delphine and THOOLELA No 625 Ned

06.05.1897           RONALD Jeannette and LUCINDA Jupiter

10.12.1887           RONDO Cécilia Alphonsine and L'ENCLUME Joseph

25.11.1841           RONDOT re. THALIE Nisida and JAMIN

02.02.1889           ROSA No.337 Rosalie and ERNEST No.58

24.11.1883           ROSALIE Charlette and HARMON Joseph John

29.11.1894           ROSALIE Eugenie and PRISCILLA Jacob

27.10.1904           ROSALIE Félixine and COUSIN Emile

08.10.1887           ROSALIE Julie Juliette and ADONIS No 296

25.06.1903           ROSALIE Léona and JEANNE Joseph

10.03.1892           ROSALIE Marie Florentine and ELISABETH Cloridore

30.10.1858           ROSALIE Nathalie and MAGDELAINE Jean

15.02.1879           ROSALIE Noélie and LIME Charlot

01.12.1887           ROSALIE Noélie aka Florentine and ROUCOU Théodolphe

28.08.1852           ROSALIE Perrine and JULES Jean

11.03.1884           ROSALIE Pétronie and DORIZO Joseph

29.04.1847           ROSALIE Petronille and DIMANCHE Caetane

15.06.1900           ROSALIE Saïsse and JEANNE Charlot

13.06.1896           ROSALIE Vergina and SOFOLA Lazarin

05.05.1894           ROSALIE (REG.COEUR DE LEONCE) Marie Sylphise and BRASSE Dusfrene

25.07.1889           ROSALINE Oorikaa Rosa and HARRY No.526 Giles

21.10.1899           ROSE Françoise Adélaïde and AUGUSTE Théodore

28.11.1903           ROSE Irma Dorizo and JEANNE Jacob

27.10.1842           ROSE Juliette and CLOTILDE Raymond

28.02.1876           ROSE Juliette and ROSE Ernest Nibourette

31.01.1885           ROSE Marie and CATHENE Trente

07.12.1889           ROSE Marie and ROSE Julien

09.01.1878           ROSE Marie Françoise and CAROSIN Ralf St.Léon

26.11.1887           ROSE Marie Françoise and LOUIS Jacques

17.02.1879           ROSE Marie Justine and MICHAUT François Louis

21.11.1892           ROSE Marie Louise and SOUF Auguste Madsouf

07.09.1872           ROSE Marie Orphélie and COSGROW William

26.06.1901           ROSE Mathurine and LIME Raymond Louis

15.05.1883           ROSE Noémie and QUATRE Louis Alfred

28.08.1880           ROSE Rosélie and COMARMOND Charles Auguste

22.05.1894           ROSE Virginie and TAMBY Joseph

15.01.1885           ROSELIA Orphélie and VAUSER St Ange

16.11.1893           ROSELIE Roselia and VICTORINE Rene

18.07.1885           ROSELIE Rosélia and LEON Marcelin

29.11.1873           ROSELINE Henriette and TELEMAQUE Etienne

07.10.1893           ROSELINE Jeanne and AMANT Monaise

08.06.1898           ROSELINE Marceline Marie and GIALOR Jean Elysee

02.09.1901           ROSELINE Roseline and HARRYBA Vishnoo

21.10.1899           ROSELINE Valentine and LEGAY Saint Amour

29.09.1904           ROSELINE Virginie and YEARALLY Fagoo

11.08.1864           ROSETTE Charlette and CHANUM Choolhum

21.07.1888           ROSETTE Francoise and VITALINE Vital

07.02.1856           ROSETTE Henriette and BRUNAUD Chocolat

06.08.1891           ROSETTE Madelaine and BAGOOBA Govind

11.10.1893           ROSETTE Marie Denise Saraii and CEDRA Edouard Alex

04.08.1883           ROSETTE Marie Rosina and ADELINE Baptiste

10.07.1886           ROSETTE Rosette and ASPASIE Alcide

27.06.1889           ROSETTE Marie Rosina and SULTAN Frontin Marc

14.10.1886           ROSINE Annette Emilie and BRISTOL François

21.11.1874           ROSS Francis Cathrine and SMITHERS James

05.03.1889           ROSS Rachel Alexandrine and GEORGE Francois Armand

26.10.1861           ROSTIGO Ernestine and LECHE Adrien

05.09.1903           ROSTIGO Joséphine Lucie and CICOBO Joseph

07.06.1877           ROSTIGO Olivette and AGATHE Léon Thomas

04.12.1873           ROUCOU Esterie and POINTE Alfred

16.12.1869           ROUCOU Esther and JUPITER Jules

19.06.1893           ROUCOU Judith and SERVINA Emilien

26.04.1866           ROUCOU Juliette and LEBEL Louis

12.12.1867           ROUCOU Marie and LABONNE Victor

13.12.1888           ROUCOU Marie Louise and ANTHANASE Lazare

05.02.1874           ROUCOU Perrine and LAURENCE Adam

28.06.1893           ROUILLON Francoise Josephine Henriette and SAVY Joseph Sydney

30.01.1890           ROUILLON Marie Amelie and PILLIERON Elysee Andre Auguste

23.06.1904           ROUILLON Marie Augusta Elise and GONTIER Fernand Jacques Chérimont

04.06.1903           ROUILLON Marie Augusta Eveline and PAYET Joseph Augustin

29.01.1903           ROUILLON Marie Francine Eléonore and PAYET Rieul Beauchamp

30.07.1895           ROUILLON Marie Josepha Henriette Augustine and POTHIN Marie Jean Baptiste Ovely

29.12.1900           ROUILLON Marie Julia Angelina Odile and LARUE Marie Numa

24.06.1899           ROUILLON Marie Leona and HERMITTE Louis Felix

26.11.1900           ROUILLON Marie Marthe Léontine and MOREL Louis Marie Charles Franzoni

26.01.1865           ROUILLON Marie Renette Joséphine and BAILLON Louis David

01.08.1896           ROUILLON Marie Rennette Laure and BUTTON Elyse Jules

25.10.1900           ROUILLON Marie Sarah Hélène and POTHIN Marie Wisley

06.02.1869           ROUILLON Marie Uranie Elisée Isaure and CAUVIN Michel Nemours

06.05.1893           ROUILLON Therese Marie Julia and GENDRON Auguste Louis Desire

08.04.1899           ROUILLON Marie Sarah Josephine and TREGARTHEN Henri George

08.05.1856           ROUPI Angélique and LALOVE Botte

12.05.1884           ROUSSEAU Azémia Victorine Jacques and YFERT Joseph

27.12.1899           ROUSSEAU Clémentine and CELESTIN Idélien

12.11.1868           ROUSSEAU Eugénie and AMIRANTES Octave Roméo

26.06.1873           ROUSSEAU Marcelline and ALEXIS Charles Labrador

07.10.1876           ROUSSEAU Sylvanie and GNANAPRAGASSA Ponnin

06.05.1901           ROVE Clarice and ANDOISE Mathieu

30.12.1808           ROYER Marie Louise and VITRA Louis Agricole

14.04.1894           RUBENS Marcelina Judy and HARRIET Sylvain Gondin

27.05.1890           RUBENS Zebida alias Zedeba and BETSY Henry

00.00.1861           RUSTEAU Cécile and AMELIE Victorin