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Hello ! Welcome on Henri Philippe Louis Maurel's site.  I was born in Rose Hill, Mauritius, on the 14th January, 1944. My passion is genealogy and my ancestor's history. Without claim I conceived this site for my family and those who would want to consult it one day.

This site has genealogy as his principal task. I began in 1985 with a draft of a family tree which my father Jean Loïs gave me. The document presented our ascent until the first Maurel known in our native island, Mauritius, and in Seychelles, where our ancestor Antoine Maurel had settled. This family tree mentionned that he was born in "Valence in department of Var ". His son, Marie François Antoine, born in Mahé, Seychelles, settled in Mauritius, became a colonist in the north of the island, had 18 children with his two wives and ensured there, alone, the continuation of the Maurels.

In the years 1946 part of the Maurel family, on which my parents, left Mauritius for  Madagascar where we remained until 1975. My wife, my son and I decided to join the Motherland, France, and we chosed to establish ourselves in Villeneuve Loubet in the department of the Alpes Maritimes (06). In 1985, reading again this old unfinished and often wrong family tree, I searched for the town of Valence in the department of Var, obviously it do not exist! Knowing that Antoine Maurel had married in Seychelles, I questionned the Archives of this Archipelago. Very little times after, I received the marriage certificate of my ancestor Antoine and discovered, with a certain emotion, that in fact, he was born in Vence... located a few kilometres from Villeuneuve Loubet, in the current department of the Alpes Maritimes...

(Let us recall that the East borders of department of the Var were materialized by the Var river until the creation of the department of the Alpes Maritimes in 1860.)

I continued my researches, with the effective assistance of various people, organizations, and  Genealogical Clubs which I quote in appendix and who will find here all my gratitude. The ascending tree of my son comprises now more than 1000 ancestors in direct line. You will discover their patronym, and where they are come from.

Many accounts and studies reveal innumerable informations on the first inhabitants of the Indian Ocean islands. The Bretons appear to lead in number among them. The Southerners were not less present. Pay their homage to them and discover them in the pages devoted to the Islands of the La Réunion, former Isle Bourbon,  Mauritius former Isle de France and the Seychelles.

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